A JVL statement in support of Lisa Forbes

Lisa Forbes and supporters in Peterborough



Labour Candidate for Peterborough

A JVL statement, 4th June 2019

JVL is fully behind Lisa Forbes in her bid to become the Labour Member of Parliament for Peterborough. We are appalled that, once again, accusations of antisemitism are being used in the run up to an election to denounce the Labour candidate and, indeed, the Labour Party.

This trolling of social media accounts is pernicious; it is a deeply reprehensible way to conduct political debate. And in the case of Lisa Forbes it has failed to produce any credible evidence of antisemitism. Typical of this degraded and bullying approach is that saying “I enjoyed reading this thread” is taken as an endorsement of every individual statement posted on that thread. In fact the reference in the thread (not made by her) was to Mossad, not Jews. Her personal approach is well represented by her comment that there is “so much that tries to divide us, but there is so much more that unites us all”.

This remorseless and repetitive conflation of even self-evidently justified criticism of Israel with a supposed disguised intention of criticising Jews as Jews needs to stop. The constant use of these dishonest methods to attack the Corbyn-led Labour Party is dangerous for free speech, for Jewish people, and for wider democracy. Jewish people do not have different interests from non-Jews. We are all part of this society and have the same need for a progressive, socialist government to help us create a fairer society in the interests of all.

For that we need as many Labour MPs as possible and we wish Lisa every success on Thursday.


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  • marilyn foggitt says:

    Just thank you!

  • Sara says:

    Good luck Lisa, hope you succeed for the Labour Party. The Israeli Lobby, friends of Israel and the poor people haters Tories can’t win arguements by fair means so use very dirty tactics. The smears and lies have become the normal political weapon of choice by the enemies of democracy, justice and freedom.

  • Daniel Vulliamy says:

    Thanks, again, JVL.

  • S H says:

    Another victim of the bloody witch hunt. What a surprise NOT. It’s become a sickening farce.

  • Linda Watson says:

    Thank you for this support. As Lisa Forbes Labour supporters in Peterborough, we really appreciate your solidarity. We are working flat out to get Lisa elected.

  • Jeff McCracken-Hewson says:

    Brilliant. Well said.This is exactly how we need to deal with the smear campaign.

  • Tony Riley says:

    All Mossad members are Jews

  • Michael John Miller says:

    I have asked members of the JLM on a number of occasions the question “Is it not inherently racist for any group to claim to be the chosen race”? never had a coherent response? Perhaps the JLM leadership would make a statement of clarification. The only half coherent response I had was from Luke Akehurst was that people of the Jewish face had a special relationship with God?

    Good luck Lisa

  • Julie Williams says:

    It’s about time that everyone gets to hear this loud and clear from Jewish voice for Labour – a sane and nuanced voice that doesn’t get the currency it should in the wider media.
    I heard it at the Burston Rally and applauded it then as I do now.
    How dare the enemies of Corbyn and Labour attack Lisa in this lying and pernicious way.
    Good luck tomorrow Lisa – willing you to win!

  • Harriet Caine says:

    Wonderful, strong statement. Your voice needs to be heard far and wide. A big ‘Thank you’ from a Labour Party member.

  • Sara says:

    Best of luck to Peterborough – hope you get Lisa for your MP!

  • Kwame says:

    Lisa, you can do it and do just that.

  • shoada patrick says:

    The best of luck to you Lisa we need more MPs like you!!!!!

  • DK says:

    Almost every religion is exceptionalist, but note that Jews don’t claim to be the chosen race, but the chosen people. The Jewish religion, if not proselytizing like Christianity, does admit converts and can’t be called “racist” on these grounds. I say this as an anti-Zionist, wholly opposed to religious and ethno-states.

  • Mary Stewart says:

    Keep all religion OUT of Politics. Funny all this has started since Corbyn become Leader. Stand by your duly elected Leader of ship out. Not interested in any religion and stand by Lisa and Corbyn. Together we can rule the World?

