JVL statement on the massacre in Gaza

Israeli army attacks in Gaza. Photo: New York Times

JVL statement on the massacre in Gaza

We mourn the deaths of the 16 Palestinians killed and the over fourteen hundred reported wounded by the Israeli Army yesterday, 30th March 2018, when Palestinians’ Land Day coincided with the first day of Passover, our own festival of freedom from oppression. We support the UN Secretary-General’s calls for an independent and transparent investigation into these incidents.

We stand for justice for all. Many Jews across the world have felt unable to fully share in the usually joyous nature of our Seder nights while these events were unfolding. Each year we are asked to recite the words of the Haggadah as though we ourselves were slaves in Egypt. Many families link those words to recent and current struggles – the anti-apartheid struggles, those for civil rights in the US, and, increasingly, the plight of the Palestinian people living under Occupation. We hope that other Jewish organisations mindful of our historic suffering will join with us in condemnation of the Israeli actions.

We call for an unconditional end to Israel’s inhuman siege of Gaza and its illegal and brutal occupation of the West Bank which has destroyed the lives of generations of Palestinians. DAYENU. Enough is enough.

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  • John Marsh says:

    This is the way to combat Antisemitism by speaking out against a possible recruiting sergeant for Antisemitism. Showing that while all the oppressors may be Jews, not all Jews are the oppressors.

  • Doug Fayle says:

    Another day, another thank you to JVL. Every article I have read in the past week supporting the accusations of anti-Semitism against the Labour Party (of which I am a member) has talked of ‘the Jewish community’ as though all Jewish people are of one mind. The JVL counter-demonstration, for example, last Monday, certainly suggests otherwise, as does this most welcome statement.

    In the light of these latest dreadful Israeli actions against the imprisoned people of Gaza, I would implore all those accusers who (without acknowledgement) see criticism of Israel as illegitimate and evidence of anti-Semitism to enter a period of reflection on their own motivations in the current fevered atmosphere.

  • Ron Cohen says:

    Pharoah kills.

  • Peta Bulmer says:

    it’s very important to see jews criticising Israel and supporting the Palestinians. Thank you for making this statement.

  • Jaye says:

    Peta’s comment above:
    “it’s very important to see jews criticising Israel and supporting the Palestinians” says it all. In other words facts are unimportant and even if the attackers killed were terrorists you have to criticise Jews and praise the Arabs to curry favour with the haters. Shame on you and on JVL.

  • Jaye says:

    And I assume that this org won’t publish my comment which is critical of you but at least read and think about a view which isn’t warped.

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