Passover/pesach greetings 2020

Armenian design seder plate

On this Passover, when so many of us will be in lockdown, we think even more of the meaning of this Festival. It is about freedom from slavery and freedom to be who you want to be, with the community you want to be part of. We wish you all to be safe and well, to find the support where you can. Along with wishing for the liberation of us all from fear of the virus and from covad-19 itself, we will be remembering those who are not free: Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank; all refugees; those in the camps of Calais, Lebanon, in Greece; in Cox’s Bazar; in Nauru and elsewhere; those in punitive lockdown in Kashmir; those imprisoned; and those who live in overcrowded slums and on the streets. For all these self isolation would be a luxury.

At Seder, we say “Next Year in Jerusalem”. For us, like William Blake, it is not a geographical but a symbolic place, the place of safety; a place for all of us to build. We say “Next Year in Freedom and Security”.

Good Yom Tov / Gut Yontif

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  • nicola says:

    beautiful message, thank you. I love the William Blake quote.

  • Michael Levine says:

    In the old testament, when Moses contemplated the ‘Promised Land’ ,
    God told him that the Hebrews must kill all the Caananites so that they could inherit the land. This is the other side to the wonderful narrative about liberation from slavery under the Pharo. This other side only becomes important in modern times. The Exodus chapter in the old testament constitutes a divine sanction for the Zionist project.

  • Teresa Steele says:

    Thank you for your heartfelt message at this special time of year, it is appreciated.

  • JanP says:

    A safe and peaceful Passover to all at JVL. You have done us proud over the last difficult years.

  • Hilary Kagan says:

    Can Michael Levine please provide the Chapter and verse number of his quote.
    Chag Sameach

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