The chutzpah of the Jewish Leadership Council

We find it astonishing that the Jewish Leadership Council feels able to issue a statement expressing “profound concern” about the possibility of Cllr Jo Bird being selected to be the Parliamentary Candidate for Liverpool Riverside , without even mentioning the fact the Cllr Bird is, herself, Jewish. We also find it totally inappropriate for the JLC, which has no connection to the Labour Party and, indeed, has a record of hostility to the Party, to be pontificating on which Jews are acceptable as Labour candidates.

It is true, as they state, that, for a short period, she was suspended from the Labour Party but, following the investigation, she was fully reinstated.

Their statement goes on to say that “the Equalities and Human Rights Commission are (sic) investigating the Labour Party for institutional antisemitism.” But this is not true; the investigation’s terms of reference are narrowly drawn, focusing on investigating the way that complaints about antisemitism have been handled. Jewish Voice for Labour and others have raised serious concerns about this investigation and made our own submission.

Given that Cllr Bird was not found to have been antisemitic – and there is ample evidence of her standing firmly against antisemitism – their final comment, “If the Labour Party are (sic) serious about dealing with the issue of anti-Jewish racism, they must consider whether it is appropriate for Cllr Bird to be on the shortlist for a Parliamentary seat.” is disingenuous at best and, frankly, threatening at worst.

Jo Bird is a proud Jewish woman, a hard working socialist councillor, who is making a difference to the people in her ward and who has a great deal to offer the constituents of Liverpool Riverside.


See: EHRC investigation into the Labour Party – evidence of Jewish Voice for Labour.


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  • Diana Neslen says:

    It is pretty rich of the JLC whose, CEO shared a platform with Pastor John Hagee, who stated unequivocally that Hitler was doing ‘God’s will’ through the holocaust, to express concern about anyone at all. They should clean their own Augean stables first.

  • Mike Scott says:

    As far as I’m aware, the JLC is:
    1. an entirely self-appointed group
    2. composed mainly (entirely?) of employers/capitalists
    3. an organisation whose previous Chair is now Chief Executive of the Conservative party!

    We need to call out these Tories who are hiding behind their Jewish identity and pretending their hostility to socialism is about antisemitism.

  • Naomi Wayne says:

    Take a look at the JLC website and the stuff about its own internal review, the involvement of the Charity Commission etc. Chutzpah is an understatement!

  • John says:

    One definition of chutzpah I have seen is ‘extreme self-confidence or audacity (usually used approvingly).’
    What JLC are engaged in is not something somewhat cheeky but – on the contrary – is conduct which is malevolent in the extreme.
    It should be remembered former Chair of the so-called and self-styled JLC Mick Davies is now Chief Executive and Treasurer of the Conservative Party.
    The JLC does not represent the Jewish community in the UK in any way.
    It is merely a stooge outfit for the Tories, doing their bidding.
    The Tories are equally complicit in their fake antisemitism campaign as JLC.

  • Joseph O' Neill says:

    Liverpool Riverside needs to carefully consider its next candidate. In the in the interests of social cohesion & diversity, perhaps another candidate should be selected. The Labour Party must respect sensitivities & represent a wide variety of secular & religious diversity.

  • Brian Bourne says:

    What does this tell one about religion and those who hide behind it?

  • Joseph O’ Neill
    If you think through the implications of what you have written it is this: anyone who stands up for Palestinian rights and opposes violent racism against anyone without fear or favour (including of course racism against Jews) should be ineligible to stand as a Labour candidate because it might offend defenders of a state that owes it’s existence to violent racism…
    I am at heart a simple soul, I joined Labour because I hate all racism against everyone not just racism against Jews.
    Jo Bird would make an outstanding Jewish Labour MP. Labour should fight for what is morally right not what is convenient.

  • Red Yiddisher Devil says:

    @Joseph O’Neill

    Give over! This has nothing to do with “sensitivities” – Jo Bird was completely exonerated. She was not guilty of AS and appeasing people who repeat the lies of the past is a huge mistake.

    Jo is Jewish, socialist, a woman and brilliant. Liverpool Riverside members will decide what’s best for their constituency. Frankly, they’d be lucky to elect her!

  • Liz Segal says:

    Hmmm, so doesn’t that mean they are the ones being anti-Semitic? Either by trying to block a Jewish woman from being selected or because they are trying to stop her being selected because they think she’s the “wrong kind” of Jew?

  • Jim Cohen says:

    Thanks JVL for spotting this…further evidence of the witchhunt lies. I will use this to my local Lab Party branch, and to my MP (John Cryer.

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