Some follow-ups to the expulsion of Marc Wadsworth. Other statements and articles will be added here in due course.

Marc Wadsworth with Deborah Hobson of Grassroots Black Left and Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi, Jewish Voice For Labour (right), Photo: Morning Star

Jewish Voice for Labour condemns expulsion of Black activist Marc Wadsworth

The expulsion from the Labour Party of antiracist activist Marc Wadsworth marks a new low in the unprincipled campaign by enemies of the left to misuse justified concerns about antisemitism for factional ends.


A statement from Grassroots Black Left (GBL)

Issued immediately after the verdict was announced calling a press conference  at Abbey Green, outside Parliament.

Grassroots Black Left (GBL) is appalled by the expulsion of its member Marc Wadsworth, a life-long anti-racist. This decision brings the party into disrepute and we will fight besides Wadsworth to help him clear his name and get reinstated….


Wadsworth’s expulsion and the contemptible treachery of the Labour right

White parliamentarians hounding a black anti-racist and claiming to act on behalf of Jewish people in Britain is outrageous and Kafkaesque, writes KEVIN OVENDEN

Morning Star, 28 April 2018