Paul Mason has published a valuable article in the New Statesman that makes sense of the attacks on Jeremy Corbyn in terms of a wider agenda.

photo: Paul Mason’s Facebook page

How Labour can fight back against the British establishment’s attempt to destroy it

The party will get to govern under Corbyn – but the delegitimisation campaign underway is preparation for a destabilisation campaign.

Pau Mason, New Statesman
4 April 2018

Here are few extracts from the article:

Over the past two months the Conservative establishment in Britain has managed to convince itself that a left-wing government under Jeremy Corbyn would be illegitimate; that it has to be stopped; and that – even if they don’t want to do the dirty work themselves – someone has to.

First, Corbyn was supposed to be a Czech spy; next a Russian stooge, “betraying our country,” as the defence secretary Gavin Williamson alleged; then he was smeared as an anti-Semite, his support group Momentum described as “neofascist” by Communities Secretary Sajid Javid.

In each round of anti-Corbyn mania, the players were the same: the Guido Fawkes website; the Murdoch newspapers – their agenda enthusiastically followed by senior decision-makers inside BBC News – and a group of up to 30 Labour MPs who just cannot reconcile themselves to the idea of a socialist party that fights for socialism.

The anti-Semitism fiasco is partly of the party’s own making. Having accepted Shami Chakrabarti’s proposals for cracking down on the small number of people using anti-Semitic language and behaviour in Labour’s ranks, the war between party HQ and the leader’s office meant nobody had ownership of doing it.

The racism, sexism and homophobia of newly-organised workers is a problem trade unions are used to dealing with, but which the Labour apparatus seems to have found difficult to manage. For me, there is no contradiction between identifying the anti-Semitism problem and labelling the right’s systemic attempts to use it against Labour as a smear.


From the right-wing of the PLP, through to the golf clubs of Tory-shire and the chatrooms of the alt-right, a shared mythology is being created. It says: Corbyn is too dangerous to run Britain, Labour cannot be allowed to govern with him in charge; better that it loses and loses badly; better that something is done to stop him.


Mason ends his article arguing that Labour needs a step change on three fronts. Click here for the whole article.