Support for Corbyn

Support for Corbyn

The tables below list the Constituency Labour Parties (CLPs), affiliated trade unions, other affiliated organisations and Labour Members of Parliament (MPs) who have called for Jeremy Corbyn MP to be readmitted to the Parliamentary Labour Party, have expressed solidarity with Corbyn, or who have passed a motion of no confidence in Keir Starmer or David Evans.

As of 28th November, the totals are:

  • 60 CLPs
  • 4 trade unions, representing a total of 1.5 million workers
  • 1 affiliate (Young Labour)
  • 28 Labour MPs

The full list of who has shown support for Corbyn can be found below. If you have an addition to this please tweet it @LeftieStats on Twitter.

These figures are regularly updated on the Stats for Lefties website.

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  • Doug says:

    Need to switch to no confidence votes
    At same time ask what they advise is the message to the Jewish Community who want to support JC

  • Margaret West says:

    This is a sad thing to ask – but I hope that the CLP meetings have been recorded?For this seems the only way now to prove that meetings have been conducted in a correct and seemly manner.

  • Ian Woodcock says:

    I am a member of the Brentford & Isleworth CLP and I am very disappointed that they have not shown support for Jeremy Corbyn. It also saddens me that Ruth Cadbury is not supporting him either. Both of these facts make me question whether I want to remain in a party that can act in this way!

  • RC says:

    Good luck, comrade Woodcock. You cannot be the only honest member of that entire CLP. Hang on in there and struggle for the truth.

  • Outright defiance is the ONLY way. We must not be intimidated by this weak and incompetent “leadership” If Starmer, Evans or Nandy want to eliminate “thousands” we “the thousands” must regroup and reform our own party.
    WE do NOT leave the Labour Party! NO! WE, the LABOUR PARTY leave Starmer, Evans, Nandy and all those who have ALREADY abandoned every principal upon which the Labour Party is founded.
    We ARE the many. They are the few and they are NO LONGER the Labour Party.
    WE are the Labour Party!!

  • Benny Ross says:

    Newcastle Central CLP meeting on 19/11/20 voted in favour of an emergency motion. Secretary declared the meeting to have become inquorate, but didn’t state how many is the quorum. It was debated very briefly at the end of a long meeting; several people left the meeting just before the emergency motion was put.

  • Sabine Ebert-Forbes says:

    At a recent zoom Worth Valley branch meeting, I (branch secretary) informed chair and meeting that I had an item I wished to discuss under AOB. That was accepted without comment. I waited my turn and began to talk to those present about a CLPD motion on democracy within the Labour Party. I got halfway through my opening sentence when I was shouted down very aggressively by the chair and accused of taking over the meeting. Interjections by another member that she supported my request, and we should look at the motion, were blocked too, albeit more politely. And another longstanding member said words to the effect that “they (those at the top) know best…..”. I was and still am shocked that people just roll over and unquestioningly accept these totally unacceptable edicts which violate labour values and principles. I was moved when 2 members contacted me after the meeting to enquire that I was okay. I read the motion out to both of them, and both said they would have passed and signed the motion without any hesitation.
    And I still got to write the minutes up of that meeting…….

  • Jaye says:

    Again for the record I’m not a fan of Corbyn but it’s clear that removing the whip is Starmer’s show of strength to the previous occupant and to his supporters, saying: “I’m in charge now!” Given that only 26 MPs are concerned by this, and they are mostly known Corbyn/hard Left supporters, what do you hope to achieve by this campaign?

    Starmer MAY let Corbyn back in but on his terms and not when it could be construed as weakness under pressure or a backdown. Weakening Starmer’s authority would weaken his standing and that of the Labour party in the eyes of electors and they are the ones who can put Labour into power, not party members. Starmer’s Corbynism-free Labour is a winning formula against Johnson’s Tories but I suspect that many on the hard Left would prefer that Labour not be in power under Starmer. For them it seems that it’s Corbynism and loathing of Israel, or nothing … which by default means a Tory government.

  • Linda says:

    I am disgusted with our MP Peter Dowd, I was assured by our constituency party that he was a Corbyn supporter during a vote for his reselection as Labour candidate. I have emailed him a number of times on different topics and to date have received 0 replies. Love to know what he does for his money.

  • Krystina Stephenson says:

    I’m a member of the Pontefract, Castleford area and am disappointed to see they have not supported Jeremy Corbyn in any way. I expected no better of Yvette Cooper though. She’s in it for herself and doesn’t even support her disabled constituents. I’m ashamed of my local party, MP and party leader.

  • With reference to comment by Jaye. ” Corbynism” has nothing to do with “loathing of Israel” and a “tory government by default” is exactly what was achieved by those of “the hard right” in 2017 and 2019 when they “preferred that Labour not be in power under”- CORBYN.
    What many of us feel is that a Party in power under Starmer would be a Labour government in name only!

  • Stephen Richards says:

    My MP Bill Esterton became an ardent Socialist & supporter of Jeremy Corbyn until……………….

  • Kuhnberg says:

    I fear we have lost this battle. Jaye advises that we accept that Starmer and Starmerism has captured Labour and we should just capitulate and help him win power. It is my belief that capitulation on a point of principle starts you on a slippery slope that can end in anti-Labour policies like PFIs, deportations, providing arms and military training for corrupt regimes, covert rendition and wars for the sake of regime change. We have been down that road before, and it did not end well, for the country or for the world. There is no way I would be prepared to enable that sort of nastiness. Far better to fight Starmerism from outside the party than stay and risk being complicit in the very politics I joined Labour to fight.

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