Justice demands Corbyn’s return to Parliamentary Labour Party

Jeremy Corbyn Labour MP for Islington North. Picture credit: Socialist Appeal

We are shocked that Keir Starmer has refused to allow Jeremy Corbyn to sit as a Labour MP following his reinstatement by an NEC Panel.  There is no justification for preventing him from rejoining the PLP to represent the people of Islington North as the Labour MP they elected.

This is precisely the political interference condemned by the EHRC.  That the NEC’s decision should effectively be reversed the next day is extraordinary.

Keir Starmer has forgotten his commitment to creating unity in the Party with this divisive act and we are dismayed that he has allowed himself to be pressured by organisations such as the Board of Deputies of British Jews and others that are not Labour supporters.

While professing to support ‘the Jewish community’ Keir Starmer has once again chosen to apply a stereotype of Jewish people as being of one undifferentiated opinion. He has failed to recognise Jewish diversity by ignoring Jewish Voice for Labour and other Jewish, and non-Jewish, Party members who support Jeremy Corbyn and the socialist policies he promoted. He has refused to listen to their voices, which have been loud and clear, despite attempts to suppress them through the edicts of the General Secretary.

We call on Keir Starmer to bring Jeremy Corbyn back into the Parliamentary Labour Party.

We await the statements of support and calls to action from Trade Union leaders and from the Socialist Campaign Group of Labour MPs.  We shall make further statements as the situation unfolds.


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  • Harry Law says:

    In a statement, the new leader said: “I have made it my mission to root out anti-Semitism from the Labour Party. I know that I will judged on my actions, not my words.
    “The disciplinary process does not have the confidence of the Jewish community. That became clear once again yesterday.”
    He added: “Jeremy Corbyn’s actions in response to the EHRC report undermined and set back our work in restoring trust and confidence in the Labour Party’s ability to tackle anti-Semitism.
    “In those circumstances, I have taken the decision not to restore the whip to Jeremy Corbyn. I will keep this situation under review.” https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-54986916
    What Starmer is saying here is that because both he and the General Secretary have broken Labour party disciplinary procedures Ultra vires also ignored the recommendations set out in the recent EHRC about political officers should be nowhere near disciplinary cases, compounded by Starmers tours around TV stations bad mouthing Corbyn, all against due process and Corbyns rights as the accused. Starmer is called a forensic lawyer, I call him a 3rd rate shyster.

  • Dave Oates says:

    I considered KS as politically naive up until today, now he looks simply vindictive. I agree, how foolish to potentially anger a constituency that size who represent a core Labour Vote in London. If KS is playing to a gallery, heaven knows which one. Meanwhile the Tories continue unabated.

  • Chris Proffitt says:

    I can’t believe the vindictness in this debacle. Shouldn’t Keir Starmer now be reported to the EHRC?

  • Doug says:

    I agree with Harry Law
    As far as I understand from Skwawkbox Temporary Embarrassments decision will simply go back to the NEC, they will have the final decision

  • Jay Kramer says:

    Well said. Your statement makes it abundantly clear that what has happened is totally unacceptable and I support you wholeheartedly.
    In solidarity

  • Jacob Ecclestone says:

    Keir Starmer continues to make himself look a complete chump – an old fashioned word which pretty well sums up his political judgement. He has now painted himself into a corner where he can’t please anybody and he can’t leave the room without ruining the paintwork.

    What Jeremy Corbyn said on 30 October in response to the EHRC report and what he said in his statement on 17 November will soon be forgotten. What will be remembered is that Corbyn was suspended for speaking the truth – a foolish act by Starmer – and that when a committee of the NEC restored his membership the party leader continued to withhold the whip in an act of spite.

    The reaction to the NEC decision was revealing. Both the Board of Deputies of British Jews and the Jewish Labour Movement issued disapproving statements that fly in the face of free speech and a disciplinary process conducted according to existing (if inadequate) rules. The rules are supposed to be reformed, but there has not been time to do so yet, and everybody knows that.

    The more Starmer dances to the tune of pro-Israel organisations that prey on the Labour Party, the more unlikely he is to ever see the inside of No 10.

    The longer this hysteria goes on, the more it draws attention to the real victims of Israel’s apartheid – the Palestinian people. Religious bigotry, historical falsehoods and the support of Rupert Murdoch and the BBC will only take you so far. Bit by bit – as the resignations from the Labour Party continue – more and more people raise awkward questions. Is antisemitism rife in the Labour Party? If not, why are we constantly being shouted at? What is Keir Starmer’s true purpose – to make Britain a better place for the poorest and weakest in our society, or to do the bidding of a group of people who hate the Labour Party and everything it should stand for?

  • Martin Davidson says:

    This is an email I just sent to Starmer:

    As a member of the(?) Jewish community that you say you aim to please, I must say that I find your recent actions despicable, mainly because you only deal with the extreme right-wing of Jews as represented by the Board of Tory-Zionists. My grandparents and great-grandparents migrated to Britain to escape from the right-wing Tsarist pogroms. I feel sure that they did not make that traumatic journey just to exchange one set of right-wingers for another.

