Jon Lansman and JVL

Jon Lansman. Photo Huffington Post

JVL Introduction

There is increasing concern among our members and supporters about the very negative remarks Jon Lansman has made about Jewish Voice for Labour. Many Jewish Labour Party members, working hard for the election of a Labour government, have felt undermined by these comments.

The correspondence between JVL and Jon Lansman is posted below as in the Canary’s report


Correspondence between JVL and Jon Lansman

This exchange followed on Lansman’s  talk at Limmud in December 2018. You can view it here.

Momentum founder under fire after claiming left-wing Jews are ‘not part’ of the Jewish community

James Wright, The Canary
19 June 2019

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  • Michael John Miller says:

    It is time Jon Lansman was suspended from the Labour Party for racism.

  • Lesley Crompton says:

    When will he be up for election again? I voted for him but now strongly regret it!

  • Terry Clarke says:

    This is outrageous. How dare John Lansman allege “JVL behaves as if it speaks for Jewish socialists. It does not.”.

    To my knowledge, JVL has never claimed, or made the presumption to speak for ‘Jewish Socialists’. On the contrary, the JVL speaks on behalf of all “True Socialists”, including Jews.

    Also, I think he needs to be corrected when he says: “And too many of its members self-define as “Jews” only to attack other Jews.”

    All JVL Members ARE Jews…it’s a requirement of JVL Membership that to be a Member, you must be a Jew.

    And if he’s alleging that some JVL Members have “self-identified as “Jews””, then he should be asked to provide evidence to substantiate this allegation.

    N.B. As I appreciate this could have been a misinterpretation of JVL Rules, it should be pointed out in no uncertain terms that it’s only JVL Associates and JVL Supporters are not required to be Jewish.

  • Greg Douglas says:

    Jon Lansman claims the right to define who is a member of the ‘Jewish Community’ and denies members of JVL that right. Many Jews are secular and not part of a religious group,but we are concerned with what other Jews do in our name. By denying my right as a Jew, Lansman is guilty of Antisemitism and is playing into the hands of those trying to undermine
    Jeremy Corbyn.

  • doug says:

    very clever that he states these are his personal views and not those of momentum
    so logically folks need to get Momentum statement on this correspondence to clarify their position

  • Satish Sahdeva says:

    To me it seems that while Lansman gives the impression that he supports the Labour Left projec
    this statement that Jewish Leftists are not part of the Jewish community,is a clear sign of his deep-seated antipathy towards
    people with a Leftist/socialist orientation and a rejection of a socislist world view-As such, it begs the question ss to in which way is he in support of the the
    Labour Left Project, except perhaps as a cosmetic excercise n order to camouflage his anti-Left inclinations?

  • RH says:

    Lansman’s position as a member of the NEC is yet another illustration of how anti-semitism is clearly not other than a fringe aberration in the Labour Party. I doubt that the support that secured his election took any account his religious background.

    However, if his views are so wildly at vatiance with reality on the seminal issue of alleged ‘antisemitism’, and he arrogates himself primarily as the true voice of that mythical entity ‘THE Jewish Community’, he really should have no contact with the contaminated disciplinary procedures that beset the Labour Party, especially if that entails attempts to delegimise the views of others of the same religion/culture.

    • Mike Cushman says:

      We sincerely hope that you are right and that “the support that secured his election took any account his religious background” . It’s people’s politics that must determine whether people are supported or not not the religion or race (or any other extraneous factor).

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