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JVL to back fundraising appeal for challenge to unjust party processes

Help JVL balance the scales

We are much encouraged by the flood of supportive messages and offers of financial help we have received since announcing that we are defending a libel action brought by John Ware against Jewish Voice for Labour and two of its officers.

Solidarity in defence of principles and justice has been the driving force behind our work over the three years since JVL was founded, and we know this is what drives the many thousands of progressives, Jews and otherwise, who share our perspective.

So, as well as seeking your support contesting litigation against us, we are also supporting fundraising for legal action planned by some Labour Party members who, like so many others, have found no other avenue for challenging injustices they have faced under the party’s disciplinary processes.  Their aim, with our support, is to end those injustices and make those processes fit for purpose from now on.

This will also incur considerable costs, but it is equally important and we hope you will help those individuals raise the funds required to fight both actions. There will be regular reports on the progress of both cases, within any legal constraints as advised by our lawyers, making every effort to ensure clarity about how monies are used and taking into account donations received for a specific purpose.

We’ll post details of crowd-funding sites as soon as we can.

Be assured we are working collaboratively with others in our movement who find themselves, like us, obliged to raise large sums to cover lawyers’ fees and related costs.

We are investigating the best crowdfunding platform to use but in the interim you can give to JVL through our regular donation page or through Internet transfer to our bank account:

Jewish Voice for Labour
Sort code: 16-58-10
Account number: 20814437
Reference: LEGAL

Comments (36)

  • dave says:

    We know the majority of these actions flying about have no merit and are designed to force people to settle. The last thing the claimants want is for the cases to be heard. The great majority of libel cases do not reach court.

    There is reason for optimism with the dropping of the case against Jane Heybroek – as she points out, the claimants operate on a no win no fee basis but have also taken out ‘after the event insurance’. It may be that insurers are now getting nervous as we are fighting back with crowdfunding.

  • Jean Fitzpatrick says:

    It is vital for so many reasons that JVL contests this.
    You have my absolute support.

  • Elspeth Parris says:

    Crowdfunders never seem to use paypal, which causes me real problems. I’ve donated direct to your website, as i do want to support this.

  • Doug says:

    Unfortunately it is established practice to take a case all the way to the doors of the court
    Hold steady,
    Agree with everyone on here and beyond, there chances are about the same as a one legged man in an arse kicking contest

  • Graham Fudger says:

    Well done – keep going – there’s an important principle at stake here


    It is appalling that Starmer settled out of court, giving undeserved credibilty to those lyings about Jeremy and his supporters.

    The media are complicit in the propaganda about widespread antisemitism and interference from LOTO in the complaints.

    Perhaps our only hope to establish the truth is to have this exposed in court.

    So no settlements I hope.

    You all have great integrity and courage. Happy to contribute.

  • CVA says:

    Happy too support both legal actions, we need to stand firmly together. We need to make sure it is understood that an attack on one of us, will be meet with a strong response from all of us. Solidarity!!

  • Janet Crosley says:

    I fully endorse your views and actions. I have donated via PayPal, and more later, hopefully. You must win this, you never lie. Thankyou.

  • JanP says:

    Well done JVL, you all are bricks. I’ll be donating .

  • Si says:

    Please Counterclaim immediately. We have your backs and will crowdfund, but I personally want Ware stood in a court trying to defend his claims and accusations. I don’t want him able to walk away, wriggle out or even settle. We all want him to be exposed and made to pay till it hurts.
    Go for it!

  • Dee Howard says:

    It is our party but we are being gagged. What happened to the party of free speech? Good long time Socialists, many who are Jewish, are being told they are anti-Semitic. It is a disgrace and I support wholeheartedly all the comrades who are fighting for justice in the party.

  • Steve Griffiths says:

    JVL has displayed a moral integrity and consistency that’s widely respected but needs to be better known. The stink of this goes all the way back to the Compliance Unit and its appeals for denunciations. Many of us who are not Jews know that yours is the organisation we can listen to with trust and confidence. I will continue to support you. We do however need to work harder to ensure that the crucial material you publish is widely known and read.

  • Jenny Mahimbo says:

    Solidarity to you all. The truth needs to be heard

  • ruby lescott says:

    It’s almost a relief – to feel we’re at last really fighting back after the years of just crying after each attack. Will support you as much as possible financially, and in any other way you ask us to. Thank you for your brilliant work and courage.

  • Sandy Palmer says:

    Just love Doug’s reply, made me laugh. Yes, we are behind you all the way, there has to be a fight back and with crowdfunding we can and will expose these vexatious litigants.

  • Jenny Howell says:

    Is there the option of a class action where people (i.e. John Ware) are threatening multiple times?

