For a democratic and accountable NCC

Official JVL statement, 11th October 2018

An inclusive list of pro-Corbyn candidates for a democratic and accountable NCC

Jewish Voice for Labour is joining with the Campaign for Labour Party Democracy and Labour CND to promote six candidates to fill six new CLP places on the party‚Äôs National Constitutional Committee. All are committed to securing a Jeremy Corbyn led Labour government and, if elected to the NCC, would act impartially, insist on natural justice and fairness to all and seek to improve the integrity of Labour’s internal disciplinary processes.

As the Labour Party fights for a more democratic and equal society, it is important that our internal disciplinary procedures also reflect these principles. It will aid the party’s campaign to win elections.

The composition of the current membership of the NCC does not remotely reflect the diversity of our society. Therefore we are calling on CLPs to nominate and vote for all six of the following candidates, to ensure an effective NCC which is more inclusive.

Kaneez Akthar

CLP: Keighley & Ilkley CLP
Membership Number: B040015
Kaneez is a Labour Councillor in Keighley and has held party positions including Women’s Officer

Annabelle Harle

CLP: Cardiff West
Membership number: A002070
Annabelle has previously served as a Welsh Labour Executive Committee member, National Policy Forum member and CLP Secretary

Gary Heather

CLP: Islington North
Membership number: A006966
Gary is a Labour Councillor, has previously stood for Parliament and held positions including CLP Chair

Stephen Marks

CLP: Oxford East
Membership number: A241053
Stephen has previously served as a Labour County Councillor and held positions including Vice-chair of the District Labour Party. He is a founder member of and active in Jewish Voice for Labour

Khaled Moyeed

CLP: Tottenham
Membership number: L0128862
Khaleed is a Labour Councillor, who has held positions including CLP BAME Officer. He is Vice Chair of Young Labour Lawyers

Cecile Wright

CLP: Derby North
Membership number: A481680
Cecile is a former member of the TUC Race Relations Committee, has served on a Mental Health Trust, acted as a Trustee of the National Children’s Bureau and chaired a Women’s Refuge. She has held positions including CLP Vice-chair

It is unfortunate that not all the organisations represented within the Centre Left Grassroots Alliance were able to agree to endorse the same six names in the extremely short time available according to the election timetable. There are now (October 11) only 17 days left before nominations close, ahead of elections which will be held from November 12 to 25.

We remain hopeful that a unified slate may yet be agreed before voting begins and will keep people updated, clarifying the arguments that have prevented us from agreeing such a slate to date.


The six NCC seats in question are the additional places that Labour Conference agreed to last month. The NCC is an important committee dealing with disciplinary cases regarding members of the Labour Party. There are also a number of new seats for which nominations will be going forward from affiliated trade unions.

This is a snap election in which CLP nominations will play a key role in the election process. Unfortunately the NEC agreed a very short timetable for this election, so CLPs need to nominate now.

The deadline for CLP nominations is 28 October. Following that CLPs will cast their votes in a ballot that will probably be sent to CLP Secretaries. Voting will take place from 12 November to 25 November.

Each CLP can nominate up to six candidates. The nominations can be made at a General Meeting or if there is not time to hold one, at a CLP Executive Committee or by CLP officers.




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  • Rick Hayward says:

    The general failure to come to agreement for a ‘left’ slate isn’t good news. The process is reminiscent of Monty Python’s ‘Life of Brian’.

    What I think essential is, given that the overall brief is wider, that any candidate should have a firm grasp of the issues surrounding Palestine, Zionism and Israel. The adoption of the IHRA ‘examples’, and even the core definition of ‘antisemitism’ showed (apart from opportunism) that profound ignorance drove the issue.

    The Party really cannot afford either indifference, distortion or ignorance on this issue.

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