An appeal to all Labour MPs

Sent 23 July, before the meeting of the PLP (a decision was postponed till early September)

Dear MP

We are contacting you as a Jewish organisation to request that you allow the NEC sufficient time to complete its consultation on the Code of Conduct on Antisemitism before precipitating a damaging conflict between the NEC and the PLP. Such a conflict will enormously damage the Party and benefit only our opponents without advancing the ability of the Party to deal with any incidents of antisemitism.

The code represents a serious effort to turn the declarative statement of the IHRA into a legally robust procedure. When the Home Affairs Select Committee reviewed the IHRA definition they too concluded that the examples in contention needed caveats and the Labour members of the committee signed that report.

The code focuses, as it should, on antisemitism and insists that criticism of Israel, even robust criticism of Israel, is not in itself antisemitic and what needs to be sanctioned is any antisemitism that underlies such criticism. Leading Human Rights lawyers have explained the legal difficulties with  the eleven examples and that any body that took action on those examples as they stand would be placing themselves in jeopardy.

Eminent Jewish academics who lead the field on antisemitism studies; like Brian Klug and Anthony Lerman, have explained the merits of the Party code. David Feldman, who advised the Select Committee warned strongly about the misinterpretation of the Macpherson Principal.

Each time the IHRA document has been given careful scrutiny the problems with it have been realised.

We hope you will step back from the brink and await the results of the consultation. That way both the prospects of a Labour Government and a robust confrontation of antisemitism will be advanced

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  • Adrian Stern says:

    How do we get the general public, never mind the party or PLP to understand that the organisations critical of the current proposal do NOT speak for Anglo-Jewry but only for the probably Tory-supporting members of their conservative associations – and maybe not even for all of them either.
    For example the law just passed in Israel making non-jews second-class citizens must be very strongly opposed by everyone. This vociferous opposition must not be in danger of being classed as anti-semitic!

  • John says:

    This manouevre by Hodge, Berger et. al. has nothing to do with antisemitism and everything to do with their finding any basis whatsoever for attacking Corbyn and the Labour Party.
    The IHRA or any other code is a smokescreen to hide their hatred of Corbyn and the Labour Party.
    The sooner these disloyal individuals are booted out of the Labour Party, the better it will be for all the rest of us.

  • Vivienne Thorpe says:

    I hope other MPs, Councillors, groups & members within the Labour Party follow this example in an attempt to bring to an end the constant bullying & harrassment of Jeremy Corbyn, other colleagues and members of the Party. This perpetual criticism undermines all the good work done for the Party & by implication supports the Tories.

  • Jonathan Pickering says:

    Dear Comrades,
    As a socialist non-Jewish member of the Labour Party, i hope and trust that my support as a non-member of JVL makes acceptable sense.
    Jon Pickering

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