JVL: allegations of being involved in or condoning antisemitism

JVL: allegations of being involved in or condoning antisemitism

Allegations about JVL and individuals, often incorrectly said to be members, abound in both mainstream media and on Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere. Overwhelmingly they are false and often they are pure fantasy. Nonetheless, we take all allegations seriously and instigate urgent, appropriate action where necessary whenever we discover evidence of apparent antisemitism or where such matters are drawn to our attention. Frequently instead of our being informed, rumours are merely published electronically in order to creat a toxic atmosphere around our name.

As a matter of policy we do not discuss membership issues. We have an explicit statement of principles which all members agree to adhere to. We have a stringent but fair policy of investigation, suspension and exclusion if members appear to have contravened these principles; we have used this as necessary. We are also guided by a declaration on Antisemitic Misconduct drawn up by JVL together with Free Speech on Israel.

Posted on 30 October 2018

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  • Perhaps a code of conduct is in order?

    Banning posting of antisemitic material in social media and while demanding peace, unconditionally recognizing the right to exist of Israel and Palestine.

  • Jim Denham says:

    Anyone from JVL care to respond to this? (I understand a right of reply has been offered to JVL, but not taken up):


    JVL Response:

    The article linked to above is an interview with Adrian Cohen by a local AWL supporter and we are asked in it “to explain our stance”. It’s not clear on what.

    For the sake of clarity, “our stance” is contained in our Statement of Principles which makes clear that “Our political priorities are universal human rights and dignity; justice for all; freedom of expression; and democracy in the Labour Party.” This is elaborated further in the Statement, available at https://www.jewishvoiceforlabour.org.uk/about/

  • Jim Denham says:

    OK: I can’t insist that you publish my reply to your “response” but I’d like it placed on record that I *did* reply.

    [JVL. Jom Denham invited us to respond to “criticisms” of JVL made on another website. We declined, as we do not believe that such a discussion would be productive.]

  • steve mitchell says:

    As a member since 1956 may I say how much I admire your stance on the outrageous BBC Panorama documentary (July 10th.) Also on your support for Chris Williamson In all the years I have been a member of our Party I have yet to hear one antsemitic comment from a fellow member.

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