How Labour’s claim of countering antisemitism has resulted in a purge of Jews

JVL has made a submission to the EHRC and the Forde Enquiry. The text is published below

Executive summary

We are making this submission as we believe that Jewish Voice for Labour (JVL) members increasingly experience administrative persecution by the Labour Party (the Party) as a form of discrimination, targeted not just at our political beliefs but at the nexus of these beliefs with our Jewish identity.

Previous leaderships sought to hear from diverse Jewish perspectives. But the Party now limits its engagement with British Jews to groups who claim to represent “the Jewish community” but who in fact represent only one position within it. The Party is, in effect, collaborating with these groups to delegitimise Jewish dissent.

There are multiple views among Jews on religion and politics. There are splits between the religious groupings, there are varying degrees of secularism and there is full range of political views. Most important for today, there is a more than a century long difference of strongly held beliefs on Zionism, evolving more recently into many varied viewpoints. Among British Jews can be found every degree of progressive and conservative Zionism, anti-Zionism and indifference to Israel. Sometimes these differences are expressed with anger, more often through laughter and friendship.

The Party has marched into this complex scene of historic intra group wrangling and feuds and effectively taken sides. They have been enabled by over-simplistic media coverage that, in its sourcing and in the range of perspectives it airs, inaccurately presumes and conveys a monolithic consensus among British Jews.

In effect, Labour has aided and abetted efforts to define JVL members out of Britain’s ‘Jewish community’. No action has been taken against those who have repeatedly disputed, maligned or mocked the Jewishness of JVL

JVL has repeatedly warned both the EHRC and the Party about the climate of hostility being built up and directed against us. This is experienced as discrimination, victimisation and harassment. Our Jewish members do not feel safe in the Party and this is experienced agonisingly like the persecution our families have experienced over centuries. Here is an excerpt from our paper on antisemitic misconduct, ignored by the Party:

Antisemitism is a form of racism. It consists in prejudice, hostility or hatred towards Jews as Jews. It may take the form of denial of rights; direct, indirect or institutional discrimination; prejudice-based behaviour; verbal or written statements; or violence. Such manifestations draw on stereotypes – characteristics which all Jews are presumed to share.

The disputes within Labour in the years since Jeremy Corbyn was elected as leader in 2015 have driven a wedge between different parts of the many Jewish Communities. There was, to be sure, infighting before this period, but it is novel for the majority of Jews in the UK to be informed that we are represented by the Board of Deputies (BOD) and, for those on the left, by the Jewish Labour Movement (JLM). The BOD represents less than a third of Jews in the UK by most estimates.  The criteria for joining the JLM include promoting the centrality of Israel in Jewish life.

JVL represents some 350 Jewish Labour Party members. All JVL officers and committee members are Jewish Labour members. JVL also has approximately 800 non-Jewish Party ‘solidarity’ members and a small number of Jewish ‘supporters’, many of who have left the Party in despair.

The Labour Party represents a wide spectrum of socialist and social democratic opinion. As so often in its Party’s history, the battle has in recent years been fierce between what is largely seen as its left and right wings, latterly between those who shared Corbyn’s values and policies and those who for varying reasons opposed his leadership from the very moment he became favourite to win the Leadership contest in September 2015.

But a new feature is that the Labour Party is targeting those who question its interpretation of antisemitism and in particular its adoption of one particularly, contested definition of antisemitism, in effect determining as antisemitic, and worthy of expulsion, disagreement over the methods used for combating antisemitism. One frequent charge cited in investigations of members for antisemitism is that of undermining “the Party’s ability to campaign against racism”; so, any such questioning brings culpability in its wake.

Labour is purging Jews from the Party. There have been at least 40 investigations of Jews for antisemitism. As one of our officers protested:

everyone raised in a Jewish family setting – hugely diverse though these are — grows up knowing what antisemitism is in the depth of their being and we all carry the fear of it with us through our lives. Knowing Jewishness from the inside as I do, I can honestly say that the idea of Jews being accused of antisemitism virtually en masse is something I cannot get my head round. But I don’t know of any precedent in which a group of Jews has been subjected to institutional accusations of antisemitism.

