The Labour Party’s leaked report must not be buried

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This letter, expressing the anger of 110 members of the Islington North Labour Party, was published yesterday in the Islington Tribune.

It is a model of what branches and CLPs up and down the country should be doing.

See also the JVL statement calling for urgent action on the leaked report.

This article was originally published by Islington Tribune on Fri 8 May 2020. Read the original here.

The Labour Party’s leaked report must not be buried

• LABOUR Party members nationwide have expressed betrayal and outrage at allegations in the leaked report into the party’s handling of anti-Semitism.

I am among 110 Islington North Labour members who wrote to Sir Keir Starmer and Angela Rayner, expressing our dismay at their indecisive action thus far.

If proven, the allegations expose a culture of racism, misogyny, ableism, and bullying among Labour staff, a campaign to unseat the party leader, our own MP Jeremy Corbyn, and both foot-dragging and incompetence in investigating anti-Semitism, which mainstream media unjustly attributed to Corbyn himself.

Staffers even allegedly undermined a possible Labour victory in 2017, showing contempt for party members and voters.

Yet the leadership was silent, before announcing an investigation in language that focused on the leak.

The appointment of anti-Corbyn members to its panel has shattered confidence in the process.

BAME party members feel particularly insulted by the lack of suspensions, pending investigation, of individuals accused of such appalling racism.

Alongside fellow members, I refuse to bury the report.

It should be publicised in redacted form and, subject to Labour national executive committee investigation, submitted to the Equality and Human Rights Commission. We must set the record straight.

Longer term, the report underlines lessons for members professing interest in both social justice and winning elections.

It implies that in 2017, there was a strong appetite for Corbyn’s political vision: an anti-austerity programme of investment in public services, an ethos of social solidarity among citizens and immigrants alike, and foreign policy priorities of peacemaking and environmentalism.

Whether at home amid Covid-19, or abroad in wars fuelled by UK arms sales, this could have saved thousands of lives.

This demonstrates the imperative of building on the 2017/2019 Labour manifestos, which were dismissed as “radical” by those who stood to lose from their implementation.

The leadership should reflect on these conclusions.

BAME Officer, St George’s ward Labour Party

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  • Terry Barry says:

    I’m in Islington N and so is my partner Jenny – we would like to add our names to the letter too.

  • Dorothy says:

    Brilliant. From a Labour Party voter

  • Mary Davies says:

    All CLPs should follow suit.

  • Clare Palmer says:

    This was published in the Islington Tribune, not the Gazette.

    [Apologies! – corrected – JVL ed]

  • MAX COOK says:

    I wish that I had even some sense that starmer and raynor had the intention of Truth, I don’t! In fact the way that they have filled to bursting point every possible position with very right wing MP’s Peers and party worker’s it should worry us ALL.
    If Jeremy Corbyn had done this during his time as leader the same right wing MP’S peers and party worker’s would ALL have been up in arms, along with the press and media journalists…..starmer cannot be trusted

  • Lesley Crompton says:

    Please, please keep up the pressure over this! Many of us feel betrayed by the alleged allegations and feel badly let down. We are now in the appalling situation of having a Tory Government led by Boris Johnson! No wonder hundreds of our members have already resigned. Many more of us are poised to follow them if swift transparent justice isn’t seen to be done! Heads should roll if people are found guilty, or the Labour Party will be so diminished that it may never recover!

  • Michael ELLMAN says:

    As an active member of Islington North C.L.P. I was not consulted about the letter – but would have supported it strongly. Np doubt there were a lot of others who would havesupported!

  • John Tester says:

    my very own sentiments, and I am sure many others.
    The New leadership seems to have little regard to the ordinary member.

  • RH says:

    I am not so optimistic that I see the hierarchy responding properly to this request, even though an appropriate response would be a heartening rebuttal of the manipulative shallow careerism that has overtaken the representation of the Party, and has damaged its credibility as a broad, radical movement.

    But I do think that it represents a better way forward than simply resigning from the Party and shouting even more impotently from the sidelines in the vain hope of an alternative emerging – contrary to any experience.

    If there is to be any future for a credible Party of the left, it has to be in the hard (and often tedious) grind of building from the grass roots in order to counter the overwhelming narrative of a mainstream media that has the country firmly in its grip.

    Anyone from the left should be deeply afraid of the seamless transition from the Corbyn/antisemitism story that brooked no contradiction to the current ‘Virus Panic’ in which we see – again – the same pattern of excluded information and distortion. The political use of the idea of ‘infection’ has, for me, an extremely sinister history. Am I alone?

    Sadly, I see mass voluntary and unquestioning compliance rather than critical thought. The ‘celebration’ of VE day and ‘freedom from oppression’ at this time around the random number of 75 should arouse suspicion in anyone wearing a thinking hat.

  • Rosemary Brocklehurst says:

    What an excellent and articulate letter from the BAME Officer at Islington. I hope people write to support her. I shall.

  • Doug says:

    More importantly the source material must be preserved for future research and investigations

  • Barry Fuge says:

    I support the points made in the letter and given the extensive publicity the leaked document has received, the report now should be published so that every member can make an informed opinion rather than relying on others to release limited extracts.

  • Shamsuddin Ahmed says:

    The leaked report mustn’t be dumped . The mischief makers must be brought to books and made accountable for their gross wrongdoings as a deterrent to a repetition of such back stabbing by those who were meant to uphold the policies and principles of Labour.

  • Katerina Bond says:

    I cannot see a way forward for the Labour party if this report is buried. I’ve voted Labour all my life but I’ve seriously considered cancelling my membership for the past few months.

  • Patricia Grimes says:

    Like many members I feel angry and betrayed and can only support Starmer if he expels those named in the report.

  • June Hawker says:

    We must have everything on the table Nothing should be left out
    A bully from America said those words The same unnamed billionaires are doing the same in the UK We should never give in to these few who want power by any means Get THOSE PAPERS ON THE TABLE !!😡🤬🤬

  • Margaret Loadwick says:

    No different than the tory party now,cover ups and corrupt from the top ….

  • Iv’e said this every week if we do not see the whole report I will walk away from the labour party and I’ve been a labour man all my and I am 72

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