JVL 2021 Annual Report

That was a year that was!!!


2021 has possibly been one of the most demanding so far for JVL and there seems to be no let up. This report starts with an overview of the political situation in which we have found ourselves and our responses, which are reported on more fully further on.

Since last year’s AGM, the Report of the Equalities and Human Rights Commission into Labour Party’s handling of antisemitism has been produced, leading to the removal of the whip from Jeremy Corbyn and, in late September, to a range of rule changes. These make the potential for debate on these issues even more difficult than before as well as concentrating more power in the hands of a General Secretary.

We have continued to fight back, to offer a lead, to speak up and to speak to different groups. While the pandemic has largely prevented meeting in real life, it has opened up opportunities for large virtual gatherings with activists in the UK and throughout the world.

Some organisations with which we work closely have been proscribed and there have been calls for JVL to also be banned, but even the Jewish Chronicle quoted advice that this might be considered discriminatory. Nonetheless, the Party is picking off JVL members and supporters, in particular Officers and Committee members, one by one and we need to consider how best to move forward in this worsening political climate.

At the last AGM, we created the new post of Antiracism Officer and Alison Harris was elected to the role. She is stepping down this year and we thank her for her excellent work in creating a Steering Group and a growing network of allies from scratch.

As Co-Chairs, we want to thank all Officers, Committee members and members of our working groups who have worked extremely hard to respond to the many demands on our skills, knowledge and resource.

We have been fortunate to have and are grateful for the invaluable support of a part time Admin Officer; Chloe Schlosberg left us to head up Jeremy Corbyn’s Peace and Justice Project and since February, Elek Urban has been supporting our work.

We would also like to thank all our members (Full and Solidarity) and the many supporters who send us encouraging messages, comment positively on our website and social media pages, share our posts widely and also respond so generously to our appeals for funds to help us continue and develop our work.

Political Overview and JVL responses

The last year has presented JVL with a number of political challenges…

To read more, download the full Annual-Report here.

Comments (4)

  • Paul Smith says:

    Where can I read the annual reports of the JLM and the LFI?

  • John Bowley says:

    An excellent annual report, full of factual information and sharp comment.

    Thank you so much all of you brave, intelligent and laboriously working officers of Jewish Voice for Labour. A contrast with the vile establishment media and the empty but also vile establishment politicians, who mislead, deceive and do down – yet are worse than worthless in all meaningful ways.

  • John Webster says:

    I will donate half my winter heating allowance to Jewish Voice for Labour and the other half to the Palestine Solidarity Campaign. Thank you.
    The great fights in the world at the moment – to stop the destruction of our climate, the evil of imperialism and the suffering of the poor have one thread running through them all – the need for civilised people to oppose injustice. JVL has become a beacon in that fight.

  • Richard Hobson says:

    My thanks go to JVL and its officers for all you do, you give me some hope for the future, a chink of light on an otherwise very grey horizon.

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