This report spells out the ways in which this calumny has escalated:

  • The Party has ignored complaints made by Jews who are members of JVL of antisemitism shown to them, including other forms of bullying;
  • In failing to consult JVL with regard to the membership of the Advisory Board recommended by the EHRC, even as it pledged to consult Jewish stakeholders, the Party has in effect decided that we aren’t a Jewish community, and emboldened those actors within British Jewry that have denied or ridiculed our Jewish identity;
  • There is considerable evidence that Jewish members have been disproportionally targeted with investigation for antisemitism. It appears that as a population share, almost five times more Jewish than non-Jewish Labour members have faced complaints of antisemitism which have been investigated. We estimate that Jewish JVL members have been subject to actioned antisemitism complaints at a rate 20 times greater than non-Jewish Labour members;
  • The assumption of disciplinary investigations is that all Jews are Zionists and/or that anti-Zionists are not proper Jews and indeed are antisemitic, delegitimising an entire swathe of Jewish opinion and tradition;
  • Targeting JVL members in positions of power within the Party with bizarre allegations of antisemitism, based on demands for justice for others accused;
  • Calls for proscription: an MP, an elected agent of the Party, has called for JVL to be proscribed, evidently because of our views, expressed as Jewish members, about antisemitism within the Party;
  • Jewish members who disagree with the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) Working Definition of Antisemitism, the EHRC’s findings, and/or the Party’s treatment of Jeremy Corbyn are disciplined if they voice their opinions publicly at local meetings in their constituencies;
  • Training by a Zionist organisation, the JLM, whose views are hostile to Corbyn, Corbyn’s supporters and JVL, is now mandatory for any Labour Party elected officer and recommended for all Labour Party members;
  • JVL education on antisemitism is banned to the extent that constituencies or branches that want to invite the JVL team of educationalists to deliver a session are disciplined; this has been coupled by the Party discouraging affiliations to JVL.

This executive summary can be downloaded as a pdf

There are ten attachments which document these claims.

Annex 1 Diana Neslen’s story: The harrying of an older Jewish woman

Annex 2 Stephen Marks’s story: The singling out of a Jewish NCC member

Annex 3 Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi ’s story: How misrepresenting comments led to suspension

Annex 4 Proscription in Starmer’s Labour Party

Annex 5 The creation of an unrepresentative Advisory Board

Annex 6 Complaints by JVL members that have been ignored

Annex 7 The disproportionate targeting of left-wing Jewish Party members

Annex 8 Our Jewish identities under attack

Annex 9 The banning of JVL’s education programme

Annex 10 The impact of the General Secretary’s directives on left-wing Jews

We request interested organisations such as the EHRC, the Forde Inquiry and the Runnymede Trust to put pressure on the Labour Party to take seriously its responsibilities as an avowed anti-racist political party and to respect the full range of political views amongst its Jewish members. This JVL review is being sent to academic organisations with special knowledge of antisemitism. It is time the issues we raise were given the serious attention they deserve.

Download the executive summary with all the annexes as one document

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  • DJ says:

    I have also come to the conclusion that the adopted policies and practices referred to in this statement has rendered the party as institutionally anti Palestinian. It is hard to see how someone of Palestinian heritage could maintain their party membership without denying their own history.

  • Linda Gates says:

    Labour is purging certain Jews from the party in the same way it is purging certain non-Jewish members. In their quest for a ‘pure’ party, they are inevitably alienating more members than they are pleasing. Who in their right mind would consider this to be a winning strategy for a party which is meant to be a ‘force for good’ in British society.

  • Jan Brooker says:

    WELL SAID. As a JVL supporting member, but no longer a member of the Labour Party, having been accused of 4 of the 5 standard accusations that the LP raises against those that support Palestinans an/or criticise [sometimes by implication] the actions of the Israeli government and its armed forces, and deciding there was no means of contesting the malicious charges in any real sense ~ as no responses were EVER forthcoming from the LP ~ resigning. The final straw being my proud, Black African partner, being accused of racism, AS and belittling THE Holocaust, for *daring* to allude to the Maafa, the African Holocaust.

  • There is no doubt that JVL is being targeted by Starmer and co. However I do despair at the failure to grasp what is and has been happening. It’s not about anti-Semitism and it’s not about being Jewish. I say that as the first Jewish person to be expelled from the party. Indeed it never was about antisemitism. That has been the fatal flaw in the left’s response to the fake ‘antisemitism’ allegations.

    Put quite simply Labour is not and never has been an anti-racist party. Where did you get that idea from? Opponents of the British Empire in Labour around the Movement 4 Colonial Liberation and Fenner Brockway were ALWAYS a small minority.

