JVL 2021 Labour Party Conference Fringe meeting: In Brighton and Online

JVL is pleased to announce details of this important meeting. We hope to see you in person (and please wear a mask if you are able) but you can also watch proceedings online.

Jewish Voice for Labour has fought against the way in which exaggerated claims of antisemitism has been used as a blunt tool to attack the Left in the Party. The weaponisation of antisemitism has served to divert attention away from members from Black, Asian, Muslim and Gipsy, Roma and Traveller (GRT) communities.

We are delighted to be joined by Andrea Gilbert from Labour Black Socialists as well as two of our own Officers, Richard Kuper and Mike Cushman, who will outline our own experience and our own complaint to the EHRC about how, if you are a left wing Jew, you are at least 4 times as likely to be accused of antisemitism and if you are JVL Committee member, you are over 200 times more likely to face such allegations.

This has not been about antisemitism but about attacking the left and weakening the ability to campaign and show real solidarity against racism. There will be time for questions and contributions from the floor and we look forward to welcoming you to the meeting whether in person or virtually.

These issues have been further highlighted by Marsha de Cordova’s resignation and the lack of movement in developing a progressive approach to race equality. Clive Lewis has been quoted in The Voice as saying Labour was in a “death spiral” – and Black members were in a “bad place”.

He said: “They’ve got nothing to say on racial justice. Well, they did have something to say and that was through Marsha and now she’s gone”.

In person venue:

Mercure Hotel Ballroom 149,
Kings Road,
Brighton N1 2PP

Please wear a mask if you are able to do so.

Register for the online event here



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