Formal complaint to Labour over speeches leaked to Jewish Chronicle

Chair and vice-chair of Chingford & Woodford Green CLP speaking to delegates at the general meeting on Zoom Nov 20.

JVL Introduction

JVL is publishing original footage of remarks critical of the Labour leadership made by the chair and vice-chair of Chingford and Woodford Green Labour Party on Monday November 30.

Officers of the CLP have submitted complaints to the Party after the Jewish Chronicle was sent confidential details of an internal delegate meeting held on Zoom. On Tuesday Dec 1 the Jewish Chronicle published an inaccurate report citing speeches by CLP chair Gary Lefley and vice-chair Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi, who is also an officer of Jewish Voice for Labour.

Both their speeches are available to view and read at the bottom of this article.

[Shortly after this article was posted, we heard that both Gary Lefley and Nsaomi Wimborne-Idrissi had been suspended.]

Formal complaint to Labour over speeches leaked to Jewish Chronicle

Officers of Chingford and Woodford Green CLP have submitted complaints to the Labour Party after the Jewish Chronicle published a report based on clandestinely recorded details of an internal delegate meeting held on Zoom on November 30. The report quoted from speeches by constituency chair Gary Lefley and vice-chair Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi.

They and most of the other elected officers are on the left of the party in a CLP  which came close to unseating Conservative MP Iain Duncan Smith in the general election a year ago. Like so many Labour Party organisations around the country, its membership numbers rocketed during the period of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership. Now it is threatened by growing hostility from a faction loyal to Keir Starmer.

“Whoever made the clandestine recordings and sent them to a hostile media publication was showing contempt for the rules on comradely behaviour which were clearly outlined by officers at the start of the meeting,” Wimborne-Idrissi said.

CLP secretary Aktar Beg said in a letter to GM delegates on Tuesday, “I am seeking advice from the Regional Director on how as a CLP we should address this and what we can do to protect our members in the future.”

Wimborne-Idrissi is requesting a formal investigation into which of the 47 or so delegates and members present were “responsible for the unacceptable leaking of information in a manner intended to intimidate and harm me as a Jewish party member.” She said:

“My Jewish heritage is well known to members of my CLP and yet those responsible for leaking private General Meeting discussions to the media showed by their action that they have contempt for my views on the question of how antisemitism is dealt with in the party, my concerns about the damage being done to the fight against racism and about the way Jewish fears and concerns are being exploited and manipulated.

“The EHRC report warns against treating Jewish members in a discriminatory fashion. I therefore look forward to speedy action in response to my complaints.”

Monday night’s meeting had originally had on its agenda a motion from one of the CLP’s four branches calling for Jeremy Corbyn to be readmitted to the Parliamentary Labour Party and for the reinstatement of members suspended for supporting him. The motion was dropped because of a gagging edict from general secretary David Evans, which has caused an outcry across the party.

In his chair’s opening remarks, Lefley berated Starmer for betraying pledges he had made while seeking election as leader, for failing to put up a fight against the Conservative government for its disastrous mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic and for waging a factional battle designed to drive out or silence supporters of his predecessor.

“With the health service, the economy and millions of working people on their knees, Keir Starmer decided this was the moment to suspend the former leader of the Party, and expel him from the Parliamentary Labour Party,” Lefley said. “In so doing it is Keir Starmer, not Jeremy Corbyn, who is in breach of Party rules… in breach of the Human Rights Act 1998…in breach of the European Convention on Human Rights.

“And it is Starmer, not Corbyn, who has plunged the party into internecine warfare, when we should be exposing and combatting this vile class-driven, corrupt government, something we should have been doing for 11 months.”

Video and text transcription of Gary Lefley’s Chair’s remarks to Chingford and Woodford Green CLP General Meeting on Monday November 30, 2020



“I have no confidence in Keir Starmer to unite our Party,

I have no faith in him to combat and defeat the Tories”

2020 has been a disaster beyond comparison for the working people of Britain. We have the highest Covid death toll in Europe, even though we are an island on the edge of the continent, even though the government’s official figures are corrupted.

We also experienced the greatest percentage drop in GDP of all the G7 states, and the second biggest percentage fall of the G20 countries. In the second quarter of 2020, April-June, the U.K. suffered the greatest decline in its GDP since the Great Depression of the 1930s.

