Education Workshops on Antisemitism

Jewish Voice for Labour offers education workshops on antisemitism for any group in the Labour Party and the trade-union movement.

We define antisemitism as a form of racism. It consists in prejudice, hostility or hatred towards Jews as Jews. It may take the form of denial of rights; direct, indirect or institutional discrimination; prejudice-based behaviour; verbal or written statements; abusive depictions; or violence. Such manifestations draw on stereotypes – characteristics which all Jews are presumed to share.

To count as antisemitism any statement or depiction has to express prejudice, hostility or hatred towards Jews as Jews. We set our education workshops in the context of the Labour Party leaflet, No Place for Antisemitism, the Chakrabarti Inquiry into ‘antisemitism and other forms of racism’, the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance draft definition adopted by the Party and the National Executive Committee’s Codes of Conduct in the Labour Party Rule Book 2019 – appendix 9.

We see education as taking place through informed, respectful, dialogue and so we have developed a number of ground rules to ensure this dialogue can take place during any of our sessions:

  • We treat each other with respect and listen carefully to each other without interruption.
  • We indicate when we want to speak and wait for our turn.
  • We take all contributions seriously however much we may disagree with what is said.
  • We treat contributions as confidential to promote freedom of expression and the absence of fear of censure for any mistakes made in the course of discussion.
  • We always keep our minds open enough to revise our opinions and learn from others

Through carefully chosen activities in our workshops, participants will increase their knowledge about antisemitism and how to combat it alongside other forms of racism and discrimination. We initiate a process of reflective understanding and action that participants will be able to build on, over future months and years. While the principal focus will be on antisemitism, links will be made to other forms of racism and prejudice in order to avoid a sense of hierarchy of discrimination. This is necessary if sessions are to be responsive to the diversity of participants and the diversity of their experience and identities.

Please contact [email protected] for further information or to request a workshop or talk for your group.

With warm regards

Jewish Voice for Labour Education Group