All out for Labour in every seat!

Crowd applauds Jeremy Corbyn's election launch speech. Photo: Skwawkbox

Jewish Voice for Labour, staunch supporters of Jeremy Corbyn’s transformative programme for change, is solidly behind the Labour Party’s general election campaign.

In this election every seat counts. We will be campaigning and encouraging our members and supporters to work actively, in every constituency, for a Labour victory.

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  • Cath Jones says:

    Fantastic solidarity in the face of detractors.
    All out together in support of our excellent transformative policies!

  • Gill Connell says:

    Heartfelt thanks, JVL!

  • Catherine Hutchinson says:

    Thank you so much JVL. Forwards in solidarity.

  • Lou says:

    Thank you for supporting the party that stands for all including the Disabled, vulnerable, minorities, etc. Will pray Labour succeeds 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Lorraine Murphy says:

    Thank you to all those backing Labour, for the many not the few

  • Terry Varnfeld says:

    Great to see this after the negativity of JLM on the day that Corbyn opened the Labour Party election campaign. Good luck!

  • Rita Appleby says:

    Thank you for supporting our party and our cause. United we stand in hope and solidarity 🙏🙏🙏

  • rebekah hirsch says:

    I would like to join in with canvasing. I can go with my local LP (in Walthamstow), but would be happy to support JVL if they have a strategy to target particular areas? Let me know if there is a JVL plan! Would be a good idea if there was a short, simple A5 leaflet presenting the simple facts about Corbyn, Labour and AS? Even better if this could be made available to all CLPs and canvasing groups across the country.

  • Kwame says:

    Right to my brothers and sisters of our Jewish Voice for Labour, we can do it

  • Ros says:

    As a lifelong Socialist I fear we will not win with Corbyn. A man of great principle and integrity but no leader. Would we had
    Thornberry/Starmer/Lammy in the Leader’s seat

  • Daniel says:

    JVL continuing to provide comfort, encouragement and fire. Thanks.

  • TM says:

    I support our Leader because of his policies, his life long anti racist work, his constant going out to communities, his honesty and, quite frankly, bravery in the face of all the smears. And hasn’t he already done well? 2017. And his actual election by the membership. We don’t need to go along with the media driven picture of him as a ‘ poor Leader’. He’s done pretty well in my book. The most Socialist Leader we’ve had for a long time.

  • Gavin says:

    Thank you JVL for your strength and commitment. I’m not Jewish, but I find the othering and identity stripping of left wing Jews sickening and can’t imagine what it must be like for you and other socialist Jews.

  • Alasdair MacVarish says:

    Good for you and what a contrast to the lying Maidenhead rabbi writing in today’s Times. He vies with Boris for mendacity.

  • Philip Wagstaff says:

    Congratulations. I only wish you had made more of a noise about this. I am a JVL but had only now heard about this.

  • Billie Dale Wakefield says:

    Thank you JVL for all your work – here is to victory, we really need it!

  • Benny Ross says:

    Been out knocking on doors this afternoon. Some loyal Labour voters are happy with our policies. Some people worried about Europe/Brexit; some had heard or read all kinds of filthy lies about Jeremy Corbyn. Talking to residents on their doorsteps is so much more refreshing and worthwhile than sitting in internal meetings.

  • David Stretton says:

    Thank you JVL for keeping the Red Flag flying.

  • stanley Knafler says:

    In my local branch, there were successful motions to :- have [Chris] Davidson M.P reinstated and a letter sent to Tom Watson to resign because of his “interference” regarding the lack of action about the many anti-semitic complaints being made by Labour members.
    There is obvious conflation between the actions of Israel and anti-semitic feelings amongst many labour members. It’s JC’s alignment with the Palestinian Jehadists’ policies that will cost the labour party dearly at the next election.

    • Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi says:

      You make a baffling assertion about the link between the actions of Israel and “anti-semitic feelings amongst Labour members”. Are you saying anyone criticising Israeli actions is automatically antisemitic? This implies that you believe Jews are collectively responsible for what Israel does – an antisemitic notion. Or are you saying that antisemitic feeling is rife among Labour members and they express it through criticism of Israel? This is a wrongful judgment on the mass of Labour members who are fundamentally anti-racist, though it may be true of a tiny number of individuals. Or are you saying that Israel’s actions provoke antisemitic feelings? There may be some truth in this since Israel presents itself as representing all Jews while carrying out crimes against Palestinians. Some people, even within the Labour Party, may be misled into holding Jews responsible as a group. This, as noted above, would be antisemitic. Your comment about “JC’s alignment with the Palestinian Jehadists’ policies” is an insult to Corbyn who has worked tirelessly for many years seeking justice for Palestinians, equality between them and Jewish Israelis and a peaceful solution for the region.

  • Mary Scurr says:

    So heartening to see this. We really do need to stand up and be counted at this crucial moment in our country
    For me JC has so many ( sadly rare ) qualities as a leader, including the deep & strong sense of self that has enabled him to withstand the cruel, hostile smears & attacks from the media & sadly members within our own party

  • Adam Johnson says:

    After watching Politics Live today is it possible for a JVL spokesperson to attend the show to redress the balance regarding Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour Party and AS.
    Many thanks and best wishes

  • Janet Elizabeth Stains says:

    Thank you so much JVL for this excellent timeline coverage of the false accusations of a/s made not only against our Leader but the membership also.
    And Mary Scurr I do so agree with your comments on Mr Corbyn’s qualities; quite frankly I really wonder whether the country deserves to have him as PM!!

  • David Lewis says:

    Thank you JVL. We have a real chance of a transformative Labour Government and your support is crucial.

  • Jf says:

    Don’t be Mugs, labour have treated you so badly, and Corbyn has no respect for the Jewish community

  • Mike says:

    I just wish we could vote as a person. I am Anglo-Saxon, or thereabouts. I am Anglican Christian, on a believing day. I am heterosexual most days. Why can’t we get on with it, as individuals?

  • Ruth Sharratt says:

    Socialists and Labour have historically and are presently the main defenders of all minorities, including Jews from abuse and prejudice. JC has been a staunch supporter of Jewish communities. I won’t say ‘theJewish community’ as such a thing doesn’t exist. There are many Jewish communities, as there are many Christian communities….. When we see how the Tories treat ethnic minorities, we know what a Tory government means. JVL have been a beacon of light and truth in these dark times of lies and misinformation. Thanks for all your hard work and your call to campaign for a Labour government.

  • Russell Barclay says:

    John McDonnell is an extremely thoughtful and well educated man who should be our leader.
    Jeremy on the other hand sounds like a juvenile with a conscience, dithering, uneducated and an embarrassment.
    Sorry for saying this but John is my preferred leader.

  • Prof Ellie Palmer says:

    I don’t agree . John Mc Donnell would have been no more acceptable to President Trump, Iain Austin, Boris Johnson or the right wing of the Labour Party than Jeremy Corbyn. Please understand that it’s the transformative socialist policies that JC and Mc D embrace that are anathema to those who are determined to keep Labour out of power. JC the fall guy has shown outstanding courage intelligence and leadership in withstanding the onslaught of his detractors thus far.

  • christina evans says:

    Fantastic news. Its very heartening tha you are doing so much to help win a labour victory. People of this country could have much better life chances under a labour govetnment. Think its good Jeremy Corbyn is labour leader and to be honest the wealthy who have a stranglehold on this country need reigning in. Wish the rest of the population would believe instead of the apathy a lot now are afflicted with.

  • Gary Manning says:

    I agree that John McDonnell should be our leader mainly because he is the economic brains behind the policies that we all aspire to.
    Jeremy just doesn’t give me confidence as a leader as much as John does.

  • Justin Loring says:

    Prof Ellie I couldn’t give a hoot what right wingers think as to who is acceptable as our Labour leader.
    I believe that WE need a leader who has knowledge, experience and wisdom. Such a leader in my humble opinion is John McDonnell !!

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