The leaked Labour report should have been an explosive scandal

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Are we about to witness a cover-up of the allegations in the leaked Report?

Brian Eno fears so.

But even if we don’t, and the Labour Party enquiry duly holds people to account, it will have had nothing to do with our mainstream media.

As Eno points out “This should be the political story of the year.”

Yet mainstream media have colluded, shamefully, in suppressing the Report.

This article was originally published by openDemocracy on Fri 24 Apr 2020. Read the original here.

The leaked Labour report should have been an explosive scandal

But the media buried it, because they were complicit

Most people now agree that the media campaign against Jeremy Corbyn in the two years leading up to the last election plumbed new lows of viciousness, misinformation and character assassination. In some respects that was to be expected: The Right reacted at first with incredulity at the prospect of somebody with a coherent progressive agenda becoming prime minister – and then used every dirty trick in the book to prevent it happening. Corbyn had talked about renationalising railways, about supporting the NHS, about scrapping education fees, writing off student loans. He’d talked about phasing out Trident and other nuclear weapons, and suggested a culture of negotiation over one of war. And, sin of sins, he clearly didn’t believe in the religion of the markets.

All these were popular positions with the public, which made him especially dangerous to the right: how were they going to fight this? They certainly didn’t ever want to debate the issues with him – actually they wanted to draw public attention as far away from those as possible. So their best strategy was to destroy him by relentless character assassination. Many of us expected the dirty tricks, but what we didn’t expect – or at least I didn’t – was the monolithic unanimity of the opposition. It wasn’t only the usual suspects – The Mail, Telegraph and Murdoch Press – but at times The Guardian, The BBC, the Head of The Board of Deputies and a bevy of ‘useful idiot’ columnists. The propaganda campaign was so successful that they managed to scare themselves nearly to death: like Chicken Little, their whole sky was about to fall in.

The deck was stacked against Corbyn from Day One, but at least we had the consolation that Labour was the biggest political party in Europe, with a lot of committed people who were prepared to get out on the streets for it. It’s only in the last few days we’ve learned that within the Senior Management Team of the Labour party itself there was a secret plot to prevent Corbyn becoming prime minister by ensuring that Labour lost the election. Half of ‘our’ team was actually batting for the other side! Let’s remind ourselves, first of all, that Corbyn was very popular with the actual membership of the party: people wanted a change, and Corbyn represented that. He also represented integrity, selflessness, consistency and commitment in a profession increasingly notable for their absence. But the backroom boys and girls in the Labour party had made up their minds that they knew better, and it’s clear now that from the very beginning they worked day and night to undermine him – and any MP who supported him.

Reading the exchange of messages between the plotters is pretty sickening. When the polls showed Labour losing, they cheered. When they showed Labour gaining, they mourned. When the accusations of antisemitism hit the party, they raised their glasses to celebrate – not because they were appalled by antisemitism but because they knew it was a big stick to thrash Corbyn with. Using their media contacts, they fuelled the anti-Corbyn propaganda machine, planting stories and misinformation designed to paint him as black as possible – all this while their wages were being paid by the subscriptions of party members, the very people who’d elected him as leader.

This should be the political story of the year – but most of the media were complicit in it, so it’s been quietly forgotten. It’s a story about the corruption of public life, something we British hate to admit to.

This isn’t about whether you support Corbyn or not. It isn’t about whether you support Labour or not. It’s about whether you support democracy.

Last thing: Congratulations to Novara Media, who published this leaked report, for doing the job that journalists are supposed to do. We need, more than ever, to support organisations like this.