The government’s mismanagement of the virus has been catastrophic from day one: everything from Johnson’s idiotic bravado in shaking hands and bragging about it; to delaying the first lockdown, with tragic consequences for thousands of people; failure to shut borders; failure to test, track and trace; and failure to provide PPE.

On 19th April The Sunday Times front-page headline read: “38 days when Britain sleepwalked into disaster”. And it’s front page sub-headline stated: “Boris Johnson skipped five Cobra meetings on the virus, calls to order protective gear were ignored and scientists’ warnings fell on deaf ears. Failings in February may have cost thousands of lives”.

Let Us Not Forget…

– When over 250,000 were allowed to attend the Cheltenham Festival;

– When private jets were flying into the U.K. from Covid hotspots in Europe, Iran and, unbelievably, from Wuhan, with no quarantine in place;

– When we were clapping health service workers who were wearing bin-bags as makeshift PPE;

– When hospital Covid-positive patients were being transferred into care homes, under government directive, manslaughtering thousands and thousands of old people, including my mum-in-law.


The Tory excuse – that there had to be a trade-off between the virus and keeping the economy running – is a myth. There was no trade-off. Those states that have managed to suppress the virus have, generally, had the better economic performance. Tory mismanagement of the pandemic has exacerbated an economic disaster.

Add to this the serial corruption at the heart of government, with inflated contracts being awarded to friends, family and corporate class associates; Share values going through the roof while workers are furloughed, and while unemployment rockets and public workers wages are frozen.

The overall picture is that of the most incompetent, unashamedly class-driven and corrupt U.K. government of my lifetime.

Labour’s Response

I am really only reminding us of things most of us, including Sir Keir Starmer and his front bench, already know.

So why, after 8 months of unrelenting government health-care ineptitude, of gross economic mismanagement and corruption, with, I repeat, the worst death toll of the 51 states of Europe, why did this catalogue of catastrophe not merit censure from the Labour Leadership? Even when the Sunday Times had ripped Johnson to pieces on its front page! Why was Keir Starmer still colluding with the government?

If you think the word ‘collusion’ is a touch strong here are Sir Keir’s own words, spoken in interview with Andrew Marr as late as 20th September:

Starmer said:

  • Labour will support “whatever measure the government takes” on the pandemic… “Whatever measure the government takes, we will support it….”
  • He then said, the government “make a decision, we will follow that and we will reinforce their communications….
  • “I’ve reiterated the government message because I think that is the right thing to do in the national interest.”

But whose ‘national’ interest? That of Rees-Mogg and his corporate buddies – or the rest of us?

  • And finally Sir Keir said, “It doesn’t prevent us challenging the government where they’ve got it wrong.”!

Well what in God’s name did the Tories have to do Keir, for you to believe they’ve got it wrong? Why did you remain loyal to Boris Johnson, for 6 months, rather than to the British people? Why was it not until October that you finally broke, at least partially, with his bi-partisan cross-party position?

As a consequence, the Labour Party, my Party, has been made complicit in the worst pandemic mis-management and economic performance of any government in Europe and in percentage terms, worse than the USA.

And it’s not just collusion with the government’s mismanagement of the pandemic.

Sir Keir subverted the teaching unions – in breach of his Pledge no.7 to Strengthen Workers’ Rights and Trade Unions – by supporting the government in directing schools to fully open before it was safe to do so, without PPE, without test track and trace, and without social distancing.

He whipped Labour MPs to abstain on the Spy Cops Bill and the Overseas Operations Bill, two pieces of profoundly repressive, anti-democratic legislation.

This week, despite a wages freeze to public service workers, a massive budget deficit, and projected austerity cuts, Starmer supported the government’s huge increase in military expenditure of $21.9 billion!

Meanwhile he has done virtually nothing to promote the 10 Pledges which were central to his election as leader. A recent detailed analysis of his Pledges by EVOLVE concluded:

“Whilst it is impossible to objectively measure some of Keir Starmer’s pledges due to the fact he is still in opposition rather than in power, there is absolutely no question that he has either broken or rowed back on a large proportion of his 2020 Labour leadership promises already.”

Seven months on from the ‘leaked internal report’ I have received no update from the General Secretary about what is happening to hold to account the racist, misogynistic bullies who sabotaged our general election campaign in 2017 and almost certainly cost us that election.

The Moment to Attack Corbyn

With the health service, the economy and millions of working people on their knees, Keir Starmer decided this was the moment to suspend the former leader of the Party, and expel him from the Parliamentary Labour Party.