    Labour was always a pro-imperialist party. Agreed it wasn’t overtly racist. It didn’t support the colour bar in the colonies and it talked in terms of trusteeship, holding the colonies in trust for the natives as and until they became civilised of course. Under people like Andrew Cohen at the Colonial Office this was the thrust of Labour’s decolonisation policy under Attlee.

    But Labour under Attlee exploited the colonies, in particular in Africa and Malaya in order to pay for Britain’s welfare state. That is the context in which all this plays out.

    Labour under Starmer is determined to restore bipartisanship in foreign affairs, not Corbyn’s mishmash of an ethical foreign policy. Today Israel stands at the centre of the imperialist presence in the Middle East. It is the lynchpin of a reactionary alliance that includes Egypt, Saudi Arabia and UAE.

    Labour historically has never given a fig for Jews. All major Labour leaders came out with viciously anti-Semitic stuff BUT they were also pro-Zionist. Do you really think Tom Watson and John Mann, Phil Woolas’s strongest supporters were really concerned about anti-Semitism?

    That is why going on about Jewish identity is simply counterproductive. Jews are the political foot soldiers for support for western imperialism in the Middle East. It is not about Jews. It is about Zionism. This kind of multi culturalism simply depoliticises what is a political battle between supporters and opponents of imperialism.

  • DJ says:

    Can anyone imagine just how ridiculous it would be for someone of Palestinian heritage to be subjected to Zionist indoctrination in order to seek election as a Labour Councillor or MP? Of course not, but this is what the party leadership has decided is required to ensure its “agents” are not responsible for any antisemitic”incidents”as defined by the Israeli Lobby.

  • Joseph Hannigan says:

    My membership of many years is due for renewal in December……I am deeply torn about the decision I make then.

  • Brian Holland says:

    Yes definitely Yes it is time that these issues were given serious attention

  • Sabine Ebert-Forbes says:

    Labour has clearly been weaponising antisemitism to beat the left with. But worse is that Labour is also going down a very dangerous path in my view: ramping up prejudice against and hatred towards our jewish communities. They also methodically hollow out democracy within the party. People who diverge from the leadership’s and their advisors point of view are not wanted.
    The Labour Party should carry a warning on the lines of ‘Please leave your human rights at home when attending meetings’. And it is frightening to see how quickly many members have accepted this. Equally, they demand we all back the leader and carry on as before as it is the Labour Party. Sorry it does not wash with me. I was brought up to look at the policies foremost, not at the person who may be in charge. I was also taught to think for myself, inclusive of analysing and evaluating issues. Most importantly I learned that you need to be authentic in what you say and do. You cannot be what you are not, but you should always strive to be a decent human being, for me the motto is two words: harm none. Therefore I cannot and will not support any leader who is selective about who in this world has human rights, equality and is free to determine their own lives, anyone who actually appears to condone antisemitism perpetrated by members of his front bench. I wonder if members in theory would even support the party or a leader who was to turn out to be an outspoken fascist or populist, just because he managed to get elected and wears a labour rosette.

  • Emily says:

    I’m confused. As a Labour member of over 25 years, why is this suddenly an issue? In my opinion I don’t care what religion you are or where you come from, get on board with the policies or go somewhere else. I am catholic so should I now demand special treatment against the Protestants? NO! I should not because we are all people trying to help other people who are more in need of our help!! Maybe my view is too simplistic for the haters or trouble Makers 🤷‍♀️

  • George Wilmers says:

    I think Tony Greenstein is missing an important point.

    I agree with him entirely that the witch hunt has never been about antisemitism and that, at least subjectively from the point of view of Starmer and his acolytes, it’s not about Jews. I also agree with him that historically the Labour leadership’s antiracism has nearly always been a sham. But that doesn’t alter one iota the fact that objectively Labour’s disproprtionate targetting of Jewish activists amounts to institutional antisemitism. This targetting is not an accident, but arises from at least two separate causes:
    (1) Jewish activists are no braver or more principled than other socialists, but they may well feel more enraged at what they perceive as a fundamental attack on their identity in the attempt to assimilate them to a fanatic ethnonationalist cult, and they may also feel that they have a particular duty to speak out on this topic precisely because they are Jewish. Furthermore many Jews in the LP, including some who are not particularly leftwing, can see that the hysterical zionist campaign using antisemitism charges to suppress discussion of Israel’s crimes is an obvious generator of real antisemitism.

