Jewish Voice for Labour (JVL) welcomes all members of the Labour Party who agree to our statement of principles (see below) as members.

JVL has previously restricted membership to members of the Labour Party which we believed was the best home for those seeking essential change in British Society. The increasingly repressive regime imposed by Starmer and Evans has led to many of our members, both Jewish and non-Jewish, leaving the Party as they no longer feel they have the freedom to speak out on either Palestinian Rights or the abuses of Party democracy and natural justice which they have personally experienced or have observed under the Starmer/Evans regime. While we believe work within the Labour Party is central to our work we wish to welcome members who are pursuing the aims of JVL in other forums.

Accordingly we have changed our membership requirements to align with those of Labour’s affiliated societies. Our criteria now also allow anyone who is not a member of any organisation which stands or supports candidates against Labour Party at elections to join as members if they support our aims. Anyone else is invited to become a registered supporter.

To join you must:

  • complete the membership form
  • agree to our statement of principles
  • pay a membership fee (unless you are unable to on financial grounds)

To affiliate your trade union or Labour party branch or CLP click here

Membership form

Membership fee

To join JVL as a full or solidarity member or to register as a supporter costs:

  • £15.00 per year
  • £5.00 concessions

If you cannot afford these fees please contact [email protected].; we do not want to exclude anyone on financial grounds.These are minimum fees. We hope very much you make a donation on top of the membership fee if you can afford to. Please pay online via internet banking. If you do not use internet banking please let us know and we will make alternative arrangements

Education workshops and speaker requests

If you want JVL to run an antisemitism education workshop please contact our education committee for more details.

If you want a speaker from JVL please contact speaker requests