In so doing it is Keir Starmer, not Jeremy Corbyn, who is in breach of Party rules. It is Starmer, not Corbyn, who is in breach of the EHRC report, where Ch3 page 27 explicitly defends the rights of party members to question the scale of antisemitism within the Party, based on their experience.

It is Starmer, not Corbyn, who is in breach of the Human Rights Act 1998. It is Starmer, not Corbyn, who is in breach of the European Convention on Human Rights. And it is Starmer, not Corbyn, who has plunged the party into internecine warfare, when we should be exposing and combatting this vile class-driven, corrupt government, something we should have been doing for 11 months.

Instead, we are now in danger of losing a generation of young activists who were inspired to join our Party in their droves by the ideals, humility and socialist commitment represented by Corbyn. Instead of the 200,000 new members who joined the Party in Corbyn’s first year as leader, in excess of 50,000 have already resigned under Starmer.

Is it any wonder that the membership is in revolt, right across the Labour Party. At the last count, 28th November, the following had already carried motions demanding the whip be restored to Corbyn, and/or passing a vote of no confidence in Starmer:

58 CLPs [now 61], 4 national trade unions, Young Labour, the youth wing of our Party, 28 Labour MPs and umpteen branches.

If Angela Rayner is to be believed, she will expel all of them.

Many others, [like Chingford & Woodford Green CLP] were either not allowed to bring forward such motions or have chosen not to discuss motions in fear of being suspended, expelled or closed down.


Comrades, how are we supposed to understand General Secretary edicts that allow us to discuss Corbyn’s predicament with our family, our friends, neighbours, work mates, strangers, even Tories – yet we cannot debate it within the Labour Party? In the home of democratic socialism, we must button our lip, or risk being expelled.

It was the late Michael Foot, former leader of the Labour Party, who asked:

“Is the Labour Party to remain a democratic party in which the right of free criticism and free debate is not merely tolerated but encouraged? Or are the rank and file of the Party to be bludgeoned or cowed into an uncritical subservience towards the leadership?”

Michael said that in 1954, the year I was born. I have risked these comments tonight because if we do not have free speech within our party we have nothing.

Personally, I have no confidence in Keir Starmer to unite this Party – his leadership election pledge – in fact, he is ripping it to pieces. I do not have confidence in him to expose and defeat the Tories.

I stand with Michael Foot. And I stand with Jeremy Corbyn.

Video and text transcription of vice chair Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi’s contribution to discussion at Chingford & Woodford Green CLP GM

Gary, it’s such a shame that you felt you needed to say what you said, but I think for a lot of us, I’m very grateful that you did say it.

Taking a risk, as you mentioned, which is absurd, that the sort of things you said should be things that we are frightened to say in our party. Quite astonishing.

Suspended – a former NUT President

You mentioned that the leadership of the party doesn’t seem to be listening to the teaching unions. I’m absolutely horrified that one of the people suspended recently is chair of a CLP in Nottingham, Louise Regan, who is a former president of the National Union of Teachers, a very well known and respected trade union leader, still active in the union [NEU] that Helen works for and of which I’m a member and several others of us are members.

And of course that union has been looking seriously at the issues that Mike was raising, about how on earth do we manage this pandemic with schools, how do you manage young children? My son’s a primary school teacher now, he’s loving the kids but he’s saying by the time you’ve washed their hands 25 times a day and so on it’s really really difficult to know if you’re being an effective teacher.

Strongly held views

The other thing is, I’m just horrified to see people saying in the chat that they feel “uncomfortable”. I feel obliged to say well yeah, I feel uncomfortable that people are saying they’re uncomfortable. What is this? We are in a political party. We have views, some of them very strongly held. And there are other people who hold equally vociferous views that counter our own. We are going to feel a little bit defensive, upset, disappointed, if we lose arguments, and so on.

The idea – and I have to mention it – the idea that Jewish people require for their comfort that whole swathes of subjects should not be debated by the membership of this party is insulting to Jewish people. And I know there are some Jews in this meeting who will say “No No I think it’s wonderful.” This is a dangerous road. Do we really want us Jewish members to be seen as gatekeepers – as people who prevent others from discussing issues of importance? This is serious stuff comrades.