    In common with the Tory-Zionists, you appear to becoming more and more like their hero Trump.
    1. You lie. You got elected by saying that you would unite the Labour Party, whereas once in power you have done your utmost to split it;
    2. You bully and sack anyone you disagree with on the flimsiest of excuses, e.g., Long-Bailey, Corbyn, etc;
    3. You have no sense of humour or compassion;
    4. You are extremely anti-socialist.

    I get the impression that the leadership post of the Tory Party will soon become vacant. I suggest that you apply for that post where you will be amongst more kindred spirits. If you decide to do this, please take your right-wing friends, such as Bad Evans, with you. All of you certainly should not be allowed anywhere near the Labour Party.
    Very sincerely with much restraint,
    Martin Davidson

  • Dr Paul says:

    Starmer has got himself into a right pickle. On the one hand, were he to readmit Corbyn, all the party’s enemies would have a field day, accusing him of letting back in an ‘enabler’ of anti-Semitism (if not an actual anti-Semite, to use Mrs Hodge’s words). On the other hand, by refusing Corbyn the whip, Starmer will cheer up all the anti-Semitic conspiracy merchants, who will use this episode as ‘proof’ that he is ‘controlled’ by ‘you-know-who’. And there will sadly be a few of these idiots in and around the party who’ll come out with this nonsense, and they in turn will give the party’s enemies ‘proof’ that the party is ‘riven’ with anti-Semitism…

    This situation threatens to be self-perpetuating, as there are bound to be other people who will end up in a similar situation to Corbyn, and the whole sorry situation will drag on indefinitely. The only positive thing for Starmer is that many left-wing party members will withdraw into inactivity or leave the party altogether. But if he thinks that he can stop the attacks on the party that are mobilised by the party’s enemies around allegations of anti-Semitism, by behaving in the way he so far has done, he really is naive.

  • goldbach says:

    Today I heard someone say that these events show that Starmer is his own worst enemy. To quote Ernest Bevins “Not while I’m still alive, he isn’t.” This farcical charade has to be ended, and the sooner the better, or the Labour Party will disintegrate.

  • Chris Smedley says:

    Fully endorse your inspiring statement. Keep it up!

  • Chris Smedley says:

    Stop the labour party been taken over by pro-Israel fascists. Couldn’t believe what Louise Ellman was saying on Newsnight. What must her ex constituents feel about her.

  • Patrick Owen says:

    Thank you for protecting the right of due process. Jeremy Corbyn does not deserve such approbation for his lifelong campaign against racism and support for human rights.

  • Doug says:

    Martin Davison
    Hits the nail on the head, it was set in stone with the release of the internal report, Red Tories need to move on
    This civil war needs to end, how we bring it to a natural conclusion is way above my pay grade

  • Katy McDonough says:

    I fully empathise with all people who feel that this decision leaves their voices unheard. We are many. 🌹

  • I am furious and in despair at the vicious spite of Starmer refusing to restore the whip to Jeremy Corbyn.
    I have resigned from the Labour party and will no longer vote Labour as long as Starmer is Leader

  • Rosemary Brocklehurst says:

    Have written to Keir Starmer in strong terms condemning his actions and criticising the autocratic behaviour of the woeflly indequate General Secretary Starmer chose. The Party is unravelling and the remaining rump will have no energy or money to fight natinalist right wing populism -a populism that thrives on stoking anti-semitism ,racism and, violence against socialists . I don’t think Starmer shows he has much understandung of political history . Good statement above and like what Jacob Ecclestone said very much.

  • Gill McCall says:

    Starmer does not speak for me: in fact he offends me: Jeremy Corbyn is a world-renown Elder Statesman who is being harassed and abused by someone who should really know better. The unresolved issues around antisemitism in the LP have faded into the background, and Starmer seems to be playing out some crazy, personal vendetta now: damaging both his own credibility & the Labour Party, as he heaps insult and abuse on a good man.

  • Carel Buxton says:

    Please can we have a model motion for CLPs.

  • Isabel McNab says:


    Where is due process … and sadly, where is democracy in this action? I am disgusted at this happening in the Labour Party!

  • Roberto Carlini says:

    Reporting honestly what is happening in Palestine or what is left of Palestine, probably can help a person like Jeremy Corbyn that dedicate his life fighting for human rights(everyone human rights).
    No western media are reporting the opression going on against ‘semitic’ Palestinian.
    Usually this happens in Totalitarian regimes not in democratic countries like the supposed european democracies.

  • Ayub says:

    Keir Starmer he is refusing our
    Values ( code of Ethic )
    He doesn’t have right to refuse,

    Equality treatment of all society ,

  • Richard Winter says:

    Starmer’s stand-out character flaw has turned out to be cowardice in the face of loud menacing voices. This is totally unfitting of a Labour leader, for whom a courageous fight for justice must be at their core. Now every bully knows how to control him. It won’t end well for him.

  • John Wilton says:

    Well said!

