New Year greetings from Jewish Voice for Labour

“There, where we live, there is our country! A democratic republic! Full political and national rights for Jews. Ensure that the voice of the Jewish working class is heard at the Constituent Assembly.” Yiddish poster, Kiev, ca. 1918. From the YIVO Encyclopaedia of Jews in Eastern Europe.


Jewish Voice for Labour wishes all members and supporters a Happy, Progressive and Democratic New Year

A century ago the poster from Kiev reproduced above declared the Bundist principle of doikayt (hereness), “There, where we live, there is our country!”  It has powerful resonance today, when Jews in the UK are under increasing pressure to prioritise identification with the state of Israel above solidarity with non-Jewish fellow citizens.

It reminds us to oppose austerity, inequality and injustice here and to fulfil the duty of Tikkun Olam – to heal the world – by combating oppression everywhere.

Let us make sure that in 2019 we place solidarity above insularity, within the Labour Party, in society at large and in the fight to resist resurgent racism and fascism worldwide.

Note: For some holiday reading, the YIVO Encyclopedia of Jews in Eastern Europe is a treasure trove of resources about the Bund and much more.