Unjust and unconstitutional

Yes, I feel uncomfortable. I feel bloody uncomfortable seeing damned good comrades and friends of mine being suspended from this party for doing nothing more than trying to discuss the questions which led to Jeremy Corbyn’s UNjust suspension – we know it was unjust because he was readmitted – and then the question of the whip being taken from him which is almost certainly unconstitutional in the party.

We’ve got a general secretary who is making up the rules as he goes along, with complete disregard for the contract that the party has with its members by virtue of us being paying members of this organisation. If there are people in this room who want 300,000 people who joined because of hope delivered by Jeremy Corbyn and the movement around him, if you want all those people to leave, carry on as you are doing.

Motions of no confidence

If you actually believe what Keir said about being the man to unite the party, and the man who was going to stick to 10 pledges based on the previous leadership’s manifesto, then, you know, let’s hold him to that shall we?

There are motions of no confidence going in around the country to our leadership, and there is good reason for that. So if we’re having a political discussion about what Gary said, let’s hear people come in and say “Yes, we do not allow certain subjects to be discussed in this party because a certain section of the party cannot tolerate it.” It is intolerable to me. And I am shaken and upset. So, there you go.

Comments (43)

  • Harry Law says:

    Best of luck with your formal complaints, my experience is, rather than as promised dealing with them in a prompt, transparent and fair manner you are likely to be treated with contempt, with no reply. I personally have been waiting for over 18 months for my complaint against Tony Blair to be addressed when he brought the Labour party into disrepute by calling Jeremy Corbyn an anti Semite.

  • Eileen Stapleton says:

    Solidarity and thankyou for voicing your concerns. We must all rise up against this Labour Party and stand up for democracy.

  • Tim says:

    It is outrageous that an internal Labour Party CLP is leaked to the press.
    There is something quite disturbing going on at the moment within the Party, and the Chair and Vice-Chair made very valid points which highlighted this.
    The current Labour Party leadership need to be challenged on their unacceptable stance in a number of areas, and I commend the two CLP officers mentioned above and all others who have had the courage to do just that.

  • dave says:

    Lee Harpin at the Chronicle is on speed dial for a lot of members I reckon. Give him his due – that’s good journalism to cultivate contacts. This isn’t the only CLP material he’s had.

    To be fair, Skwawkbox has also received favourable stuff very fast (as it did from my CLP).

    I think complaining is a waste of time and the only way forward is to assume meetings will be leaked almost instantly, especially those done online. Publishing what was actually said for the record looks like a good strategy.

    I commend also Gary and Naomi’s speeches on the wide issues at stake. The antisemitism smear needs to be constantly called out and located in the real issues we are facing internally and externally.

  • John Hall says:

    Thank you for expressing what many Jeremy Corbyn fans feel and reinforcing a genuine socialist assessment of the current situation within the labor party
    I will rejoin the labour party when they represent socialism.

  • DJ says:

    Lee Harpin specialises in smearing the left especially JVL supporters. Along with his truth twisting piece on Naomi and Gary he has just had a go at Pete Firmin, Bridget Dunne, Louise Regan and Kerry Mendoza. Journalistic standards are of no interest to him. The Jewish Chronicle is quite happy to pay the fines they receive from IPSO for the falsehoods which appear in his articles. He should be made to face the consequences of his “fake news”.

  • Doug says:

    Members need their I’m Spartacus moment but with maximum impact
    Draft up a short statement that supports JC and calls out AS Scam
    Then we will find out who is genuine and will be able to build on that in the future
    Watched Sam Tarry struggling badly on Daily Politics, you get nowhere playing by their rules
    Now about Maximum Impact, any ideas

  • Charlotte Williams says:

    Well said and great respect to Gary Lefley and Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi. Repression of free speech is not something we should tolerate.

  • Linda Pollitt says:

    I totally agree. I left the Party on 4/11 when Jeremy was suspended. Since then I’m told my ex CLP is evenly divided between Starmer and Corbyn supporters, which I find very disappointing. RIP Labour Party 🥀

  • sion holt says:

    Solidarity with you! Well spoken and eloquently projected explanation and justification why so many not the few feel the same!

  • Mike Dixon says:

    Excellent expressing what 1000s in the party feel.
    What can we do?

  • DJ says:

    Doug. More complaints to IPSO about Lee Harpin’s scurillous articles in the Jewish Chronicle for starters. A legal challenge to the dubious claim of the EHRC that the Labour Party is guilty of contravening the Equality Act (2010).We may have missed the boat here and I’m not sure if such a challenge could happen without the endorsement of the party leadership.