  • Emma says:

    Shocking, this is so wrong Mr.Corbyn should be able to serve the constituents who voted for him considering that he has done nothing wrong.What is this all about, this is undermining democracy and persecution of an innocent man.

  • John C says:

    Jeremy Corbyn is not the problem.

  • Sean O’DONOGHUE says:

    Mr Corbyn should now stand down and effect a by-election, in which he stands as an independent. Let his constituents have a show of hands on the matter. The poor man has had enough abuse from the party he has served since before Starmer was born

  • Mrs D Shotton says:

    Thousands of labour members have been betrayed by the leader

  • No Starmer hasn’t got himself into a pickle. People really have to wake up. I said even b4 Starmer was elected that he was on the hard Right and would purge the left. Now he has done it.

    When he says he will tear out the poison of ‘antisemitism’ by its roots, what he means is that he will tear out the Left of the Labour Party by its roots. Think McCarthy ‘Communist’ = ‘antisemite’

    The real problem is that the fake left, Momentum et al. still exist in a fantasy land whereby Corbyn’s suspension ‘undermines the fight against antisemitism’. Until these fools – because they are fools – understand that it was never about antisemitism and ALWAYS about anti-Zionist and Palestine they will still be calling for unity with a rattlesnake that goes by the name of Herr Sturmer.

    Meanwhile just half the Campaign Group are even prepared to sign a petition supporting Corbyn.

  • Jeremy Corbyn does not deserved to be treated with so much disrespect .he is a man of honour and integrity who has fought for us all .We have to fight back for him .and make sure there is nothing for him to apologise for .they have tried to be little this kind honest man for far too long .enough is enough .

  • Margaret West says:

    Starmer’s actions are confused and illogical. If the current Disciplinary Process
    is not “fit for purpose” why embark on it ? What an insult to the NEC
    members who spent their time carefully considering the case ..and
    a further insult to those of us who similarly considered all the candidates
    in the recent NEC Election and then voted for their choice.

    The same confused illogicality is true of those who complained about
    the result; why did they only complain NOW – when the result is not
    what they wanted. In other words why let the case go forward to the
    NEC and waste everyones time? The question is rhetorical of course..

    I have signed one of the petitions asking for his reinstatement – adding the
    following as my reason for signing. I also intend to email KS – with similar
    Der Sir Keir

    I am extremely disturbed that this morning you quoted “The Jewish Community” as if it had only one voice when in fact it has many – just as for Christians.

    I speak as a Gentile – a Roman Catholic Christian – and note that there was a time when we Catholics were not allowed any voice – and worse. It was clear then that this was against their Human Rights and just under 200 years ago these were accordingly restored . In spite of this the related divisions in Northern Ireland eventually evolved into war which has fortunately ended but with many issues still unresolved.

    An example of a group of members of the Labour Party denied a voice is “Jewish Voice for Labour” (JVL) . Note that both Jewish (with “full membership”) and “solidarity” members have to be in the Labour Party. Denying members of JVL a voice is against their rights as members of the Party. This is ironic, considering the Commission .

    As we have seen in Northern Ireland “A house divided against itself cannot stand. ” The Jewish Community have their various beliefs and allegiances – and it should be Party policy to endeavour to listen to all voices with respect and care. This is why I am signing.

  • Fernando Parra says:

    As a member of the Labour and as a trade unionist I demand the expulsion of Keir Starmer now. I will be one more member to leave the party if our demands are not met.

  • Doug says:

    To those considering resignation please hold on, if required we should do it together, strictly come dancing style, coordinated and en masse
    But not yet

  • rc says:

    Goldbach 18.23 – here’s the irony – Herbert Morrison (Mandelson’s grandfather) was, together with Anthony Eden, responsible for ensuring that those Jews who had a chance of escaping death from or through Romania in 1942-3 were not allowed into the UK – ‘because it encourage others to follow the same path’.
    Ernie Bevin denounced Truman for refusing to allow 100,000 Judeocide survivors into the USA. Yet it is Bevin who was accused of antisemitic racism for precisely just a denunciation.
    It was Morrison about whom the Eernie Bevin story is most frequently told = ‘his own worst enemy’ -‘not while I’m alive he ain’t’…

  • Simon Anderson says:

    I have complained to the BBC about the treatment of Jenny Marsden on last night’s Newsnight. Jenny had less than 4 minutes and was interrupted 12 times whereas Louise Elland got nearly 5 minutes and was only interrupted once. If this isn’t bias, what is?

  • John Paul Glendenning says:

    As a Labour Party member I entirely agree with this statement from the JVL and offer my support and solidarity to Jeremy Corbyn and the ongoing campaign for his full reinstatement.

  • Jane Lonergan says:

    Thank you
    Jewish voice for Labour
    Great to hear you on Channel 4 last night
    Keep fighting
    Jane Lonergan

  • Ian Welborn says:

    I am very glad that you have made this statement as I am both disappointed and dismayed at Starmer’s response of withdrawing the whip. He claims that he wants to bring the different wings of the party together but his actions is doing the exact opposite.

