JVL’s educational work

Many people are confused and disturbed by the discourse around antisemitism both in the Labour Party and elsewhere and are afraid to discuss the subject openly.

JVL is an experienced and respected provider of education workshops on this subject. Our focus is on helping participants to develop for themselves their own understanding and to look at antisemitism in the context of racism and other forms of discrimination. We offer free group workshops (currently on Zoom) for people inside or outside the Labour Party.

We help you think about what is and what isn’t antisemitic behaviour and do our best to provide education that is relevant to participants. You might be Labour members wanting to navigate debates in your CLP or branch, a bunch of comrades who have met through campaigning activities or an anti-racist group wondering how antisemitism fits in. We will help you get clarification on issues that have sadly become too difficult to talk about. If you are not in a group but would like to take part in one of our sessions, we’ll do our best to find a way.

To discuss possibilities with us, contact us here.

Want to understand antisemitism in the wider context of racism and discrimination?

We’ll help you to know what is and what is not antisemitic behaviour and give you the tools to challenge it.

JVL works in harmony with the Labour Party Code of Conduct:

 The Labour Party will ensure that the party is a welcoming home to members of all communities, with no place for any prejudice or discrimination based on race, ethnicity or religion.”

Our workshops help groups explore a subject that many find perplexing and some deeply troubling. We can help you understand these issues with a view to changing attitudes, in line with Labour’s anti-racist and egalitarian principles.

We use participatory methods, talks and discussion to illuminate the issues and help you campaign with sensitivity and confidence.

We currently meet on Zoom and will bring our workshops live again once this becomes feasible.

We listen to your group’s needs and tailor the contents of our workshops accordingly.

“Really useful, informative and thought provoking”
“Brilliant session. I learnt a lot today about sensitive issues and concerns…”

So, if you’re a CLP, a Labour Party or trades-union branch, a university society, community group, or simply activists wanting to know more, please get in touch at [email protected]

Workshop feedback

  • “I liked the sensitive manner in which the leaders approached this subject. It made me confident enough to express my opinions”
  • “This was like breathing in and feeling a weight lifted off my chest – to see people able to speak without feeling judged or in danger of being attacked…”
  • “How can we reach more people with these kinds of conversations?”
  • “Brilliant session. I learnt a lot today about sensitive issues and concerns…”
  • “Thank you for coming today – JVL’s work is really necessary and fantastic…. We will definitely be in touch for more workshops like this…”
  • “Excellent and thought-provoking session. Thank you…”
  • “Great session, particularly the cartoons…”
  • “Patience, tolerance and understanding; very constructive; robust debate and dealing with AS as part of anti-racism…”
  • “A well-led, interesting and productive session.”
  • “Thank you to you for the workshop, it was such a warm and open atmosphere… and I learnt a lot from it personally as did the others. Can’t thank you both enough…”
  • “Really useful, informative and thought provoking…”
  • “The session really brought home the complexities of the issue..”
  • “Tremendous importance in collective discussion, in a free non-judgmental setting”


John Booth is a Labour activist who has been a councillor, parliamentary candidate and political education officer as well as working professionally for the party and the trade union movement. He is a founding member of the Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign and a solidarity member of JVL.

Tony Booth has worked in university education departments for more than forty years and was previously a school teacher and educational psychologist. His work on inclusive, values-led, anti-discriminatory education has been translated into fifty languages. He is currently supporting a Council of Europe project combatting Roma discrimination in education.

Erica Burman is a longstanding Jewish feminist activist, who works as Professor of Education, Manchester Institute of Education (MIE), University of Manchester, and as a United Kingdom Council of Psychotherapists registered Group Analyst, specialising in critical, postcolonial and participatory research supporting people (including children!) from minoritised communities.


Mike Cushman worked in Adult Education in Inner London for 20 years developing programmes with and for many different community groups from a wide variety of ethnic and religious backgrounds. In Adult Education, and later in Higher Education, he was involved in delivering training addressing many issues of equality and discrimination.

Miriam David is a feminist-socialist activist academic who has taught gender, feminism, women’s studies and education for almost 50 years, here in the UK, in the US, Canada, Australia and elsewhere.  She recently completed editing the SAGE Encyclopedia of Higher Education (4 vols) May 2020. A co-founder of Jews for Justice for Palestinians, she campaigns against social injustices. Education for empowerment is her passion.


Adam Hurst joined the Labour Party in 1979 to campaign for a fairer society. “I grew up in a reform Jewish household, am uncomfortable with ethnic nationalism and believe the Labour Party reflects the values of my Jewish heritage. I joined JVL because I felt this organisation reflects my socialist and Jewish values.”

Richard Kuper “My upbringing in apartheid South Africa set me against injustice. I’ve been a trade-union activist, university lecturer, founder of socialist publisher Pluto Press, co-founder of Jews for Justice for Palestinians, writer, educator and organiser for change. I campaign for eco-socialism, participatory democracy and the importance of education for popular empowerment.”

Pam Laurence was a social worker for many years. She is also a counsellor. She has worked with groups and also been in many campaign groups. She is able to challenge people to re-examine their beliefs and opinions while at the same time enabling them to feel respected as people.

Jonathan Rosenhead worked in the steel industry and in consultancy before moving into an academic career largely at the London School of Economics, with intervals at the University of Pennsylvania. His work with facilitated groups to help them arrive at shared decisions has ranged from the management of the Notting Hill Carnival to paediatric care strategies for health services in Central London.

Glyn Secker is a life-long human rights activist. Social worker, lecturer, school teacher, researcher; bus & HGV driver; co-organiser of the Anti-Nazi League and Rock Against Racism; yachtmaster and captain of the Jewish Boat to Gaza, 2010; on Jews for Justice for Palestinians Exec; National Secretary of JVL; co-founder Don’t Leave – Organise.


Steve Tiller has worked as a teacher, lecturer and workshop facilitator all over the UK as well as in the former Yugoslavia, Japan, Gaza, Turkey, Egypt, Uganda and Lebanon, working with adults and children since the 1980s.

Charlotte Williams convenes our Education Workshops and it’s she who will be your first contact with the team. Charlotte has worked as an administrator in many organisations, including a law centre, a women’s theatre company, a publisher and two large charities. She now works as a counsellor for homeless people and in private practice.


Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi worked for 20 years as a journalist for Reuters. In 2000 she retrained as a teacher and taught for 15 years in northeast London, becoming a literacy support specialist in local authority schools. She plays an active part in Palestine solidarity work. She is JVL’s media officer.

Nira Yuval-Davis is a diasporic Israeli socialist feminist, Professor Emeritus and Honorary Director of the Research Centre on Migration, Refugees and Belonging (CMRB) at the University of East London, ex-President of the Research Committee on Racism, Nationalism and Ethnic Relations at the International Sociological Association and founder member of Social Scientists Against the Hostile Environment.