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As far as we are aware all enquiries and submissions to the EHRC in connection with their investigation of the Labour Party are receving a standard auto-response. If more is made public e.g. about the timetable, we’ll keep you informed.

JVL as an organisation is preparing its own submission. It has already provided some testimonies from members that were collected earlier in the year.

Some individual members have been asking for our advice on the content of their submissions.  If you want such advice email us.

EHRC auto-response
published here on 16 June 2019

The Equality and Human Rights Commission commenced an investigation into antisemitism in The Labour Party on 28 May 2019.

Further information and the full terms of reference for the investigation are available on the EHRC website. The EHRC will publish a report once it has concluded its investigation, setting out its findings, any action it has taken and recommendations.

In the interim, the EHRC is unable to provide updates on the investigation in response to individual queries or otherwise respond to e-mails we receive to this inbox. The Commission must act in accordance with its statutory remit and policies. There are statutory prohibitions on disclosure of the information that we receive during an investigation and providing updates on progress can undermine any action we are taking. As a listed body subject to the Regulator’s Code 2014 the Commission must adhere to its principles in its activities.

Please be assured that we will read the contents of your email carefully. If we receive information or evidence from individuals relating to the matters under investigation, we will consider this as part of the investigation. However, we cannot confirm that we will take action upon every e-mail received and you will not receive any acknowledgment of your e-mail beyond this automatic response.

Media enquiries will not receive an answer from this inbox. Please redirect any media queries to [email protected]

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We’re here to stand up for freedom, compassion and justice in our changing times. We do it by promoting and upholding equality and human rights ideals and laws across England, Scotland and Wales. Our work is driven by a simple belief; if everyone gets a fair chance in life, we all thrive.

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The Equality and Human Rights Commission was established by the Equality Act 2006 as the Commission for Equality and Human Rights.

Comments (11)

  • Philip Ward says:

    It’s interesting that the EHRC refuses to say who asked it to investigate the Labour Party:

  • Simon Dewsbury says:

    That’s very interesting Philip. Essentially, secret proceedings. Do you know whether there has been any reference to the Information Commissioner’s Office?

  • John says:

    Philip Ward:-
    The Labour Party also refuses to divulge the identity of complainants when investigating cases of alleged antisemitism by party members.
    It is ALL highly Kafkaesque !!!
    It also encourages the making of spurious claims.

  • Philip Ward says:

    It looks like the section of the foi act – 31 (1) (g) used for the refusal is a catch-all that the ICO is unlikely to overturn. Correction: the documents do say the request for and investigation came from the CAA, but clearly seeing the documents would be useful. I fail to see why the CAA is considered to be a charity, when its main activity is attacking Corbyn.

  • Andy says:

    We know who asked them to investigate, it was the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism with assistance from Adam Wagner.

    Wagner is on the EHRC’s supplier list for providing legal services.

  • Stephen Bellamy says:

    The EHRC have been briefing Wagner and the right wing press throughout

  • Nicola Grove says:

    Great that you are doing this. So important. Have you been interviewed for the upcoming Panorama programme?

  • Eric Goodyer says:

    I see that there is no way that we are able to make a direct submission to the EHRC – hopefully my statement via JVL will be seen by them. However it is of concern that it is possibe to make complaints to the EHRC but not to rpovide contrary statements refuting such claims

  • ColinC says:

    It is appalling that organisations such as the JLM, BoD and others regard every complaint made against the party on the issue of antisemitism, as being a valid complaint. They submitted bundles of evidence to the Employment Tribunal in the Fraser case, but the ET rejected every single complaint. Hopefully so will EHRC although in recent years they have appointed anti left people to senior positions

  • ColinC says:

    I recommend as many people as possible to read the ET report of Fraser v UCU 2013. ( particularly conclusion from para 148 onwards) and post comments on blogs, websites etc to get the message out. A complaint is not evidence

  • John says:

    This looks like a hung jury. The background is ‘The Commission suspects that The Labour Party may have itself, and/or through its employees and/or agents, committed unlawful acts in relation to its members and /or applicantsfor membership and/or associates’
    ‘Unlawful acts’ means race discrimination and/or racial harassment andor religion or belief discrimmination and/or victimisation, as defined herein’.
    Has not the showing of the Panorama programme jeapordised the whole idea of a fair investigation?

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