Protest against BBC bias, 7 August, 1.00pm

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  • Prof. Donald Sassoon says:

    Yes, I am very angry. The BBC has behaved in a contemptible manner, hardly ever giving time to those Jews who are appalled by the so-called ‘Jewish Community’ disgraceful stance over anti-semitism in the Labour Party. Is the BBC so easily scared to be labelled anti-semitic? Meanwhile the Israeli government passed what, by any standard, is an obvious racist legislation.

  • Linda Edmondson says:

    I’m very sorry not to be able to join the demo on Tuesday (I live 200 miles away in Shropshire), but I would like to propose that having demonstrated outside Broadcasting House you move on to the Guardian’s offices. I have just read the Guardian/Observer’s latest muckraking exercise and feel so disgusted with this once-responsible newspaper that even the Beeb’s negligence and bias fade into insignificance. It wouldn’t be a bad idea either to find a way to oust Tom Watson, but that might be harder than simply demonstrating outside the Guardian. Will this miserable saga ever end?

  • Patricia Roberts says:

    Sick Of the pro Tory bias on BBC, Sky are even worse! But I hate paying my licence fee to hear their rubbish day in and day out! Why should I pay them to denigrate Corbyn!

  • Paul Smith says:

    And the Guardian too.

  • Danny Nicol says:

    Good luck with it! Getting the BBC to be non-biased sounds like mission impossible, see Tom Mills’ ‘The BBC: Myth of a Public Service’ (Verso, 2016). One reason why a coordinated bringing of formal complaints against prominent Blairite MPs and JLM individuals for anti-Semitic stereotyping deserves consideration is that it would at least focus attention.

  • Jacob Ecclestone says:

    Brilliant ! I will be there and I will contact NUJ friends and former colleagues to urge them to attend also.

    Thank you for organising this.

    One thought: when I and others protested against the Broadcasting Ban (imposed by Mrs Thatcher in the 1980s) we all put on black gags in silent protest at censorship. Have you thought of any visual props?
    Will you be providing placards saying what the protest is about, or should we bring our own?

  • Janet Shapiro says:

    I have been very angry at media bias that confuses the whole situation. At least half the Jewish population is excluded and their voices not heard.
    I very much regret that I cannot attend on Tuesday.

  • Dinag Stuart says:

    Sorry I cannot join you as I live too far away but all power to your elbow, as they say. Make a big fuss perhaps it will be broadcasted by the BBC I suspect that Sky News will show it.

  • John Ballard says:

    From the way that the BBC has eschewed and partially reported the current discourse, it is obvious that they are strongly aligned with right-wing Labour party members and the Board of Deputies of British Jews et al. I have deep concerns that the BBC will disappear into a vortex of eternal shame. The BBC, far from the virtuous agent of Reithian purity, has willing sought to promulgate sordid and ugly anti-Corbynite lies.

  • merih touman says:

    I will be coming to the demo as the BBC is not only not doing its job properly by calling out those who make bogus accusations against the Labour party and JC but is doing an immense disservice to the public by its unashamed partiality.

  • Kathy Hayman says:

    Agree with everything you’ve said. As an ordinary non Jewish Labour member I’ve had to hunt around for voices of reason. I just happened to know about JVL so looked up this site. For many members and non members who woul£ ordinarily vote Labour if they don’t bother to seek alternative information they sure as hell won’t get it from mainstream media.

  • Stuart Littlewood says:

    The Israel lobby is not only prepared to wreck the Labour Party but also damage Britain by robbing us of an effective Opposition at the very moment we desperately need one.

    They would only attempt this if they were sure of support from mainstream media. The BBC has been a longstanding collaborator and needs dismantling.

  • Diana Neslen says:

    Sadly I cannot come but you have my full support. The behaviour of the BBC, Guardian Observer and the ‘progressive’ media has been nothing short of scandalous. People need to trust the media and to believe that journalists are actually seekers after truth not, as in this case, distortions fuelled by those with an axe to grind. They certainly do not speak truth to power.

  • chris kaufman says:

    BBC = Blatant Bias v Corbyn

    Joe McCarthy would be proud of their use of guilt by association

  • Donald Saunders says:

    I am so tired of the pro- Israel line taken by the BBC ,
    ignoring , so often, what the Palestinians suffer under illegal and brutal military occupation. I abhor injustice , and this is exactly what Palestinian people have suffered for 70 years. Because Jeremy Corbyn has similar humanitarian views he is having to suffer this irresponsible ‘battering’ from the BBC and others, even traitors in his party.

  • frank says:

    Wish i could be there. But i am a carer for my wife.
    Wish you all the best.
    Much love and respect to all.

  • Sylvia says:

    I’ll be there but won’t have time to make a placard.


    Keep up the good work. Democracy is at stake as the Labour Leadership fights this dirty tricks campaign that has Blair’s fingerprints all over it – dishonest, unethical, self-serving. In a word – disgusting.

  • ruby lescott says:

    Kathy Hayman – I echo everything you say. I’m not Jewish but am deeply distressed by all this, for Jews, for socialists, for the Labour Party, for the fight against racism in all its forms. It’s not just the BBC. Channel 4 is as bad, and the press. The Wednesday evening Standard last week carried 4 items expressing outrage about JC’s alleged anti-semitism. But on page 12, in a report of a fraud case they saw fit to note that the convicted criminal was from “the north London Jewish community”. Double standards anyone?

  • David Stretton says:

    Haven’t seen anything about the demo on news as yet but Corbyn stood with us so now it’s time to return the favour.

    Ex-Yorkshire NUM

  • Gillian Dalley says:

    I agree with Linda Edmondson’s comments about the Observer last weekend. It was shameful – 8 pages variously devoted to biased commentaries solely designed to attack, undermine and overthrow Jeremy Corbyn on the spurious grounds of his racism and anti-semitism. Likewise – the bias of the BBC. I was glad to attend the protest outside the BBC today – some powerful speeches.

  • Freb says:

    If I was one of your students
    I’d ask for my fees back

    You are obviously so prejudiced that it’s clear that you could not give an objective lesson .

    Jeremy choose to make an issue of his disdain for the Jewish People. and the genuine very deep links the vast majority of the Jewish British Cómmunity have had with the Labour movement for 150 years.

  • Freb says:

    Guardian. too ?

    Is this comment helpful
    or a joke ?

  • Frank Adam says:

    The central obtuseness of the spat about Corbyn and his doctoring of the definition of Antsemitism is that he can not accept the distinction between criticising Israel [constructively let us hope] and his friends calliing for its destruction or their crass and disproportionate insults that are not helpful to peacemaking. As the ancients said, “Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are.”

  • We bin most of these kinds of comments but just once in a while think it worth posting one to show what some people believe passes for an argument…
    web editor

    Jewish Voice for Labour is not a Jewish group as it doesn’t have Jewish values. Jews pray towards Jerusalem no matter where in the world. They pray for Zion and for the return to Jerusalem every time the Torah is return to the ark…three times a week or more. They hate all that is Jewish and mock the Holocaust…disgusting to see their manipulation of an old man and prevent him speaking out that they had twisted his words. Corbyn has every right to use you like kapos in the Holocaust as that is what you are.

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