There’s a myth about the ‘Jewish community’ that should’ve been smashed the day London smashed fascism

“…the divisions in Britain’s ‘Jewish community’… and why, in 2018, the left must learn from their anti-fascist forbearers if they’re going to fight Mosley’s modern day heirs.”

Thomas Wintle, The Canary,
7 October 2018

The BBC and the Guardian had a chance to restore trust. Their response was ‘inadequate’.

As The Canary previously reported, damning analysis from the Media Reform Coalition (MRC) revealed that mainstream media coverage of antisemitism in the Labour Party was ‘misleading’, ‘distorted’ and ‘inaccurate’. Since then, Noam Chomsky, Ken Loach and 25 leading academics have signed a letter in support of the MRC’s findings, stating that mainstream media outlets “failed their audiences”. But one of […]

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The deep state vs Jeremy Corbyn: three decades of spying, smearing, and intimidating

T.J. Coles, Counterfire
20 September 2018

In light of the recent rehash of old allegations against the late Labour Party leader, Michael Foot (that he was a Soviet spy), it is perhaps worth looking at the so-called security services’ efforts to surveil, intimidate, and disrupt the activities of the left wing of the Labour Party, particularly where its current leader, Jeremy Corbyn, is concerned.

 Corbynism 2.0: the radical ideas shaping Labour’s future

George Eaton, New Statesman
c. 20 September 2018

After fighting the 2017 election on policies from its social democratic past, the party is now embracing a more transformative agenda: worker ownership, universal basic income and a four-day week.

Attacks on Jeremy Corbyn make us weaker against the far-right

Attempts to brand Corbyn’s Labour ‘antisemitic’ hinder the real struggle against rising racism, including anti-Semitism.

Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi, Al Jazeera
7 Sept 2018

Two articles by Nimer Dultany

The author is  Senior Lecturer in Public Law, SOAS, University of London. His book Law and Revolution: Legitimacy and Constitutionalism After the Arab Spring won the 2018 Book Award of the International Society of Public Law, and is shortlisted for the Society of Legal Scholars’ Peter Birks Prizes for Outstanding Legal Scholarship.

A Palestinian Perspective on Labour’s Anti-Semitism Row

The Disorder of Things
30 August 2018

“Maintaining this ability to name the wrongs that are committed by powerful actors is crucial. Otherwise, the wronged party would be doubly victimised. Regardless of any concessions Labour and Corbyn may concede to these critics, Palestinian activists will continue to hold Israeli Apartheid Weeks, and to support civil society efforts to hold Israel accountable, like the BDS movement. Unlike Corbyn’s critics and their “new anti-Semitism”, we want the truth to be told, not mystified. Unlike them, we seek freedom and equality for all. We will not be silenced.”


Against Appeasement: What’s Wrong with Zionism?

Critical Legal Thinking, 27 August 2018

“Facing such a blunt rewriting of history, it is crucial to expose the falsity of these narratives and recall the objectionable nature of Zionism, even prior to the establishment of Israel in 1948 and prior to the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza in 1967. ”

Jews in Britain Are Not Facing an Existential Threat

David R.K.Adler, Boston Review
5th September 2018


“As a young Jewish person living in Britain, I have been mystified by the sudden arrival of this existential crisis. Incidents such as the attempted arson at the Exeter synagogue should raise concern about fringe violence against the Jewish community—but not more concern than should be raised by fatal terrorism at British mosques, Islamophobic attacks on British streets, and a more general rise in racist attitudes across Britain. The Jewish community has certainly been affected by Britain’s widespread disenchantment with multiculturalism. But as global outlets such as CNN report an exodus of Jews from the United Kingdom, it is imperative to set the record straight.”

The left must restore the ties between antisemitism and other racism

Leftwing prejudice against Jews is not new. But our black, Asian, Muslim and Jewish alliance advocates a different approach

Rachel Shabi, Guardian Opinion
11 September 2018

Why Palestinians have a problem with the IHRA definition of ‘anti-Semitism’

The conflation of anti-Semitism with anti-Zionism suits Israel.

Kamel Hawwash, Arab Weekly
09 September 2018

If you want a fair definition of Zionism, it’s best to ask a Palestinian

Robert A. H. Cohen, Pantheos
September 6, 2018


There are lots of good reasons to think the IHRA document, now adopted “in full” by Labour’s NEC and by Labour MPs, is, well, a bit rubbish.

