Statement of Principles:


Branch resolutions on the expulsion of Moshé Machover

Collected together here are some of the resolutions passed by various Labour Party branches and some model resolutions from which Party members can fashion their own motions in defence of Moshé Machover, depending on local knowledge of the issues at stake.

This post is being updated as and when news of additional resolutions is received. […]

The Israeli Labor Party – a fit sister party for Labour?

The Israeli Labor Party is, like our Labour Party, a member of the Socialist International.

The Haaretz editorial reprinted here is a bitter critique of that Party and its move even further to the right under its newest leader, Avi Gabbay. And Ben White in the Independent argues:”The uncomfortable reality is that Gabbay’s racism, as well as his support for settlements and disproportionate military force, is entirely consistent with the [Israeli] Labor Party’s past and present.”

We trust that all Jewish members in and around the Labour Party, starting with Labour Friends of Israel and Jewish Labour Movement, will be appalled by these developments and hope to hear loud voices of condemnation from all concerned. […]

Moshé Machover’s response to the Labour Party’s legal queries unit

In his response to the legal queries unit of the Labour Party, Moshé Machover highlights the absurdities, ambiguities, non sequiturs and sheer injustices of the accusations leveled against him and the procedures that have been followed. In accord with natural justice he demands that all the evidence against him, including the identity of his accuser/s, be disclosed. And he denies that he is in beach of party rules as claimed. […]

An Open Letter to the Leader of the Labour Party

An open letter to Jeremy Corbyn from over 270 members of the Labour party has been published on the Free Speech on Israel website. [13.10 UPDATE: the number signing has now exceeded 900.] It begins: “We, the undersigned members of the Labour Party, condemn the expulsion of Moshé Machover from our Party. This decision is a political attack on a life-long socialist activist, and a scholar of international renown.” […]

It’s all a bit Orwellian – Camden New Journal diary piece and letter

A generous piece about Moshé Machover appears in John Gulliver’s weekly column in Camden New Journal. Plus: a letter by Richard Kuper, calling for Machover’s expulsion to be rescinded immediately, was prominently displayed in the same issue of this weekly newspaper. It says that if he or anyone else has charges to answer, they should be made clearly and explicitly, and investigated and resolved transparently, in the spirit of Shami Chakrabarti’s Report – and not by a Star Chamber dispensation of summary “justice”. […]

Britain need to reflect on the Balfour declaration

Donald Macintyre, author of Gaza, Preparing for Dawn reminds us of Britain’s broken promise in the Balfour declaration, that a national Jewish home should not prejudice the rights of “existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine”. The Balfour anniversary is a chance to rethink British attitudes to a conflict that has left the Palestinians stateless and without the rights everyone in Britain and Israel takes for granted. […]

Claims of antisemitism at the Labour conference – a scholarly and convincing rebuttal

Jamie Stern-Weiner, born in Israel and now studying in the UK, writes: “It was difficult to ascertain on the basis of media reports whether Brighton played host this month to a Labour Party conference or a Nuremberg rally. This article investigates claims of antisemitism at the Labour conference and finds them to be without factual basis.”

A scholarly and convincing rebuttal of the allegations made. […]

A new Jewish voice for Labour

Jonathan Rosenhead reports on the launch of Jewish Voice for Labour in openDemocracy.

An account of the fightback in the UK’s Labour party conference against ongoing misapplications of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) ‘working definition of antisemitism’. […]

Encountering Jewish News

Mike Scott, a JVL member, picked up a copy of Jewish News while visiting an elderly relative in her residential home. He was surprised by what he read… […]

Pro-Israel Social Democrats USA endorse BDS with a heavy heart

Sheldon Ranz has contacted JVL to say: “Shalom! I’m from across the Pond(USA), and I’m excited about JVL. Recently, my organization, Social Democrats USA endorsed BDS as Democratic Zionists. I was a co-author of the resolution, If anyone in JVL feels a positive emotional attachment to Israel but has been led to believe that the BDS movement or demands are inherently anti-Zionist, you need to read this article.” […]

Ofcom exonerates Al Jazeera

Al Jazeera did not breach any broadcasting rules in its coverage of the pro-Israel lobby in the UK, Britain’s broadcasting regulator has ruled. It seems only fair to publish Al Jazeera’s own report of its vindication!

And also an extract from the report on the relevance or not of the IHRA definition to its investigation which will be of special interest to JVL supporters. […]