  • Linda Edmondson says:

    This is the email I have just sent Starmer. I resigned from the party after he ditched Rebecca Long Bailey.
    “I wish to make it clear that I have no intention of voting Labour again in any election while you remain leader of the party. Since the general election defeat last year you have bent over backwards to ingratiate yourself with the Board of Deputies of British Jews, an institution conservative to the core, with no historic association with the Labour Party and totally unrepresentative of Jews like myself, who supported and continue to support the former leader of the party, Jeremy Corbyn.
    In your latest outrage, you have effectively cancelled the NEC’s decision to reinstate Corbyn in the Labour Party, by refusing to restore the whip to him. If your career in the party had been marked by open opposition to Corbyn, I would still find your actions over the past few weeks despicable, but to have served in the shadow cabinet of the man whom you are now branding an antisemite is beyond words.
    You may conclude that the loss of one Labour voter is hardly worth noting, but you will discover that there are thousands of previously staunch Labour supporters, Jewish and Gentile, who refuse to support the party while you are its leader. I cannot think of a single action or statement of yours since you were elected leader that I can endorse and your lack of spine towards the BoD and the vicious vindictiveness towards the man who had been willing to overlook your participation in the ‘chicken coup’ in 2016 and include you in his shadow cabinet is simply disgusting. By all means kowtow to Margaret Hodge, but don’t expect any support or forgiveness from me or from many other voters who were previously loyal Labour voters. Your party is already at a huge electoral disadvantage and your reckless ditching of voters such as myself isn’t something you should even be contemplating.
    Yours in utter disgust,
    Linda Edmondson
    ex-Labour Party member”

  • Mary Davies says:

    Who is leading the LP because it isn’t the spineless and duplicitous SKS?

  • Anti-fascist says:

    Many of the messages here are far too nice to Starmer. I agree with Tony Greenstein. And look what is being done to him!

    The strategy of the right-wing now is to humiliate and personally destroy those who dare question their treachery. They are wreckers writ large.

    We are now in a war with the witch-hunters and should be uncompromising.

    The task, in my view, is to show some solidarity with Tony. That will show the right-wing and their scab camp followers that we mean business.

    If Tony is thrown to the wolves, it means we have given up and are ready to throw the towel in.

    Sent from my iPad

  • Starmer must go. He’s a Tory dressed in Red like Blair was.

  • Krystina Stephenson says:

    I’m horrified by Keir Starmer’s actions. He is making up rules as he goes along simply to even scores with those he doesn’t agree with and to follow and promote a false view of the Jewish community. This divisive move will drive a coach and horses through the unity he said he wanted to create. While this grossly unfair decision stands there will be NO unity.

  • Krystina B Stephenson says:

    Why, I don’t understand your decision?

  • Krystina B Stephenson says:

    I give up, I’ll cancel my membership in the morning. Goodbye.

  • Anne says:

    He is a good MP and a decent man. He has been treated badly and should have never been ousted.

  • Noel Brassey says:

    Keir Starmer and others are guilty of antisemitism by conflating the Israeli
    government with all Jewish people so any criticism of said government is deemed to be antisemitic. This is insulting to all Jewish people and he, Keir Starmer should be suspended from the Labour party for antisemitism.

  • Prof. John Wattis says:

    What a desperate situation when we are forced to argue amongst ourselves instead of putting our energies into opposing an incompetent Tory government which seems to view cronyism, and possibly corruption, as normal. I have sympathy for Jeremy Corbyn who brought me back to Labour and helped Labour to re-align itself as a truly socialist party. His stubbornness, which is often a virtue, has perhaps made him less ready to apologise in a more fulsome way for ‘failures of leadership’ (which were, in any case, partly a result of dysfunctional Party management that he and Jenny Formby started to put right).
    I also have sympathy for Keir Starmer who is the current elected leader of our party and doing a good job at PMQs of exposing the Prime Minister’s failings and failures. He has to accept the EHRC report at face value in case he himself is accused of antisemitism. We know from Jeremy Corbyn’s case that personal abhorrence of antisemitism is no defence against some accusers. There are undoubtedly people who will use all this to paralyse and bring Labour into disrepute, especially when it espouses socialist policies and I feel helpless as this drama plays out.

  • Voirrey Faragher says:

    I was shocked by the aggressive interview of Ian Saville by Cathy Newman on Channel 4. We are struggling against a massive lie which has overtaken the media – an inversion – that Corbyn and his supporters are racists and anti-semites. I’m not sure what Starmer stands to gain in the long run from this as he will never be able to satisfy the right wing pro Israel lobby and in the meantime he exposes the Labour Party. I too feel alarmed by the viciousness that we are seeing being played out. I am grateful to the Jewish Voice for Labour for articulating everything so clearly. I hope a way can be found to bring out the truth about the activity against Corbyn within the Labour Party, the degree of anti- Semitic behaviour in the party, the flaws in the human rights report and the allegations made by the board of deputies. Is there a vehicle that can be used to seek out and carry this truth so that lies can be seen as lies? What do we have at our disposal in the Labour Party? In addition to an effective vehicle – should we be making formal complaints rather than writing to Starmer?

