“For a more caring, humane politics, standing with all communities.”

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Jenny has been a member of the Labour Party since joining the Young Socialists aged 16. She has held several offices at constituency level, served as a councillor for four years, and stood for parliament for Hendon North in 1987.

As councillor she represented tenants living on Grahame Park Estate in Colindale; their interests were her main concern. Jenny has always been involved in local community activism: as a school governor, a trustee of four charities (currently Chair of Trustees of Barnet Carers Centre).

Jenny worked for many years as a tax inspector. Her specialist knowledge led ITV News to seek her opinion on the Queen’s tax affairs during the Paradise Papers exposé. One of her top priorities is strengthening the legal protection against large scale tax avoidance and building up resources, resolve and expertise in HMRC.

“Today there is great wealth and great poverty; housing deprivation has grown worse over the last 30 years, but at last we have a Labour leadership committed to enabling councils to build and manage much-needed social housing.

Brexit seems to have provoked a rise in xenophobia and racism, especially against our Muslim and Eastern European communities. Yet at the same time Jeremy Corbyn’s election as Leader, and the movement it has inspired, has made socialist ideas popular again. I have supported his leadership throughout and share his vision for a fairer, more inclusive, compassionate and better organised society – for the many, not the few. To win locally and nationally Labour needs to present this message loud and clear.”

‘Jenny is a fine socialist and a splendid advocate on behalf of our movement.  Her record of campaigning for Labour and for many progressive causes has been a superb example of dedication and commitment. I strongly support her candidacy and hope that party members also give her their support.  Jenny will make an excellent candidate.’

John McDonnell, MP for Hayes & Harlington
Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer


Help fund Jenny’s campaign!