Unite against racists, Islamophobes and right-wing extremists

On 9th June 10,000 supporters of the self-confessed criminal Tommy Robinson marched through the streets of London to a rally where a line-up of racists, Islamophobes and right-wing extremists promoted hatred and division, particularly against Muslims who are today’s target of choice for the fascists.  Nazi salutes were in evidence and the police, who were totally unprepared, were attacked, swamped by the mob, and some were injured.

This march invokes chilling echoes for those with historical memory.  The evidence of and willingness to bring violence to the streets cannot be ignored.  Right wing thugs are a danger to all of us, particularly minorities:  Muslims, people of colour, migrants, LGBTQI people, Jews, trade unionists and human rights defenders.   We offer support to the Muslim community, the main group singled out today. We condemn absolutely the violent marchers and their leaders, and believe that united action against this despicable rabble Is the only way to defeat their poison.

Jewish Voice for Labour therefore calls on all those opposed to far-right violence to unite behind counter demonstrations and other actions called by antifascist groups, trade unions and others.

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  • stella teddy says:

    Stick to supporting Corbyn in this fight against a pro-Israel, anti-Palestinian media and Labour Party. Don’t comment on Robinson and things about which you clearly know very little. Focus on one thing and you might get somewhere.

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