JVL Introduction

We published this statement on our Facebook page a couple of days ago:

JVL says: The Al Jazeera documentary ‘The Lobby’ revealed a systematic effort by the Israeli embassy to infiltrate the Labour Party.. The efforts of the Israel Ministry of Strategic Affairs to label critics of Israeli crimes as antisemites are well documented.

It is Pete’s claims that the embassy has managed to infiltrate the Party that should be the subject of urgent investigation not his actions in drawing our attention to the possibility.[*]

His suspension must lifted immediately so he can continue his valiant and industrious advocacy for the Labour Party and for a more democratic Party.

[*] See for instance Labour calls for inquiry into Israeli diplomat’s ‘take down MPs’ plot (Guardian 8 Jan 2017) where “Emily Thornberry describes remarks by embassy official Shai Masot, caught on camera, as a national security issue”.

[posted 3 June 2019 and updated, with additional material, shortly after posting]


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Here are links through to the Al-Jazeera series The Lobby: