Chris Williamson – suspended for saying what most members think

Chris Williamson MP was suspended from the Labour Party on February 27 for saying what most party members strongly believe.


Here are Williamson’s own words as spoken to a meeting in Sheffield:


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  • judie Robert says:

    Chris Williamson should be reinstated. Labour has never been anti semitic but is against racism and apartheid. It becomes a grey area when Israel are creating an apartheid state, however we must fight apartheid wherever it raises its ugly head.

  • Bernard Murphy says:

    Neither Palestine nor Israel are innocent in the troubles occurring in the area. Both parties must seek help from outside sources to find someone to broker a cease fire, hopefully followed by a peace treaty!

  • stephen mitchell says:

    The idea that my Party is institutionally anti semitic is ludicrous. I joined the Party in 1956 as a Young Socialist. I have never heard a word of antisemitism in all that time in the Party. The Far Right is on the march all over Europe. When they come calling ethnic minorities ,including Jews will have no choice but look to the Labour Party to help and protect them. They should take this into account when indulging in attempts to get rid of Corbyn and his policies.

  • Sara says:

    This ridiculous politically motivated witch hunt will ultimately backfire on those that wish to harm truly wonderful life long anti racism campaigners. Chris Williamson Jackie Walker and the others who have been ludicrously targeted by the right wing mob should receive apologies immediately. Margaret Hodge, her foul mouthed tirade against Jeremy Corbyn in the Houses of Parliament shows to the world exactly what type of repulsive vindictive person she really is. She should be the one facing expulsion from the Labour Party. The real racists are literally getting away with murder while these terrible characters chase after Jeremy Corbyn.

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