A shameful day for the JLM

JVL statement on the Jewish Labour Movement

Jewish Voice for Labour is shocked that the Jewish Labour Movement, at its Annual General Meeting this weekend, passed a vote of no confidence in the twice elected leader of the party, Jeremy Corbyn. Their resolution proclaims that “he is unfit to be Prime Minister”.

The implication of this is that JLM – a body affiliated to the Labour Party and represented within its structures – does not intend to campaign for votes for a Labour victory in forthcoming elections. This seriously calls into question JLM’s legitimacy as a party affiliate.

The position adopted, clearly suggesting that a UK government led by Jeremy Corbyn would be against the interests of British Jews, will be unacceptable to the vast majority of Labour Party members including large numbers of Jews. Jewish people, like all citizens of the UK, need a Corbyn-led Labour Government committed to ending austerity, investing in social housing and our crucial public services, pursuing an ethical foreign policy based on justice for all and standing firm against all forms of racism including antisemitism.

Jewish Voice for Labour intends to continue to represent Jewish members of the Labour Party who support the leadership in seeking to defeat a moribund and chaotic Conservative government and working for real economic and social change for the benefit of the majority of citizens.

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  • Teresa Steele says:

    Totally agree with your stance JVL, please keep up the good work and in solidarity with all Labour members who want to see and end to Tory rule and austerity.

  • David Stretton says:

    well said…

    in solidarity with my Jewish comrades,

  • Alasdair MacVarish says:

    They are quite unrepresentative and have no shame in supporting what Haaretz has today called “an apartheid state”. Really a Jewish caliphate

  • Ron Gillespie says:

    Why not appoint a new leader.Labour is blessed with lots of talented and well educated idealists from whose ranks a far better leader could be appointed.
    Sorry but JB.Corbyn is a featherweight

  • Myra Sands says:

    Your response to those so and sos is perfect. It makes my heart sink when the BBC , with seeming alacrity , gives us news of their latest poisonous announcements. What part of, ‘For the Many not the Few’ , do these collaborators not understand?

  • Myra Sands says:

    The leader , twice elected Jeremy Corbyn, has the temerity to challenge the ‘ establishment ‘, can you suggest any one of the talented parliamentarians you mention who would have the courage to do that?

  • Sara says:

    JLM are disgracefully acting like gullible stooges for the apartheid Israeli government and doing their bidding in smearing Jeremy Corbyn and anyone that gets in their way. The disloyal Labour MPs who used every method to remove Jeremy but failed gave these people a way to go after the real democratically elected leader of the Labour Party and have used every opportunity to target him in the media. They are trying to suppress support for the oppressed Palestinians and not have a real socialist in power who will help millions in poverty and who have been suffering from years of austerity under Tory rule.

  • Sara says:

    JLM are a disgrace, they were reformed precisely to attack the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn, are a mouthpiece for the Israeli government, are given unrestrained access to airtime. Thank God for JVL for standing up for the principles and values which have been forgotten in the orchestrated pursuit of Jeremy Corbyn and the witch hunt against anti racism campaigners who are being silenced for speaking up for the oppressed and who have highlighted the suffering of the Palestinians. In the end the idiotic self serving witch hunters will have alienated the very people who have helped them in the past and protected their communities against the REAL racists. They have forgotten the warning from history and learned absolutely nothing apart from brutal tactics.

  • S H says:

    I am very disgusted at the behaviour of JLM. They are using lies and underhand smears to target Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters. JVL have published the truth on many occasions which they choose to ignore and instead send out releases to the media which are horrendously inaccurate and are used to try to cause maximum damage to the Labour leadership. The media should be ashamed at giving them a platform without proper investigations into them, their behaviour and their motivations. They are also smearing other Jewish organisations who don’t agree with them and are stopping others appearing on the media to challenge them. ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE STATE OF AFFAIRS

  • Sheena says:

    JLM should change their name. They don’t represent Labour or Jewish people. Ashamed of their actions.

  • Liberty says:

    JLM and Labour Friends of Israel and their associates in the Israeli embassy such as notorious ambassador Mark Regev and disgraced former agent Shai Masot are laughably transparent in their obvious attempts to go after the champion of the people the Labour Party leader. They are trying to create civil warfare from within our democratic party and they will NEVER succeed.

  • Jim Denham says:

    ” Really a Jewish caliphate”: really? Are you serious? Have you read anything about 20th Century history?

    Your comment is (at best) a sick, ignorant, joke, Alasdair.

  • Solly Tshabalala says:

    I am in solidarity with all those who stand in solidarity like we did for Lech Walenska and his Solidarity Movement.
    Let our torch burn bright as we bring about the final victory of the Proletariat, the Hoi Poloi, the rootless cosmopolitans and the downtrodden.
    Long may Jeremy lead us into victory against the reactionaries and austerity apologists.
    Long Live The Revolution Long Live.
    ( I am a South African Comrade well versed in the art of liberation )

  • Sean Ross says:

    A caliphate is a Moslem State.Alisdair please use your words carefully.
    We supporters of JVL do not want to be accused of shoddy thinking.

  • SL says:

    Look forward to the JVL affiliating to Labour

  • Paul Bunting says:

    The election result in Israel points to disaster for the region.
    We must oppose his views with vigour.

  • TM says:

    Good comments, Sara. So, Mike Katz has turned JLM away from campaigning for a Labour Government. That effectively is what he is doing. I wonder if they’ll jump ship to TIG if they think they can get more sway. And I wonder whether their members will dramatically fall from their present parlous state once a Netanyahu nasty coalition mark 5 is seen to further ratchet up Israel’s insecurity,not make it safer, by wreaking more pain and misery on Palestinians and entrenching a nationalist apartheid State. Labour is currently doing well in the Polls so perhaps Mike Katz’s blow is rather hollow. And Labour MPs need to condemn such disgraceful behaviour.

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