    (2) Jewish socialists who challenge the antisemitic dogma that all proper Jews are zionists, which de facto Starmer and company have espoused, are particularly dangerous to the leadership because they render transparent the lies and hypocrisy of rightwing propaganda. So for that very reason they must be silenced by whatever means necessary.

    Tony is right that those in the leadership who are responsible for the purges for the most part care not one whit about antisemitism or Jews; in many cases they probably don’t care about Israel, Palestine, or anything much else except for their careers and the success of their faction. They are not particularly prejudiced against anyone but people who get in their way. They are manipulators who just see the purge as something that “needs to be done” in order that they may retain their ptivileges. Nevertheless the disproportionate targetting of Jewish socialists which arises from the resulting process is a paradigm example of institutional racism: in this case institutional antisemitism.

    A completely separate matter is whether it is appropriate politically to draw attention to this form of institutional racism. An apparent counterargument is that the Labour Party’s racism is far worse in relation to many other groups: especially Palestinians and Muslims. Far more often in these cases the racism is not only institutional but personal as well. In particular Palestinians in the UK face nothing but contempt from the Labour Party as is evidenced by the Party’s failure even to reply to the open letter from a group of prominent Palestinians.
    It is vital that JVL continues loudly to denounce such bigotry and to provide a platform to those seeking redress.

    I understand the point Tony makes about “going on about Jewish identity”, but I do not see how JVL can avoid challenging the antisemitic concept of Jewish identity which is propagated by zionist organisations and which has been endorsed by the Labour Party. I believe it would be a mistake not to challenge the institutional antisemitism of the Labour party, not least because it is an example of the manner in which a minority can be disproportionately victimised by the bureaucratic implementation of opportunist policies not subjected to democratic oversight. It is also another way in which to draw attention to the essential fact that Jews are as divided in their political opinions as any other ethnic group: that in 2021 “evidence” is required to establish such a fact is a token of the madness of our times.

  • Linda says:

    I’ve long thought there must have been some good TACTICAL reason why those opposed to Corbyn attacked him on antisemitism.

    It wasn’t the most obvious ploy for focusing an attack on Corbyn (or any other Labour leader). Historically, comparatively few UK voters cared overmuch about political leaders’ racist or sexist behaviour PROVIDING it was mostly hidden from view.

    A comment on Skwarkbox” made the link for me.

    There was an almost defunct right-wing political group of Zionists whose central concern was Israel. That long-established but previously moribund group was able to spring back into new life and relevance when Corbyn’s advent suddenly meant a suitable “front” organisation could be useful to several different powerful stakeholders.

    That group “ticked all the boxes” from the start. If you’re mounting a campaign, it helps if your core support are already comfortable working together for a common cause and have well-established useful connections with political and other allies. It may well be that the group was able to access grants and donations from sympathisers to sustain what was a prolonged campaign of activities and PR. It was a group that could claim a moral high ground to disguise purely political ends.

  • Peter Buckman says:

    I wish, as a Jewish atheist socialist vegetarian with republican leanings, that the Labour Party, of which I have been a member almost continuously for 64 years, would concentrate on fighting the Tories rather than each other. I wish Keir Starmer delivered on the promises he made when he was elected leader. He always looks as if he’s about to burst into tears. I know how he feels.

  • Joyce Heath says:

    Jews are human beings the same as all of us. Treat them accordingly.

  • Chris Proffitt says:

    What a fascinating discussion making so many good points that I’ve never considered before. Keep this up I am learning so much about this complex subject. A shame the NEC are not learning it.

  • Dave says:

    George Wilmers is confusing an association – that Jewish socialists may tend to take more interest in Zionism on average than non-Jewish socialists – with antisemitic targeting. Let’s focus on the politics.

  • Allan Howard says:

    But Tony (Greenstein), it IS about smearing the left as anti-semites, even left-wing Jews, so it IS about ‘anti-semitism’ – ie using false claims of ‘A/S’ to demonise LP politicians and left-wing members AND the party as a whole under Jeremy’s leadership – so I really can’t understand why – on the one hand – you say (as you have done before) that it’s not about anti-semitism and – on the other hand – imply that we’re all dumb, because no matter how many times you say it, we’re just not getting the message.

    I think just about EVERYONE on the left realised a long time ago that A/S was being weaponised against the left so as to undermine Jeremy’s leadership AND sabotage any chance of him/us winning a GE and, as Starmer and Co have been in the process of doing, ‘exorcising’ the left completely from main-stream politics.