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  • Abe Hayeem says:

    This was not the only scandalous story and campaign that was suppressed.
    How about the Al Jazeera documentaries of the Israel Lobby in the UK and the US. These graphically proved the complicity of the UK lobby with the Israel Embassy and the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and showed how the Jewish Labour Movement and Labour Friends of Israel and the whole plethora of associated campaign groups linked to BICOM worked with the grower of Labour MPs to undermine Corbyn and blacken the Labour Party with antisemitic slurs. This should have been a major story in the MSM but how much of it was actually taken note of?
    Also the clear and detailed report ‘Bad News for Labour’ was similar;arly ignored. Further Corbyn’s record of EDMs signed against antisemitism and Corbyn’s actual work with and for the Jewish community was totally sidelined, except for the articles written by Geoffrey Alderman and the statements by John Bercow showing how Corbyn was not in the least antisemitic.
    Investigations into all this and also into the workings of the IHRA Definition to undermine free speech and as a threat to democracy should be brought into the limelight.
    How about a conference to cover all these themes and a campaign to reverse the terrible effects of them and to re-instate all those Labour members who were so unfairly expelled?

  • Wendé Anne Maunder says:

    Yes, I support democracy. In disbelief and horror I watched New Labour, the BBC and all the MSM reporters maligning Corbyn who has always been an honourable man. It is my belief that, under the current administration, we no longer have a democratic Labour Party. Many of my friends have cancelled their membership but as long as Jeremy stays with it, so will I.

  • hilary says:

    please do similar investigation into electoral fraud and postalvote loss thank you

  • Ruth Dean says:

    Hardly surprising. I saw the rise of new Labour. I listened to people who had been expelled. They had quotes from meetings going back years. We had been spied on by members of our own party.

  • Mary Davies says:

    Excellent article. Yes, congratulations to Novara Media for publishing the leaked report. We need to ditch the MSM and support the left wing alternative.

  • Robin Bradbury says:

    It is apparent that any investigation needs to look at the avenues of communication between the MSM and those seeking to undermine Corbyn’s Labour Party.

  • sandra yvonne yehya says:

    A very clear and well written article that has made the whole issue much more
    significant for me by drawing together all the fragments of information. The MSM in this country has a great deal to be ashamed of, not only the character assassination of one of our most honest and kindly politicians in a very long time, but coming very close to being complicity with the appalling surge to the Right we have witnessed all over Europe in the last decade or so.

  • Allan Howard says:

    In his article Brian says that: ‘This should be the political story of the year – but most of the media were complicit in it, so it’s been quietly forgotten.’

    Well it may have been ‘quietly forgotten’, but most of the MSM covered the report in terms that painted Jeremy and the left in a totally negative light. The following is from an Evening Standard ‘article’ posted on April 14th on their website (and I assume it was also in the actual hard-copy newspaper, which has a circulation of 800,000):

    An internal “investigation” launched in the dying weeks of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, and now leaked , was a bald diversionary tactic based on a convenient delusion. It contends (after a Stasi-like trawl of internal mails and messages in search of disloyalty) that the widespread concern over anti-Semitism within the party was confected for reasons of “factional hostility”.

    As conspiracy theories go, this one is up there with 5G equipment spreading Covid-19.

  • Allan Howard says:

    And in case you didn’t see it, Skwawkbox posted the following article shortly after the report was leaked:

    Leaked Labour report shows Wallasey members WERE stitched up over ‘Brickgate’

    And needless to say, the MSM – who were more than happy to report all the false and concocted allegations against Wallasey CLP – had nothing to say about it of course.

    NB What further proof does anyone need that it’s impossible to get the truth out there and counter all the lies and falsehoods.

  • Allan Howard says:

    Just came across the following – ie the CAAs ‘coverage’ of the leaked report (posted on April 17th):


    ‘The real effect of the unauthorised release of the unredacted report, however, is the threat that it poses to the Jewish complainants, victims and officials who are not only mentioned by name in the report but whose religion and ethnicity is also highlighted therein. It is understood that some of these names are now being listed on far-left and far-right websites and that threats have been made.’

    Funny how they don’t include any of these threats in the article. As for ‘Jewish complainants’, well THAT’s the CAA for you!

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