  • Kay Harding says:

    Thank you – I despair of commonsense prevailing. All the focus on antisemitism has, in my opinion, caused a resentment towards the BOD and I sincerely hope that this does not spill over into a generalised resentment. In my opinion all Jeremy Corbyn said was that the majority of members were NOT antisemetic – So, what is he guilty of?

  • Margaret West says:

    Simon Anderson posted “I have complained to the BBC about the treatment of Jenny Marsden on last night’s Newsnight.”

    Did you post on POV? Am not sure what is the best way to complain but the more who complain to the BBC the better! I did not watch the program unfortunately .. but will try to do so on BBC iPlayer.

    I heard Margaret Hodge on R4 earlier this morning – but had to turn it off it made me so angry. She said that she thought that the Disciplinary process was not fit for purpose – politically corrupted I think she said. Why then did she not protest about Corbyn’s hearing *before* it took place?

    The verdict was unanimous with a balanced choice of NEC members who had taken time to carefully consider the case and Hodge “de facto” insulted them. Let us remind ourselves – these Labour Party members were democratically elected to the NEC in the last few weeks.

  • David Cottington says:

    I entirely agree with the JVL statement, and welcome it. The ignoring of the JVL by the press and broadcasting media, and their insinuation that the Jewish Labour Movement speaks for all Jews is scandalous bias; and Keir Starmer’s grovelling to the relentless demands of pressure groups outside of the Party is spineless. Keep up the good work.

  • David Nissen says:

    This is no longer a witch-hunt but a full blown Stalinist purge.
    The Labour Party is galloping towards a UK version of the Democratic Party in the US. There will come a point when a true Socialist party is needed. Perhaps UNITE the Party?

  • Annie christopher says:

    I support the return of the whip to Jeremy Corbin. I am disgusted by the stance taken by the media and Kier Starmer. The report has been misquoted. I nelieve Kier Starmer is unfit to lead the party and believe he should be suspended and the ehip tsken away from him. He is ot fit to lead

  • Mel Burgess says:

    Jeremy must be reinstated what is the point if he is reinstated by the NEC if they can be overruled what good are they the whole thing is a sham .

  • carole oosthuysen says:

    This is a very sad episode in the Labour Party. I feel Starmer has made a grave mistake in removing the whip from Corbyn; his action can be defined as political interference, condemned by the EHRC. It makes no sense and is very divisive and damaging. I feel let down, as a LP member, as I believed him when he said he wanted to unite the party. This is not the way to do it. So we lose our excellent policies and our unity in one feel swoop. That is a very bizarre way to try win support and then an election. I always appreciated Corbyn’s integrity and still do. I thought Starmer could bring his undeniable skills to the party after JC stood down. They both have their strengths but Starmer is cancelling his out by being in thrall to the Right (or so it seems to me….The BoD and the Jewish Chronicle). Also, isn’t it anti Semitic not to recognise diversity in the Jewish population? The two organisations I have mentioned don’t represent all British Jews by any means.

  • Anti-fascist says:

    The punitive legal assault on Tony Greenstein is part and parcel of the horrible offensive against Jeremy Corbyn.

    Yet, nobody even mentions it, let alone voices even verbal solidarity with him or asks how we might help.

    Is solidarity against the right-wing divisible? It certainly looks invisible.

  • Bill Urwin says:

    About time someone came out with a strong “enough is enough” statement. What you have said goes to the nub of the argument. Taking advice from one faction because it accords with what you want to do anyway is not the way forward and Sir Kier Starmer has shown an acute lack of political judgement in taking this course of action. Well done.

  • John Johore says:

    I fully support your statement calling for the return of Jeremy Corbyn to the PLP – 100%. It must happen NOW!

  • Rob Gardiner says:

    I share the disbelief, shock, astonishment, anger, grief, expressed in the comments section. Thanks for confirming my feelings and reassuring me that I am not going mad, with us surrounded by the mainstream narrative that monotonously seeks to indoctrinate and confuse, from Freedland to Bush to Kuensberg to Peston to Collins etc. This echo chamber fails to find any space for that cursed people , the lost tribe of the Palestinians.
    To leave or to go, but is that not what they hope to do– to drive us out of the Party. So bite back on the sour taste of nausea, tolerate the gag reflex, switch off the BBC, cancel the subscriptions to the Guardian and the New Statesman, Do not contribute to the Labour Party funds, Put forward motions to your CLP, lobby your M.P. and/or your candidate. And recall that poem by Rilke;
    Let everything happen to you
    Beauty and terror
    Just keep going
    No feeling is final

  • steve mitchell says:

