Vote NOW for socialists on the NEC – and spread the word!


The race is on to get as many committed socialists elected to Labour’s National Executive Committee as the Single Transferable Vote system allows.

Support the Grassroots Voice Six


Click HERE or on the image below to hear Jeremy Corbyn explain how to cast your vote



Ballots started arriving in members’ inboxes on Monday. We have until November 12 to demonstrate left unity in action, to win for radical policies, party democracy and members’ rights.

In the ballot for the nine CLP representatives’ seats, this means working together to allocate our first six preference votes in support of the Grassroots Voice Six, followed by seventh and subsequent preferences for other candidates who share their values.

#GV6 are Gemma Bolton, Yasmine Dar, Ann Henderson, Nadia Jama, Laura Pidcock and Mish Rahman, supported by the Centre Left Grassroots Alliance (CLGA) of which JVL is part. See their manifesto here.

Under STV it’s important to make sure top preferences are not all focused on just one or two candidates, so CLGA has produced sequenced lists to guide members in casting their preference votes, depending on the geographical areas where they live.

CLICK HERE to enter your postcode and find the voting preference order for your region that will give #GV6 the best chance of success. Then continue adding preferences for other candidates whose statements demonstrate principled socialist values. Preferences beyond 12 or so are unlikely to have any material impact on the result.

It’s not only the nine CLP places that are up for grabs. There are staunch comrades standing in other categories of NEC membership who deserve support. In particular we urge councillors to support JVL member Jo Bird, standing alongside fellow councillor Matt White for the two Local Government seats.

For further guidance on voting in the NEC elections, see this explanatory Facebook post from former MP Laura Pidcock who is one of the #GV6, and this earlier post from JVL.


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  • Les Hartop says:

    I encourage everyone to vote for Esther Giles for Treasurer.

    We can’t be happy that spending was properly targeted\controlled during the election nor happy about decisions to give hundreds of thousands of pounds to people who have sabotaged the party..

    She also has a good record of standing up to false accusations of anti-Semitism. Check her out on Twitter.

    This is Esther’s statement..

    “I am standing for the position of Labour Party Treasurer because I believe the Party’s finances need radical improvement in these essential areas:
    Democracy requires meaningful member participation, which requires, in turn, good communication of financial information.
    Good governance requires clear structures and processes for financial decision making and accountability throughout the Party.
    Socialism requires that the Labour Party’s finances should be controlled and owned by its members.

    This is what I will do to deliver on these improvements:

    An audit of the financial statements, including sources and applications of funding, and scrutiny of all balance sheet items;
    Provide a clear statement of the schedule of decision making, so that members agree and understand what financial decisions are made, and by whom;
    Set out an approach to budget setting, ensuring that the annual budget is agreed by NEC, and provided to members based on a democratic mandate from Conference;
    Oversee monthly financial reporting to NEC, with analysis provided in an NEC report to members. I will provide on-line meetings for members, to present and discuss Party finances; and I will ensure that every financial decision made must be able to be tracked, so that decision makers are accountable to members

  • Sabine Ebert-Forbes says:

    I have voted for the GV6 + for Esther Giles for treasurers. But sadly could not vote for Jo as not entitled to do so.

  • David Thornton says:

    Starmer is the worse thing that has happened to the Labour Party, he seems to be just carrying on with the ‘New Labour’ Coup that Bliar fronted. Starmer must go!. He is an Isreali apologist, and seems to be following the inaccurate IHRA definition of Anti Semitism, that unbelievably conflates criticism of the Isreali state with Anti Semitism!

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