    Anyway, I just happened to go on the CAAs website a short while ago and, as such, came across the following malevolent black propaganda piece:

    ‘Tony Greenstein and Piers Corbyn make Nazi comparisons in speeches at far-left demonstration….’

  • Allan Howard says:

    PS I wonder if the CAA reported any of them to the police, what with racism/anti-semitism being a criminal offence. I doubt it somehow, because they NEVER dooo. I wonder why that is!

    Anyway, I was just back on their website and came across the following piece from a couple of months ago, which I have no doubt they thoroughly enjoyed constructing and contriving:

    ‘Suspended Labour members, Twitter trolls and controversial parliamentarians to celebrate Jeremy Corbyn’s birthday tonight…’

  • Bernard Grant says:

    I’ve read all the comments and agree with much that has been said. My view of what is happening is quite simple, I believe the evidence for what I believe is solid.
    This whole saga of Antisemitism being endemic in the LP, has been driven by the Israeli Lobby and the LP MPs that fully support Israel and what it is doing to the Palestinians. Describing what is happening to the Palestinians, watching some of the videos, makes my blood boil, they are breaking international law on a daily basis, it’s why people who are Socialists care and support the Palestinians, Corbyn is a Socialist and has campaigned against racism all his life, he was arrested for protesting outside the South African Embassy against the apartheid regime. He has always condemned Israel’s treatment and colonisation of Palestine and the heinous manner of they way they are doing it. While he was a backbencher, he was of little threat to Israel and there was no mention of him being an antisemite in the MSM or on the BBC, but once he became Leader of the LP, the propaganda and lies about him, almost on a daily basis, including on the BBC have been extreme.
    Starmer who had only been an MP for a couple of years, decides he’ll be part of Owen Smith’s campaign Team to oust Corbyn, why? My view is, because Starmer, who declared himself as a Zionist supporter and took £50.000 from Trevor Chinn a well known Israeli lobbyist, for his own leadership challenge, would if he won, stop criticism of Israel and rid the Party of as many Corbyn supporters as possible, especially if they actively campaign against Israel on Social Media, which has and still is happening.
    As for Jewish members if JVL, the fact that they are Jewish, to Starmer and the BoD, who he works closely with is irrelevant, so he suspends them. We should all work together to change what is happening to our LP and carry on supporting the Palestinians and the Israeli people that campaign against what their own government is doing, perhaps together we will win.

  • Colin Lomas says:

    Bizarrely, Member of JVL can legitimately complain to the Labour party compliance unit that the party itself is acting in an anti-Semitic manner. So the compliance unit should investigate the party.
    JVL or JVL members should submit complaints, based on all the annex documents.

  • Thanks Allan for drawing my attention to the latest poisonous blog article by the CAA. They are the rabid outriders of the fake antisemitism campaign for whom no measures that Starmer adopts will be enough. Just about anyone who contravenes their distorted version of the IHRA definition of antisemitism (which they call THE International Definition is antisemitic.

    People should be aware that the CAA unofficially organises with the Tommy Robinson loving Zionist far-RIght. Strangely enough, whilst documenting the picket of the Labour Party in minute detail they haven’t reported on Tommy Robinson’s welcome on to the minute pro-Israel demonstration outside the Israeli Embassy. Strange that for an organisation concerned with antisemitism.

    Allan Howard does not understand the point I’m making when he says ‘But Tony (Greenstein), it IS about smearing the left as anti-semites, even left-wing Jews, so it IS about ‘anti-semitism’.

    I agree that the right and the Zionists have weaponised antisemitism and smeared the left with being antisemites. HOWEVER that is not the real reason for their attacks on us. It is because we are anti-Zionist, because we are socialists. Likewise Corbyn was depicted as an antisemite despite the fact that they can’t point to one single thing he has ever said that is anti-semitic.

    In other words ‘antisemitism’ is a pretext, a defamatory scarecrow, that hides the real reasons which are NOT about antisemitism. Let’s put it bluntly. Zionism has NEVER had any objection to genuine antisemitism. We only have to look at who their friends are round the world – from Hitler lovers Bolsonaro and Duterte to the avowed antisemite Viktor Orban and Tommy Robinson who mixes with Polish holocaust deniers.

    Likewise it’s not about Jews. The proof? Their treatment of Jewish members of the LP who are anti-racists and not Zionists. If they were genuinely motivated by concern that Jews would be hurt or offended why are our feelings not taken into consideration. In other words that too is a pretext.

