On 26 March the Board of Deputies and the Jewish Leadership Council displayed their selective outrage in Parliament Square launching, with the support of Tories and too many Labour MPs, an attack on Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party.

They have never displayed such concern about antisemitism in any other party or about the far greater problem that the Labour Party and all other parties have with Islamophobia and anti-black racism.

JVL called for a presence of Jews and others concerned with both antisemitism and misuse of accusations of antisemitism to attack the labour Party and undermine support for Palestinian Rights. JVL’s call, at less than six hours notice, attracted several hundred supporters to attack antisemitism and hypocrisy and support Palestinian rights.

These are some videos Haim Bresheeth made at the event

Annabelle Sreberny

Mike Cushman

Leah Levane

Glyn Secker

Rob Ferguson