    Somehow the truth about this plot has to be revealed. In my opinion this takes precedence over all other issues. Without the truth the Labour Party cannot move forward. The campaign against Corbyn ia not just about the character assassination of a decent individual . Corbyn represents a hope for bringing about a return to the society my generation experienced in the decades immediately after WW2. My Dad went to war in the Far East to fight not just an evil enemy but against the Depression. In the 10 years prior to 1939 one hundred and fifty people died every day from conditions associated with malnutrition ( Richard Titmuss) . After 6 years of total war the electorate put its faith in the Attlee Labour Party to win the peace. They rejected the man who ,it is claimed won the War. Why? Because they knew the Conservative Party would never deliver the policies they so desperately needed. The 1945 Labour Manifesto was more radical then ours in 2017 and 2019. Yet it is misrepresented as wild Trotskyism or words to that effect. Corbyn had to be discredited in order to neuter the Labour Party so the Right accused him of antisemitism. At first I thought is was a sick joke. Preposterous . But the smears stuck thanks to connivance of Labours Right Wing MPs who hate Jeremy and the policies he stands for with a passion. The media constantly pump out the fiction that JLM is the sole representative of the Jewish community. The organization has been mentioned by the BBC News (radio and TV ),Channel 4 News and most newspapers including the Guardian. If we cant reveal the truth about their part in this political assassination all hope is gone for the people of our country. A centrist Labour Government means there will be no change. Neoliberalism will survive for the foreseeable future

  • Doug says:

    It may seem desperate at the moment but remember it only takes a little boy to laugh at the king running around with no clothes on

  • Ziba Nadimi says:

    I fully support Jewish Voice for Labour’s statement.
    I find Keir Starmer’s disregard of the NEC’s unanimous decision to reinstate Jeremy Corbyn shocking and see it as persecution of a very decent man. I call on Keir Starmer, if he really is for party unity, bring Jeremy Corbyn back into the Parliamentary Labour Party without any delay.

  • Philip Myers says:

    When will you realise that the issue was created by Corbyn?
    Now you are seeking to make the fixer the villain of the piece

    Corbyn achieved NOTHING his appointment as Leader was farcical.

    He achieved NOTHING, he set the Party back 8 years.

    He’s a decent man who said everything he believed in unfortunately his brand of politics will never win an election

    If people don’t move on we will facilitate another 5 years of the Tories

    Either get behind @Keir_Starmer or take responsibility for your actions

    Look forward not back

  • Harry Law says:

    RL Bailey said on Peston that Jeremy must apologise before he is let back into the Labour party, presumably this means taking his 29th Oct statement down “but the scale of the problem was also dramatically overstated for political reasons” remember Bailey was kicked out of Shadow cabinet for refusing to take down her tweet. Imagine that, Corbyn kicked out the party for telling the truth. Ghandi was not a warmonger, but even he had his limits, he said when your opponents try to humiliate you, then hit back and hit back hard.
    Here is Ali Abumimah’s opinion
    We can’t fight the Israel lobby’s smears and lies against
    more than he wants to fight them himself, which is not at all apparently.

    I’m not saying this to be harsh. It’s just a practical reality. Instead of rallying his many supporters and fighting back,
    just keeps capitulating and appeasing, thereby undermining those exposing the facts about the lies and smears against him.

  • Sheelah Goldsmith says:

    It would be great if Labour party members who are Jewish could petition Starmer to give the whip back to JC or to resign.

  • Patrick Bonner says:

    We are a socialist international party opposed to ethnic cleansing in Myan Mar, Serbia or Israel. We do not apply one policy in the UK and another elsewhere. We consider Israel an Apartheid state dedicated to ethnic cleansing and sectarianism acting as proxy for US imperialism in order to destroy any movement in the Middle East and North Africa that could pave the way to a society opposed to imperialism and capitalism. The Labour Party and the British Trade Unions support the struggle of the Palestinians for their own state, for appropriate compensation for the loss of their homes and land, for the immediate cessation of the occupation in the West Bank and to end the imprisonment of 2 million in Gaza.

    Those who scream anti-semetism in the echo chamber of British capitalism are supporters of ideals which are not supported by the Labour Movement. We demand that our leadership apply Labour principles rather than the principles of those who are not socialists, not Trade Unionists, not anti-racists, not anti-imperialists but whose aim is to destroy the Labour Movement itself.

  • Dominic Harding says:

    Corbyn is a useful idiot of Hamas and Hizballah.
    He is an arrogant, uneducated dogmatic narcissist with the inability to admit his shortcomings.
    History will judge him as Labour’s worst leader at the ballot box!

  • Harry Law says:

    The fight back begins because Starmers edicts are intolerable, Jeremy must use every means at his disposal including the courts, as Williamson did, otherwise he will be politically buried alive and his grave will be danced on by his enemies.
    In the most open declaration of civil war in the party yet, a letter from left-aligned members of Labour’s National Executive Committee said they expected the whip to be returned as a consequence of the NEC panel decision on Tuesday to give the former leader a formal warning and restore his party membership.
    They say the decision of the leader to withhold [ withdraw surely] the whip is an act of deliberate political interference in the handling of a complaint, it is a case of double jeopardy that flies in the face of natural justice and undermines the rule book and is also contrary to the findings of the EHRC.
    Because Starmer said the decision had not met with the approval of the Jewish community, then they [the NEC panel had been unfairly maligned, they called on Evans to reprimand Starmer.
    They said the party would now face legal action as a result of the decision and said it was “unconscionable” that NEC members should be put in this position.
    Corbyn’s lawyers have also written to Labour calling for him to be allowed back into the parliamentary party. It is understood his legal team have also made subject access requests to several key members of Starmers team and staff in the party’s complaints unit.