  • Naomi Wayne says:

    I seem to remember a small matter of someone secretly recording a Labour NEC meeting and then leaking to the press the part where Pete Willsman spoke. And I dont recall ever any comment from the LP leadership/bureaucracy about any investigation to find out who did the recording and leaking. So that train seems to have left the station ages ago.

  • goldbach says:

    John, you could rejoin and play a part in trying to help the Labour Party represent socialism.

  • Mervyn Hyde says:

    We here have listened to reasoned arguments from decent human beings, who have felt uneasy because of the use of powerful political forces denying them the right of free speech.

    At some point I feel we have to expose the motives of those determined to undermine Labour’s very being, it is not just the individuals being targeted here it is the whole Labour Party that is being dismembered and reduced to comply with the very people we oppose politically.

    Thank you for saying what many not only believe but understand the pressures being exerted upon people that should never happen in a democracy.

  • Linda says:

    The very recent “New Statesman” article by Paul Mason is calling for de-escalation of the conflict by both sides. What SHOUTS loudly from the article is that the Labour leadership can’t win their “war”, whichever way it goes, and therefore must make peace, both with Corbyn and with all those whom it has outraged within the party.

    Starmer and Evans, I think, had expected a quick and easy win, in a merely “symbolic” contest. They thought they’d face an opposition devoid of influential connections and backing from a cross-range of important groups within Labour. They didn’t realise their “symbolic” contest would throw up destabilising wider issues such as “whose party is it, anyway?”.

    Starmer now faces a war of attrition that’s already damaging Labour’s poll results. There are enough dissident groups to provide mutual support and encourage yet more groups to revolt. Unions’ organisational help and funding will bolster the dissidents’ effectiveness.

    I hope Mason’s right … and Starmer does start “peace negotiations” very soon before there’s any further souring of the conflict.

  • Adam says:

    Well said.
    Can’t argue with anything you said.
    It all makes sense.
    I too lent my vote to Keir and now wish I hadn’t.
    I was fooled.

  • Christopher wortley says:

    If any dubious action is taken on these two fundamentally decent people, by anyone calling themselves labour, will not be labour in my eyes. This top down gagging leadership and his cohorts who would rather demonise its own members in a quest to appease those intent on weaponising anti semitism and any kind of racism for their own ends, is an abuse of the power, that we as members have lent them.

  • Maria Moorat says:

    Bravo those two people. Agree with you whole heartedly.
    Freedom of speech, being allowed one’s opinion is a tenet we must preserve.

  • Wonnie says:

    Thank you both for being brave and speaking out. Too many members are being bullied into silence, silence about things that are so wrong, anyone with an ounce of integrity would feel obliged to take action. I’m afraid our current leadership has no moral compass and cares nothing for the rights of the membership, we are simply cash cows, who will all be discarded once sufficient corporate funders step up. I am in despair.

  • Jane Terris says:

    Bravo Gary and Naomi. You speak for so many of us. Superb speeches. In solidarity.✊✊

  • John Westmoreland says:

    I am with JVL all the way. Your role is very important to the whole Labour movement.

  • Wonnie says:

    Just heard both have been suspended pending investigation. The Labour Party is losing its soul through dictatorial leadership which does not represent labour members at all. This is so wrong!

  • ruby lescott says:

    John Hall, I remember when I was a union rep, trying to get non-union colleagues to join. They would often say ‘when the union does something for me, then I’ll join’. I wearied of explaining the illogicality of that.
    Linda Pollitt, of course there won’t be many members in branch meetings supporting Corbyn’s re-instatement if all the left members leave! If you, and others, had stayed in, maybe that vote wouldn’t have been so ‘disappointing’!
    Gary and Naomi can’t do it by themselves – we need to stand fast together. Solidarity, and very grateful thanks to them.

