Rally – No to Trump’s deal. 11th February 7pm


Tuesday, February 11, 2020 at 7 PM – 8:30 PM
Conway Hall
25 Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4RL




The US proposal shamelessly promotes Israel’s vision of an apartheid state – which has been mapped out on the ground for years, but accelerated since Trump’s election.

A cross party group of 133 MPs co-signed a letter to Boris Johnson, slamming the contents of the Trump plan.

“That so many MPs and peers from across the house have so rapidly signed on to this letter demonstrates the real depth of concern felt in Westminster about this reckless plan and the agenda of annexation it promotes,”
– Rushanara Ali, MP

Despite being rejected by the United Nations, the British Government shamefully welcomed the publication of Trump’s proposal (though fell short of officially endorsing it). There is now a very real risk of Israel annexing huge swathes of territory in an illegal land grab.

Our Government will only challenge Israel if we push it to do so. Join us for the rally on Tuesday, and write to the Foreign Office to demand freedom, justice, and equality for Palestinians!

Stand with Palestine: Write to the Foreign Office

About this Event

Donald Trump’s so-called “deal of the century” represents not a deal for peace, but a demand to the Palestinian people to surrender their fundamental rights, sugar-coated with the illusion of economic prosperity.

This vision means no viable state for the Palestinians but a series of Bantustans, no capital in Jerusalem, instead sovereignty over the outlying districts of East Jerusalem, and no right of return for the Palestinian refugees. The deal does not even attempt to pay lip service to international law. Instead Israel is given the green light to annex further swathes of the West Bank, which the US would then recognise.

The message from Trump and Netanyahu, underpinned by a racist colonial mindset, is that they do not regard Palestinians as a people with core collective rights, but simply as individuals with economic needs.

Whilst Palestinians want to prosper and live ordinary lives in common with people across the world, they know that they cannot do so until Israel’s illegitimate control over their lives is ended. They seek liberation; not to be made more comfortable in their chains.

There is no deal which is acceptable that is not rooted in respect for the rights of all and for international law. Trump’s deal fails on both counts, and it must be rejected by the UK Government.

Join us for a rally featuring Palestinian voices, politicians, trade unionists and campaigners as we defend the collective rights of the Palestinian people and say NO to Trump’s deal.

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  • Rafi Plotkin says:

    Trump’s deal is a betrayal of international law and human rights.
    More sinister is the belief that this deal will bring peace.

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