• The actual definition of antisemitism is not up to much

• The illustrations are a legal mess

• It appears to be having no impact on antisemitism in the (few) countries which have endorsed it

• And it’s already being used to prevent open debate on university campuses

A recent article by Tony Lerman gathers together all of these points and more….

Jeremy Corbyn, Labour and the IHRA definition of antisemitism

Readers respond to the Labour party’s decision to adopt the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s full definition of antisemitism

Guardian letters, 5 September 2018

The Labour party’s adoption of the full IHRA definition of antisemitism (Report, 5 September) should not be the end but the start of renewed efforts to engage with British Jews and tackle antisemitism. It should also be a moment for every organisation in Britain to address antisemitism, and to link that work to tackling all forms of racism. While forms of racism differ, the two principles of directly engaging the communities affected, and of focusing on a definition that leads to action, are universal ones.

We advocate this approach as a new group of Black, Asian, Muslim and Jewish people (some of whom have roots in more than one of these communities). We are determined to remain united in the face of currently divisive debates over Islamophobia, antisemitism and racism of any kind. In the light of a growing threat from nationalist and xenophobic forces in many parts of the world, which threaten to undermine our relationships here, we are convinced that ignoring or pandering to racism in any form is a threat to us all. While we are alive to forces within wider society and our own communities who sometimes sow discord and division, we believe it imperative that we confront our differences through dialogue, empathy and solidarity with each other at all times.
Rachel Shabi Journalist, Professor Yasmin Alibhai-Brown Columnist and author, Professor Francesca Klug Human rights academic and activist, Dr Omar Khan Director, Runnymede Trust, Clive Lewis MP, Simon Woolley Director, Operation Black Vote, Radhika Bynon Director of Programmes, The Young Foundation, Michael Segalov Journalist, Dr Edie Friedman Director, Jewish Council for Racial Equality
Members of the Black, Asian, Jewish Alliance (BAJA)

Some articles on Labour and Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn’s two universes:

The Labour leader is under fire at Westminster and in the media. But out in the country, his supporters are just as loyal as ever. How can he bridge the gap between these two worlds?
A largely sympathetic, supportive article
Patrick Maguire, New Statesman
30 August 2018

Jeremy Corbyn: Three years in to his reign, Labour leader shows no sign of ceasing to upset convention, the odds – and many of his MPs

Corbyn’s tenure was never meant to last – let alone turn into a vast social movement unlike any before seen in British politics

Tom Peck, Independent
8? September 2018

Who is the real John McDonnell?

From Marxist ideologue to shadow chancellor, Corbyn’s intellectual guru and closest ally has long been reviled. But now that power is in sight – and faced with a possible Labour split – his passion is turning to pragmatism.

By Jason Cowley, New Statesman
5th September 2018

FULL Jewish News interview with John McDonnell: ‘MPs shouldn’t face deselection’

Headline is misleading!

In a wide-ranging interview, Labour’s shadow chancellor urges talks with Jewish leaders but has a stark message for those calling for a Corbyn apology

Justin Cohen, Jewish News
6 September 2018

How the IHRA’s anti-Semitism definition is a threat to British democracy

Richard Silverstein, Middle East Eye
30 August 2018

Jeremy Corbyn must not back down on Palestine

Steven Garside,The Electronic Intifada
24 August 2018

Corbyn must stand strong against attacks on criticism of Israel

David Wilson,TPN
August 29, 2018

The sea is the same sea

Adam Shatz, London Review of Books

A review of Bibi: The Turbulent Life and Times of Benjamin Netanyahu by Anshel Pfeffer

Netanyahu’s Baltic trip ignores rehabilitation of nazis

Morning Star, 24 August 2018

Bob Pitt, Medium

22 August 2018

Israel as a ‘racist endeavour’ — how the IHRA is used to suppress free speech


By Norman G. Finkelstein

Corbyn’s Labour is being made to fail – by design

Jews and Palestinians are the losers in this pointless political spat

Rachel Shabi, Guardian, 17 August 2018

Finger-pointing over Jeremy Corbyn’s visit to Tunis has now spread to the Tory party. Yet all it does is provoke division

There Is a Coordinated Campaign to Suppress Criticism of Israel

Israel’s human rights violations are accompanied by U.S. efforts to stifle dissent.

Azadeh Shahshahani, In These Times, 13 August  2018

Jewish people respond with disgust to Hodge’s ‘1930s Germany’ comment

SKWAWKBOX, 17 August 2019