  • Harry Law says:

    Howard Beckett one of the signatories of this letter is also a lawyer, he was probably burning the midnight oil on this one.
    Exclusive: explosive letter to party from 14 NEC members orders general secretary to rebuke Starmer and instruct him to immediately restore whip to Corbyn

  • Peter Watson says:

    Too much interference by religious organisations. Leaders of the Christian and Jewish faiths stuck the dagger into Corbin in an attempt to influence the last election result.

  • Stephen Richards says:

    Jeremy Corbyn suspended as an MP……..looks like everything is going to plan>

  • Harry Law says:

    Starmer must call out the Labour disputes panel for the Anti Semites they are, because he and the “Jewish community” do not accept their decisions. Therefore I have had to disregard the legally briefed panel of bigots and impose my own form of vigilante style justice of which Dame Margaret Hodge has already approved, I have already put the 14 signatories on notice that they also have brought the Labour Party into disrepute, and for making him the laughing stock of the legal profession./S

  • Judy Woolfe says:

    The narrative ,once again is Corbyn the victim !!! . This is completely wrong .He should have apologised for his remarks after the report on Anti semitism .He didn’t because he stubbornly believes he is right …. .The Labour \Party can’t be turned into a Bolshevist or Trotskyist Revolutionary party .That is what sectarian hard leftists really want … and why they want to keep this conflict going .To them (you) the only good jew is either secular or
    won’t support the Palestinians against the Israelis . It is possible to criticise the actions of the Israeli government ,as I do , and support the needs of both sides of the conflict , but the Elephant in the room here is that hard leftists ( including Jewish ones ) don’t really believe. in the existence of Israel . This is very much Corbyn’s position . He needs to leave the Labour Party ,come clean and join one of the Bolshevist, Trotskyist sect parties here of which there are many .Lest see who in the electorate would vote him in them

  • David sutton says:

    As a supporter of Jeremy Corbyn this new Labour leader will not get my vote and neither will labour until they sort this problem out

  • Margaret West says:

    I know my response will seem “too soft” for some but I think we should encourage Starmer to “row back” from this – if necessary involving other member(s) of the shadow cabinet.

    I will email Starmer plus one or two others – making voice my anger at him depriving JVL and supporters of their human right of being effectively heard. He and/or possibly other senior shadow cabinet members should approach you and make sure this is known to the media. I know that some shadow Cabinet members are giving talks to the JLM but there is nothing stop them having links with both that organisation and yourselves (JVL) who have *many* different view(s).

    It must surely be evident to Starmer now that whatever he does he will face criticism and any rapprochement with JLM will only be temporary. If he makes it clear that he regards the views of JVL as equally representative of the Jewish Community then he is not so much a hostage to fortune .. I have no idea if he or any of his shadow cabinet reads your articles or these responses but he will not have the excuse that he believes the false accusations as to your motives and where you are coming from.

    I know this will NOT please some but what is the alternative? A long and bloody battle between the LP or a re-group. In normal times this would be important but in these times it is vital. At least the LP would have made clear that we are NOT a hostage to the machinations of some members .. In other words he should face JLM down .. grasp the nettle .. and start to move away from them

    PS I have read the LabourList article: “Suspension of Corbyn’s Labour whip is for three months but reviewable” and it is evident we will have strife and lawyers if we do not take care.

  • Harry Law says:

    Cannot agree with you Margaret, the BoD and Hodge et al have decided it is Corbyn or them who has to go, Starmer has to choose. He is now in a hole of his own making, both Corbyns original suspension whether by Evans or Starmer was against current Labour party rules, and against EHRC recommendations. Because only the NEC have the right to suspend a member or to delegate disciplinary proceedings for instance to the NCC, no delegated power was given to Evans or Starmer. Similarly Starmer does not have the authority to withdraw the whip from Corbyn in breach of Labour Parliamentary rules, Starmer has broken every one of them. All well described in this excellent Skwarkbox article. https://skwawkbox.org/2020/11/19/labours-original-suspension-of-jeremy-corbyn-flouted-party-rules-too-according-to-ehrc-report-itself/

  • Andrew Tidman says:

    Voice of reason as always. Thank you

  • Christine Marshall says:

    It is good to hear from other Jewish voices and know that not all Jews support Starmer’s position. The Jewish lobby that speaks out so aggressively obviously does not speak for all Jews.

  • Liz Gifford says:

    I totally agree with the Jewish voices voiced on this stream. Starmer only listens to Right wing Jewish opinions.
    The treatment of the least racist politician I know is despicable.
    I have always supported every Labour leader, despite their failings, but this one must go!

  • John Moore says:

    Keir Starmer’s actions are evidence of his weakness in the face of pressure from JLM, the Board of Deputies, Zionist and anti-socialist forces within and without the Labour Party. Let’s face it, they were out to get Jeremy from the point of his nomination for Labour leadership. Alleged anti-Semitism has been used as a tool to destroy him and the Left.