  • Doug says:

    Feet on the ground at elections – Go slow or outright strike
    Legal – There are 3 cases in pipeline, Class Action, EHRC challenge and JC
    Funding through Unions and Members withdraw or resign en masse
    Media- dont hold your breath but take every opportunity and hit hard with the facts, NO or RUBBISH is a good start then Kapow
    Enjoy we are on the side of the Angel’s, just wish JC was an angel with a dirty face

  • Jared greenspan says:

    Thank you for posting these videos. It is absolutely absurd that they are suspended due to these speeches. I can’t even pin down what they said that was anywhere close to being worthy of suspension. Does Labour leadership just assume this stuff won’t get out to the public? This is authoritarianism and the exact silencing jews have been fighting for centuries

  • goldbach says:

    The problem with Paul Mason’s idea is that it is a non-starter. Starmer is clearly intent on ridding the Labour Party of anyone who is prepared to express a view in support of socialism, internationalism or democratic control of the party. By all means stay in the party if you have such ideas but just keep quiet about it. It seems to me that there are three possible outcomes in prospect.
    1. Starmer and Rayner prevail, thousands will be expelled from the party, tens of thousands will leave in disgust, and many more will stay and keep their heads down but will find that they have no enthusiasm for leafletting or canvassing. The 2021 local elections will turn out to be a damp squib and things will stagger on until there is another Tory victory in 2024.
    2. The left will largely keep its own council and Starmer and Rayner will be shuffled out after a series of miserable election results – but not in time to get a unifying leadership in place to have much effect before the 2024 election, and another Tory government.
    3. The party proves to have enough people who believe in democracy (whether on the right, on the left or in the centre of the party) to rein in the madcap “leadership” and force on them a civilised way of working.
    My guess is as follows:
    Option 1 – 65% probable
    Option 2 – 30% probable
    Option 3 – 5% (im)probable
    The result of the elections for GenSec of UNISON could tip the odds though – fingers crossed!

  • Mrs Marion Rodgers says:

    I joined the Labour Party as a retired teacher who had never before been a member of any political party. I joined because I was inspired by Jeremy Corbyn. I campaigned in my local branch for the local candidate in local and national elections in a heavily Tory populated district. I was sworn at and ridiculed for believing in a Jeremy Corbyn led Labour Party thanks to the media campaign that painted him as a racist despite his outstanding record of a lifetime fighting against racism in all its forms. The Labour Party did not stand up for him then and it does not stand up for him now. If the Party is willing to sink this man they do not deserve to win any election. I pledged to support Kier Starmer to defeat the Tories but I cannot face Tories on the doorstep with conviction that The Labour Party stands for justice and for equality. I have resigned.

  • goldbach says:

    I have just read my last reply. Many apologies for the mistake. It should have been “counsel” and not “council”. Must have been pondering the May elections.

  • Michael Hawes says:

    Totally agree with all the above. I do not feel that Starmer can possibly remain as leader

  • Kate Adans says:

    You are brave Naomi. I am very sorry to hear of your suspension. You are exactly the right kind of Jew. Love and solidarity from Whitstable

  • Cindy McCourt says:

    Thank you. Commendable speeches from you both

  • Pete Whalen says:

    In response to Marion: Please come back! We need people like you! We need you now more than ever! By resigning you are doing exactly what the Blairite centrists want. without you and all the others who have recently resigned our party will be smaller, quieter and more managerialist. In other words totally moribund and arid. We are all a little demoralised and disgusted by this nasty witchhunt but simply walking away isn’t going to achieve anything. Except of course a weaker socialist presence in the LP. Have a little break by all means but please consider rejoining and continuing the struggle for a better, fairer, greener and more equal world.

  • Rebecca Davies says:

    Jeremy has been used as a scapegoat and has been vilified by a Tory press. How he keeps his head held high after the incredibly vociferous inaccurate and appalling cruelty he has received from people not fit to tie his shoe laces completely escapes me! I am an SNP supporter in Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 and have huge respect for Jeremy. He is a true hero and has worked tirelessly to bring justice and peace globally only to be ridiculed lied about and vilified! What a shit country England is – you really need to do your homework. Jeremy has proved his weight in gold and I cannot believe people being so stupid! Kier Starmer is an inept and whilst he should be fighting Tory mismanagement and ineptitude he has been damming his own leader a statesman of incredible integrity passion and compassion!
    Madness – Jeremy is the best man for the job …. reinstate him forthwith!

