Setting the record straight on the goings on in Liverpool Riverside

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For Immediate Release

Louise Ellman has quit the Labour Party making evidence-free allegations about the antisemitic treatment she claims to have received in her constituency.

Detailed research by Jewish Voice for Labour reveals that her claims are false and emerge from political differences with local members that have nothing to do with antisemitism

Our research shows:

  • How Pro-Corbyn Labour Party members, including Jews, were victims of a relentless and evidence-free three-and-a-half-year campaign alleging antisemitism, bullying and infiltration.
  • How an anonymous dossier posted on a far-right blog and wild charges based on a doctored interview recording were used to vilify left party members
  • How anti-Corbyn CLP officers exploited their positions to block discussion and decision-making by the wider membership.
  • How unsubstantiated allegations of antisemitism against Riverside CLP members were broadcast by the BBC on Panorama in July.

This and much more is revealed in an exhaustive investigation backed up by 16 appendices including interview transcripts, letters, email exchanges, reports and submissions.

JVL Media Officer Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi says:

“We are setting the record straight.

“We are publishing clear evidence of Jews in her constituency facing harassment because they oppose her unquestioning pro-Israel stance regardless of their human rights violations; her attempt to cut British aid for Palestinians schools; and her open hostility to Corbyn and to his socialist internationalism.

“In our report, the silenced voices of members of Louise Ellman’s constituency party can be heard for the first time, countering the uncorroborated attacks on them in the Panorama documentary Is Labour Antisemitic? shown on BBC1 on July 10.”

Read the report in full here.

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  • Cllr Jo Bird says:
    Its a privilege to be an elected Labour councillor in Liverpool city region. Like many Jewish members of the Labour Party, I don’t recognise the allegations Louise Ellman makes.

  • Jackie Taylor says:

    There should be far more robust defence against the many and false accusations of anti semitism. There is little anger displayed from Corbyn…his measured tone is always ignored. Labour needs to insist on TV channels giving him a voice. It seems that Hodge, Ellman, Berger run the show. This is not right. They get sympathy. Labour gets condemnation.

  • Allan Howard says:

    As I’m sure many people who subscribe to JVL are aware, of the ten people who participated in the Panorama program and were presented as ordinary Jewish Labour Party members, seven of them were/are executive committee members of the Jewish Labour Movement, and one of the other three was their former Campaigns Officer. Just about all of them made claims that they had been subjected to anti-semitic abuse at ‘meetings’, and although they could only possibly be referring to meetings of their local CLP, they ALL avoided saying as much AND naming the CLP as such.

    Ella Rose, for example – who appeared at the outset claiming that someone came up to her and screamed abuse in her face whilst handing out leaflets at a LP conference – finished by saying that she could never tell a friend to go to a LP meeting, and that she could never do that to someone she cares about. Unlike the other participants in the program – ie the former staff and the so-called experts – John Ware was conveniently absent from their segments, whereas had he been present, I’m sure most viewers would have expected him to ask her what her experiences have been at meetings, or thought it odd that he didn’t if he hadn’t. BUT, what WE were viewing was the finished product, and it is inconceivable that when Ella Rose and the other ‘ordinary Jewish Labour Party members’ were initially interviewed by John Ware/ the producers, they wouldn’t have been interviewed at length and asked for details. I mean can you imagine Ella Rose saying to Ware and Co that she could never tell a friend to go to a Labour Party meeting etc, and not one of them asking why that is AND what her experience has been OR which CLP she is referring to. In the REAL world THAT would be inconceivable!

    And needless to say, any investigation (into A/S in the LP) worthy of the name AND any journalist worthy of the name, would have contacted each of the CLPs who had allegations made against them to ask them for a response to said allegations AND they would have been included in the program – ie the finished product. But Ware and Co DIDN’T, and THAT tells you all you need to know!

  • John Howley says:

    It’s not a conspiracy theory, it’s a fact. There IS an organized plan to smear left wing members of the LP,
    Just examine the facts:
    Daily allegations of anti Semitism but NEVER any verbatim evidence. Joe McCarthy showed them the way. IE keep throwing the mud etc.

  • Anne Dean says:

    There needs to be a root and branch investigation of this whole debacle. I have bent over backwards and inside out in my 43 year career in the NHS to ensure fairness and equality to very individual within and beyond my personal reach is treated without prejudice and made to feel respected as an individual. That my own political party has been tarred with this insulting slur, when my own personal experience has been to have been valued from day one, with no one ever knowing whether I was of any religious persuasion or none, and non one in my contact, to my knowledge, having ever been affected is abhorrent to me. I do not recognise the party that people like Ellman describes. There are always individuals in any organisation who upset the apple cart and go beyond the realms of acceptable behaviour (and that includes Jewish people within Jewish organisations and out with, as Jewish people are not immune from any behavioural trait as far as I am aware) but for this issue to have been used as a means of denigrating the names of a whole political party, such as the Labour Party, with a history steeped in fighting injustice, is unacceptable to me. I would like to know why certain people (Jewish and non Jewish) who have publicly abused our highest ranking representatives and thanLabour Party as ans organisation, have been allowed to do so without any response whatsoever from the Party, while honest hard working volunteers and lower ranking representatives with long histories of hard work, effort, and financial cost to themselves in very many cases, on behalf of this party, have had their lives made hell.

  • Miriam Yagud says:

    I don’t recognise Louise Ellman’s portrayal of the Labour Party.
    She throws around allegations without any evidence.
    If there were incidents, then she should go to the police and report as a hate crime. The only hate I see is in her. What responsible politician would wage a 4 year campaign if hate against their own party? Their own CLP?
    She lacks integrity and thank goodness she’s gone.

  • Gotthehullout says:

    I have read the dossier and it a very thorough assessment of the shenanigans – well done.

  • Teresa Steele says:

    Well done for telling the truth JVL. I am always bewildered as to why the MSM back up these allegations, and it saddens me to think our system is so corrupt that the right wing, in all its forms, is given credence when the members of the Labour Party and of JVL know that these allegations are untrue. Keep up the good work in telling the truth, it’s all we have and even then it appears not to be enough. I no longer watch TV and I feel better for it.

  • Carmen says:

    Thanks for the articles on L Ellman and her resignation from the LP. I wonder how can people who are aware of the real reasons for her resignation can widen their audience and counteract the influence of the media, such as The Daily Mail, the BBC and others. This is a real problem as their powerful influence brainwash the public who are vulnerable to accept whatever they publish. We need channels of information that get to be heard by the wider public.

  • PETER robinson says:

    Just go

  • Angelina O'Sullivan says:

    Why is this report not in the media??

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