  • Doug says:

    Are there any journalists worth their salt left in this country
    Names on the back of a first class stamp

  • Larry Kaye says:

    Why doesn’t Corbyn retire to his allotment?
    He is irrelevant and the laughing stock of the majority of the UK population.
    He is so infantile, dogmatic and egotistical it beggars belief.
    We are better off without him as his legacy is toxic

  • Doug says:

    500,000 members and 13 million supporters
    Oh Jeremy Corbyn
    Rock gods don’t retire to their allotments

  • Kuhnberg says:

    What can be done to ensure that the voices of Jew like David Graeber, Andrew Feinstein, Noam Chomsky and others that challenge the narrative Imposed by Starmer and the Board of Deputies are not merely heard but accepted as an alternative and valid strand of Jewish thought? JVL has done incredible work in this field, but the scornful dismissal of their contribution by the media as well as many Jewish organizations has been all too successful. Michael Rosen’s status as a revered children’s author has insulated him from much media criticism, but his own contributions to this debate have been largely ignored. One thing is clear: Jews of good faith must keep speaking out without being cowed by those who have no respect for the truth, for fairness and due process.

  • Jaye says:

    Judy Wolfe has stated what seems obvious to me, in particular.. ” hard leftists ( including Jewish ones ) don’t really believe in the existence of Israel.” This is indeed Corbyn’s position which I and others have described as obsessive hatred of Israel; not specific valid harsh criticism/s for certain acts coupled with occasional specific unqualified praise for some acts, which he’s never uttered, but pure antisemitism.

    That said, Corbyn should not have been suspended from the party for what he said on this occasion. Starmer, like any new king, is just doing his darndest to bury/exile the previous king and has clearly decided that unity in Labour does not extend to inclusion of the hard Left however he has to be careful not to alienate the moderate Left. They together with centrists disillusioned with the Tories can get Labour back in power which has to be the objective.

  • TM says:

    It would be a shame to end the stream with the sourness of Larry K who seems to get his view of the world from the Hard Right and Media whose main preoccupation is to whip up Race divisions. Perhaps he should have a good listen to Craft-D.

  • Harry Law says:

    Labours Chief whip Nick Brown has written to J Corbyn today [Monday], in my opinion this is the final reckoning, Corbyn told the truth in his first statement, he cannot retreat from that, he would lose all self respect, Starmer is hoping Corbyn can capitulate in order to save his [Starmers] skin, how can you capitulate on telling the truth?
    He [N Brown]wrote: “Will you unequivocally, unambiguously and without reservation apologise for your comments made on the morning of 29 October 2020, in particular for saying ‘One anti-Semite is one too many, but the scale of the problem was also dramatically overstated for political reasons by our opponents inside and outside the party, as well as by much of the media’, which caused such distress and pain to Jewish members of the Labour Party and the wider Jewish community?”
    Mr Brown also asked Mr Corbyn to confirm that he will remove or edit his response – which he posted on Facebook, and asked for an assurance that he will cooperate fully with the party as it seeks to implement the EHRC’s recommendations.
    A Labour spokesman said: “Following consultation with the Labour Leader, the Chief Whip has written to Jeremy Corbyn about his precautionary suspension from the whip.

  • Rafi says:

    In reply to Dominic Harding :

    The fact that JC never excelled at A Levels and dropped out of a lowly ranked Polytechnic does not detract from his lifelong commitment to leftist values, principal of which is his condemnation of racism, imperialism and Zionism.
    He has been a misunderstood saint and idealist beyond reproach

  • DJ says:

    This is McCartyism at work. Making up the rules to purge Jeremy Corbyn, the left and pro Palestinians from the party. We need unity of purpose on this matter to win the war that the leadership has declared on us

  • Jock Orkin says:

    Bravo Rafi.
    You have hit the nail on the head.It is not a sine qua non of political leadership to have gone to Oxford , Cambridge or Harvard.Jeremy Corbyn is in the company of other autodidacts who have become good leaders. Let me name a few. Former prime minister of Australia Paul Keating ,Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia, Jomo Kenyatta of Kenya and Yasser Arafat .As an Aussie I would also point out that two of our most recent Prime Ministers ( we change leaders like the Italians) were a disaster and they both were Oxford graduates.

  • Jock Orkin says:

    Mea culpa .Correction needed.
    I made a mistake with my last comment.I claimed that Yasser Arafat .Jono Kenyatta and Kenneth Kaunda were auto didacts .In fact they all attended university .
    Paul Keating however was a superb autodidact .He left school at 16 and eventually became Australia’s greatest finance Minister. He was renowned for his love of French antique clocks,Mahler and Italian suits .His oratory in Parliament was magnificent.

  • TM says:

    Our Emergency Motion for Westminster North tonight has been banned by “HQ”. Novara Media has the new email sent to CLPs. We’ll do what we can but clearly we are threatened with suspensions. The Blairite Coup comes to a head.

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