Don’t Leave Organise – Reinstate Jeremy Corbyn Rally – Tues 3rd November 7.00-8.30pm

Jeremy Corbyn speaks at Glastonbury, June 2017

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  • DJ says:

    Lets build the momentum
    .Over 60,000 signatories of the petition to reinstate Jeremy Corbyn.Resist the witch hunt!

  • DJ says:

    Over 60,000 signatories of the petition to reinstate Jeremy Corbyn. Let’s show them we mean business. No more appeasement of the witch hunters! We don’t want the defectors back into the party. They are the enemy of the decent Labour Party members who supported Jeremy Corbyn.

  • Jock Orkin says:

    I believe that it’s better to have Jeremy Corbyn inside the tent rather than in exile. As an Aussie I know that political leaders who were ousted can cause endless trouble .Former prime ministers Kevin Rudd, Tony Abbot and Malcolm Turnbull undermined party unity and provided a feast for the Murdoch press.

    What I suggest is that Mr. Corbyn apologise for not being more energetic in tackling antisemitism in Labour. This is the celebrated Aussie way. You cop it on the chin and then move on.If he is truly repentant he could be readmitted to the party and given an important shadow portfolio.

  • Harry Law says:

    “Jeremy Corbyn failed the test. His statement was not an apology. He believed antisemitism was exaggerated by his political opponents. He didn’t agree with all of the report’s findings. He was part of the problem. The Labour Party was right to suspend him”.
    A Labour MP who lost his seat at the last election urges the party to turn its back on the ‘incompetent and morally bankrupt’ Corbyn era
    So said Phil Wilson. My question, what was he suspended for? He has spent the past 5 years apologizing, even when all the MSM and political opposition including in his own party have been relentless in their hatred of him. If he should be suspended for saying the amount of Anti-Semitism has been exaggerated then Angela Rayner should also be suspended because she agreed with Corbyn. Bottom line, free speech is dead in the Labour party.

  • Margaret West says:

    At the time of Andrew Neils GE interview he had repeated his apology for initial failings in respect of anti-semitism complaints. This made Neils questioning so unfair since it implied the truth of more recent alleged failures – which Corbyn had denied.

    It seems that Corbyn has still not been given the reason for his suspension – which itself contravenes one of the requirements of EHRC for a fair complaints procedure.

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