  • shoada patrick says:

    Agree with all of the above comments… Solidarity to JVL and all social justice warriors… I will donate when I can… Please do keep me/us informed… Question: Does JVL have international links/ sister organizations?

  • solidarity. Make sure that you don’t settle for anything other than all your costs and an apology!

    This is clearly an attempt to bankrupt JVL. I assume that it is an unincorporated association so that liability will fall on the individual members of your Executive. You need to be aware of this and possibly seek incorporation (company limited without guarantee or CIO).

    Brighton Trust will send you a £100 to begin with. Go Fund Me takes about 3% which is better than Just Giving. But its best to try and fundraise directly into your bank account. That’s what I have done with my libel action against the CAA

  • Teresa Steele says:

    Well done JVL. I will be supporting you in this. Pay day tomorrow and it will be money well spent. Let’s fight back.

  • Graham Fudger says:

    Hoping this will lead to a significant class action from many thousands of Labour Party members in the future

  • Colin Lomas says:

    I think future generations will read the accounts of the Labour party’s treatment of members accused of anti-Semitism rather than Kafka’s “The Trial” to learn how a justice system should not operate.

  • james harkness bingham says:

    You have my support

  • Carol says:

    I will also donate.
    Chris Williamson has also set up a left legal fighting fund to defend several activists attacked for similar reasons inc BLM.
    I hope there’s some coming together rather than competing to defend these outrageous attacks?

  • RC says:

    IO hope the Jean Fitzpatrick (second comment above) is the comrade foully slandered by Joan Ryan and a sidekick for asking about LFI’s ‘support’ for a Palestinian state. She is welll placed with video evidence to expose the tricks of the McNicol school of falsification…

  • ian duncan kemp says:

    yes I will support any action against Ware and any others will send cash

  • different frank says:

    Much love respect and solidarity.

  • John Bowley says:

    Hooray for our superb JVL comrades. Like so many, I have contributed to the brave fight. As others have said, bullies back down when stood up to.

    Steady under flying threats. No shallow-minded Starmer-style appeasement. Use our funding to good account. We will give you more.

  • Rayemond says:

    I will pay directly into your bank account you can benefit from all of my donation. Don’t wait for the crowd fund to be set up, pay directly into the bank account is best.

  • Gregory Douglas says:

    I have just paid a contribution to JVL in support of your defence fund.
    These liars have to be exposed.

  • Ian Hickinbottom says:

    Good luck. We will certainly donate to help fight these spurious and vindictive actions.

  • Alexander Gavin says:

    I realise this is a very worrisome thing but it is of the utmost importance that Ware cannot somehow extract himself from this and in doing so steal our “day in court “. John Ware and others need to be exposed as liars by the courts! I will be donating.

  • Dr Rodney Watts says:

    I am delighted that JVL and others are making a stand and I will make a contribution. I did intend to donate in response to your previous statement, but the donate landing page seemed to need me to be an LP member, which I am not. However I see there are changes which will ensure I can donate. I know there are others who want to support you.
    Anyway Chris Williamson,, and Reprieve have benefitted in the meantime. I see that JC’s fighting fund has already topped £324,000 and Chris williamson has exceeded his hopes. Like others I hope that John Ware, obviously buoyed up by his “unexpected” windfall doesn’t chicken out when he realises that he was the beneficiary of political expediency , not because of guilt. Hold fast to the helm!

  • DJ says:

    Keep pumping out these terrific articles. Our opponents are intellectually and morally bankrupt. They know they are losing the argument. Bogus claims of anti semitism may have bought them some time. Using the holocaust to give the settler colonial regime a pass for its crimes is all they will be left with. My donation will be direct into the JVL bank account.

  • Paul Smith says:

    According to Steven McCabe, chair of Labour Friends of Israel, it is now essential to end ‘the obsession with Israel which has characterised foreign policy debates [and] is vital to making the party a safe space for Jewish members once more’. Of course, no mention of JVL! And ‘obsession with Israel’ is the reason for the very existence of the LFI.

    now McCabe

  • Mick Hills says:

    Good luck. When you get the challenge I will donate.

  • Cormac Kelly says:

    I fully back you. My MP is the hard right Blairite Barry Sheerman MP for Huddersfield. He the one who calls his constituents stupid for voting for Brexit. He is a vicious antisemite who made this comment in the last few days-‘Apparently there been a bit of a run on silver shekels’ in reference to people accepting 30 pieces of silver directed at Richard Desmond and Philip Green. Starmer backed him which makes him an antisemite because he has given him a platform – the right to be a Labour MP. Sheerman should be out of the Labour Party instantly. But we all know its only the left that gets expelled for anti-Semitism.

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