  • Jon Walker says:

    Lisa Forbes liked a post claiming that Theresa May follows a “zionist slave masters agenda”. This was not one comment in a thread of comments, it was the content of the original post.

    You talk about “self-evidently justified criticism of Israel” but I do not believe that comment amounts to criticism of Israel.

  • doug says:

    Thanks to JVL
    there have been times where ive thought am I going mad, am I really missing something here,
    thanks again for being the voice of sanity

  • Geoff Rainbow says:

    There are such abundant reasons to criticize Israel’s treatment of Palestinians that it grieves me that so few Israeli citizens are aware of the reality – , presumably they are not aware, otherwise they would surely oppose their country’s behaviour.

  • Jo oldale says:

    You are SUCH a breath of fresh air, JVL. Thank you for this wonderful article.

  • Barbara Lambert says:

    Glad to read some inclusive comments supporting labour and ordinary people who are in no way antisemitic.

  • MartinW says:

    But, this issue has absolutely nothing to do with Judaism, has it?

  • Ruth Treen says:

    Thank you for your support of Labour.

  • Jo Walton says:

    Thank you!

  • TM says:

    Congratulations to Lisa Forbes and the team that got her elected.I am overjoyed. Someone who isn’t is Charlie Falconer of Thoroton who as a barrister and Labour Peer is highly regarded by the BBC. He has become their spokesperson against the left. Any semblance of Due Process or Natural Law is completely abandoned by him as he wades in to judge and condemn Lisa or Peter Wilsman of ‘hateful antisemitism’. God help us when he eventually comes in to assist us with our disciplinary process.
    And its interesting how he emphasizes “My” Labour Party in his interviews. There was no sight of him at the very moving funeral of Walter Wolfgang, a man of huge and wonderful reputation who was thrown out of Labour Party Conference for daring to criticize the war mongering of Straw and Blair. Is that the Labour Party Falconer feels he was happier in?

  • David Bealing says:

    Nigel Farage……” Stone cold loser ” your friend Donald. Well done Peterboro’ Labour Party.

  • Jean Bailey says:

    Thank you so much for this article. The orchestrated hate campaign is so obviously a ruse purely to get rid of Jeremy Corbyn. I wonder why the old guard like Yvette Cooper etc dont stand up for our leader?

  • David Stretton says:

    Well done…shamefully 2 Labour MPs tweeted “anti-semitism is now the norm in the Labour” while another one wanted Lisa immediately suspended. What is wrong with the PLP? Not forgetting Dame Margaret who now demands the EHRC investigation to be widen. The narrative is now being change so should the EHRC find Labour “not guilty” the excuse will be the investigationwasn’t broad enough. This will not stop until Corbyn is destroyed as Dame Margaret once commented.

  • William Marshall says:

    Thank for this sanity in a sea of hatred against the Labour Party they have no counter argument can only resort to smear after smear we will fight your lies all the way till we have a socialist govt. in power.

  • mick says:

    What a fabulous mix of gender, races, age groups.
    Great job Peterborough!

  • Claude Barbé-Brown says:

    God bless you all for standing up for the party, it’s members and representatives. Thank you for recognising and protecting what we stand for and the most importantly recognising us as your allies. We are the allies of everyone, all minorites that make up the rich fabric of this country, here is to a better future for us all.

  • Terry Barry says:

    Well done Lisa.

    What is to be done to our enemy within? Reselection which includes Deselection n must be introduced ASAP to weed out these traitors.

  • different frank says:

    he alt media-verse is currently on fire with the news that the US State Dept’s answer to Al Capone, Mike Pompeo, has been caught promising “Jewish leaders” to send the boys round to Jeremy Corbyn if he should get elected and subsequently prove to be uppity and out of line. According to the WaPo, who broke the story:

  • Linda Watson says:

    It’s now 10 days since we secured a win for our wonderful socialist Labour MP in Peterborough Lisa Forbes. We were all anxious up until the last moments of vote counting. It was always going to be close. Months of everyone working tirelessly has paid off…….We all still feel elated and proud!! Thanks again for all the moral support, solidarity and sanity.

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