JVL Constitution

1. Purpose: Jewish Voice for Labour (JVL) is an organisation dedicated to representing Jewish members of the British Labour Party.

2, Statement of Principles: This is the Statement of Principles adopted on 28 July 2017 or as subsequently amended under the procedure outlined in Clause 12.

3. Full Membership: Full Membership is open to anyone who is Jewish and is not a member of any organisation which stands or supports candidates against Labour Party at elections, who accepts the JVL Statement of Principles, and who agrees to act within its spirit, and to pay any membership fee that may be set by the Executive Committee.

4. Solidarity Membership: The Committee is authorised to set up a network of anyone not Jewish who supports the statement of principles and who is not a member of any organisation which stands or supports candidates against the Labour Party at elections, and who wishes to be associated with the work of JVL and pay any membership fee that may be set by the Committee. They will be designated Solidarity Members.

5. Participation at meetings: All members shall be entitled to attend and speak at AGMs, OGMs and SGMs.  Only full members shall be entitled to propose motions for discussion and to vote.

6. Annual General Meetings: An annual general members meeting shall be held within 12 months of the inaugural meeting of JVL. Subsequent Annual General Meetings shall be held at intervals of not less than ten, and not more than fifteen months. The Annual General Meeting shall receive a report of the activities of JVL over the previous year, and a statement of its financial situation, to be presented by the Treasurer.

7. Election of Committee and Officers:  The Annual General Meeting shall elect an Executive Committee consisting of Chair and Vice-Chair or two Co-Chairs; Treasurer; Secretary and such other officers as it may decide are necessary. Proxy voting is not allowed. The Executive Committee is responsible for the conduct of JVL between General Meetings. The quorum for meetings of the Executive Committee shall be 5. Notice of the Annual General Meeting shall include a request for nominations to the Executive Committee positions and shall be sent to members no less than 2 weeks in advance. The Executive Committee may replace by cooption any Officers who resign between AGMs, and co-opt up to 2 members to fill new officer posts that are deemed necessary.

8. JVL Council: There shall be a JVL Council whose role shall be advisory and whose purposes shall be to provide a representative forum for the discussion of issues relevant to JVL; to reflect on strategy and on political conditions and offer inputs to the Executive Committee arising from such discussions; and to generate possible initiatives for consideration by JVL. The Council shall meet at least twice between Annual General Meetings. The mode of election and/or appointment to the Council shall be determined from time to time at General Meetings.

9. Local Groups: Local JVL groups may be formally recognised by the JVL Executive Committee. Such local groups will have rights and responsibilities as specified in their agreement document.

10. Ordinary General Meetings: JVL members meetings shall be held at least once between AGMs. Proxy voting is not allowed. All decisions shall be by simple majority vote. Details of the meeting, including the text of any motion to be proposed, must be circulated to all members at least 2 weeks in advance.

11. Special General Meetings: A special general members meeting shall be held at the request of the Committee or of one-quarter of the full members of JVL. Motions for decision at an SGM may be proposed either by the Committee or by two or more members. Motions must be circulated to all members 2 weeks ahead of the date of the meeting. Proxy voting is not allowed. The meeting will consider only the business specified in the notice.

12. Quorums: The quorum for all General Meetings shall be 20% of the full membership or 30 full members, whichever is the smaller.

13. Changes to this Constitution: Changes to this Constitution may be made at Annual General or Special General Meetings. Such proposed amendments must have been circulated to all members 2 weeks ahead of the meeting. To pass they must secure a 2/3 majority of those voting.

14. Bank Accounts: The officers shall be empowered to open and operate bank accounts on behalf of JVL and to set membership fees in consultation with the members. Such accounts may be operated by any single nominated officer.

15. Auditors: Auditors must be appointed by a resolution at a General Meeting of JVL. Committee members are not eligible for appointment as auditors.

16. Inappropriate Conduct: If the officers consider there are grounds for believing that a JVL member has engaged in conduct that is disruptive of the work of JVL; or has expressed opinions that conflict fundamentally with JVL’s statement of principles; or has behaved in such a way as to bring JVL into disrepute they may suspend the individual from membership. Further action will be taken in accordance with a procedure to be established by the Committee and regularly reviewed and updated.

17. Expulsion or Auto-exclusion from Party Membership: In the event that a JVL member is expelled or auto-excluded from the Labour Party membership, the Committee shall determine whether and with what conditions if any, the individual shall be allowed to remain a member of JVL. This determination will take place in accordance with a procedure to be established from time to time by the Committee.

18. Dissolution: The organisation may be dissolved by a two-thirds majority vote at a properly convened Special General Meeting, at which dissolution is the only item on the agenda. If, after three attempts, it remains impossible to call a quorate meeting, those remaining active members may dissolve the organisation by a majority vote. In the event of dissolution, any remaining assets shall be transferred to another group or body whose purposes and activities are broadly congruent with those of JVL. A decision on the recipient shall be made by simple majority vote of members present at the meeting which decides on dissolution.


As amended at the AGM on 31 October 2021

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