    [This comment has been shortend- JVL web]

  • Rosemary Brocklehurst says:

    In one word this is: persecution.

  • Allan Howard says:

    Yes Tony, it’s a pretext, and THAT is precisely what I was saying, AND, that just about everyone on the left has understood that for years now.

    I think what you’re doing – and I don’t say this as a criticism – is seeing it through the eyes of the public in general, the majority of who I assume were led to believe – courtesy of the MSM and Co – that the LP under Jeremy was riddled with anti-semites and, as such, they don’t have a clue that the accusations of A/S were a pretext.

    And needless to say, each and every person who conspired in the A/S black op to destroy Jeremy and the left had absolutely no problem causing concern and consternation amongst many in the Jewish community, and THAT is despicable beyond words – totally, totally evil in my book – and tells us all we need to know about how much they care about Britain’s Jews. Or anti-semitism!

    But most of the general public are completely oblivious to the actual reality of what they are doing, and HAVE been doing during the course of the past six years or so. And I’m sure it would blow the minds of many of them were they ever to learn the truth.

  • Kuhnberg says:

    The reason why the Labour Party, under pressure from the BOD, is pursuing this course of action is not because they feel that anti-Zionists are antisemitic, it is precisely because they know that Israel is comitting crimes against humanity and are desperate to prevent thus truth from coming out. This makes Starmer & Co complicit in those crimes. Once you recognize that fact, you realize that it is impossible to convince such people of the justice of your case: they have made a conscious decision not to listen. I am reminded of the Labour MP who tweeted a yawning emoji in response to a query about the Forde report. Don’t waste your time appealing to such bigots; we on the left must speak our truths on platforms that are genuinely unbiased.

  • Allan Howard says:

    Kuhnberg, I don’t think Starmer and Evans and Co are doing what they’re doing as a consequence of being under pressure from the BoD. No, no, no! They are fully on board, and undoubtedly relish what they are doing – ie ‘exorcising’ the left from the Labour Party and main-stream politics. I mean what better example does one need as to just how totally corrupt they are than their ‘response’ to JVLs complaint about the Labour Party to the EHRC – ie the notice of investigation sent to Jenny Manson just hours after JVL submitted it to the EHRC.

  • Edward Hill says:

    The ‘evidence’ in Annex 2, Stephen Marks’ story, appears to be taken from Labour against the Witch Hunt’s “Sign this open letter to Jeremy Corbyn and the left on the NEC” 1 April 2018, and two Free Speech on Israel articles: “145 Labour Party members say “I am Jackie Walker”, open letter to Jeremy Corbyn” 11 April 2017; and “Labour Jews to Chuka Umunna: “Stop using anti-semitism smears against Corbyn” 9 July 2016. These now stand as fascinating important historical documents in the fight against the injustices of the “BIG LIE” -that there was widespread antisemitism” in the Labour Party under Corbyn. And how the Party’s legal and governance staff must have licked their lips as they pursued their witch hunt: not just hundreds of signatory names (many familiar to readers of this site) but also their CLPs!

  • Tony Booth says:

    Referring to differences of opinion between Jews the submission says: “Sometimes these differences are expressed with anger, more often through laughter and friendship.” This has a hollow ring to it and I think it downplays the vicious sectarianism felt by right-wing and fervently Israel supporting Jews to Jews who do not share their views. Who in JVL has had a good laugh with our Jewish antagonists? My dear nephew says I am an antisemite’s chief supporter and has cut off contact. My highly educated Israeli niece asked: “how can you support a man who laid a wreath on Hitler’s grave. Not much opportunity for mirth there. X

  • Caroline Raine says:

    Absolutely appalled by what is happening to JVL members in the Labour Party.
    The Party is clearly trying to dictate what kind of Jews it has as members and what Jewish members are allowed to think. This to me is anti-semitism. It does not feel like my Party any more but I want to remain a member so that there are still some of us to argue for socialist Labour values including anti-racism and Palestinian rights. The way leading JVL people are being attacked in an attempt to silence our voices is heartbreaking. JVL feels like a safe space for me where I can communicate with others who share my views. Without it I am not sure I could remain a Party member. Support and solidarity to you all for continuing this struggle despite the risks. Thanks to the determination of JVL, one day we will again belong to a Party with decent, caring socialist values that opposes all forms of racism.

  • stephan feuchtwang says:

    all this isnews to me and it is bad, Has the accusation been addressed to JLM?

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