  • Geoff Ryan says:

    Gary is right about Starmer’s failure to challenge Johnson on the dreadful way in which the UK government has failed to effectively deal with Covid-19. He documents the numerous occasions on which Starmer has committed Labour to going along with the largely useless Tory measures. But things are actually worse than Gary suggests. Here in Wales we have a Labour government. Certainly they have made mistakes in the handling of the coronavirus pandemic, especially at the beginning. (But then who hasn’t made mistakes?) But the Labour government has avoided the stupidities of Johnson, followed the scientific advice and avoided giving lucrative contracts to mates to fail to run an effective test, track, trace, isolate system. In Wales test, track and trace has remained within the NHS and local authorities and has been much more successful than the privatised system run by Serco and other Tory cronies in England.
    Now I can understand why, for entirely sectarian reasons, Starmer wouldn’t want to praise the work of Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP government in Scotland. But to fail to contrast the relatively good work done by Mark Drakeford and the Welsh Labour government with the utter shambles of the UK government in England is unbelievable. Yet I can’t recall a single occasion on which Starmer has pointed to the Labour government in Wales as a far better example to follow than the dreadful Tory government in England.

  • Alan Stanton says:

    The Labour Party should at the very least amend its standard suspension letter to be kinder and more thoughtful. I suggest these positive changes.

    Case No: F2U-007

    Dear Valued Volunteer Member, Doorstep Deliverer and Occasional Donor

    First the good news. This letter is not an appeal for funds. Nor is it a request to put up a poster, deliver leaflets or come out canvassing in bad weather for a forthcoming by-election.

    Instead we are updating and refreshing your membership status to:
    SUSPENDED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. This is while you are investigated in respect of anonymous complaint(s). Please accept our sincere assurances this action is not personal. We’re simply following Party rules.

    The Labour Party’s investigation process operates entirely confidentially. That is vital to ensure the utmost fairness to you; and to protect the rights of others including The Squeakbox, The Freedonia Chronicle, Guido Fakes, and other media supplied with back-channel copies.

    In accordance with the Informers Protection Act 1605 please do not ask us for information about anonymous complainants. We assume you have read Franz Kafka so you know the drill.
    “Proceedings are underway and you’ll learn about everything all in good time. It’s not really part of our job to be friendly towards you like this. … If you carry on having as much good luck as you have been with your investigating officers then you can reckon on things going well with you.”

    Meanwhile we must ask you to ensure that you keep all information and correspondence relating to this investigation private, and that you do not share it with third parties or the media (including social media); nor with your elderly relatives who may have underlying medical conditions.

    That includes any hints, clues, or incomplete redaction of information you receive from the Party identifying the name of the person who has made a complaint about you, any witnesses, the allegations against you, and the secret codenames of Party staff dealing with the matter If you fail to do so, the Party reserves the right to take disciplinary action for even thinking of breaching the Party’s rules.

    Kind Regards
    Q and Karla

  • Gus Gilder says:

    Unbelievable – we have the worst Tory government I’ve known and the Labour Party is conducting a witch hunt likely to ensure that they are re-elected in four years. FFS Keir, get a grip or get out.

  • Gail Williams says:

    As an ex Labour member and member of this CLP, I’m outraged at what has occurred and what is still occurring! When I left the Party, following the sacking of RLB, it was suggested to me that I should stay and express my views within the Party. How ironic, given what has happened here and across the Party! Well said Gary and Naomi – I agree with everything you have expressed in these videos!!!

  • Adam Loveridge says:

    To me it is as if Starmer has been placed as leader to destroy the Labour Party. For me the Labour Party is now gutless – it does not stand for anything – it does not stand for what is right. If he was a decent man he would be campaigning for Julian Assange to be released – instead he just does the same as any C’MP – just afraid to say anything that may upset the general consensus put out my Washington and the media.

  • Robin Vyrnwy-Pierce says:

    I have listened to, and read, these speeches and it is breaking my heart that the Labour Party, which I have supported for more than 50 years, should be torn apart by a leader and general secretary who care nothing for the principles of socialism and treat honourable comrades with such contempt.

  • Jennifer Wimborne says:

    ‘So if we’re having a political discussion about what Gary said, let’s hear people come in and say “Yes, we do not allow certain subjects to be discussed in this party because a certain section of the party cannot tolerate it.” It is intolerable to me. And I am shaken and upset. So, there you go.’. Thanks for sending me this article. Sets things out pretty full face and relevent. This last remark of NW’s – er – NW, you need to make your !double negative! a bit more clear of your own meaning. I think perhaps you’ve rushed out of concern to complete. ‘Curtailing free speech is an abomination’, is what you must mean ………. . Lorra Lorra.

  • Bernard Grant says:

    Until Starmer and Evans are taken to Court, nothing will change.
    Starmer is being sponsored to dismantle the Labour Party and by crushing the Left, Labour will take at least a generation to recover and by then it could be too late. PS can I share this post please?

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