JVL has updated its statement of 23 May headed Ken Livingstone’s resignation from the Labour Party, acknowledging feedback that the final paragraph should have been clearer.

Ken Livingstone. Photo: Labourlist

JVL was saddened to hear of Ken Livingstone’s resignation from the Labour Party. We deplore his hounding and the trial by media that he has been subjected to over two years and more. We can find no evidence of antisemitism in any of the statements for which he has been attacked.

We reprint his resignation statement in full on our website, with its clarity that: “I am not resigning because I accept the allegation that I have brought the Labour Party into disrepute – nor because I am in any way guilty of antisemitism (not that this has ever actually been put forward by the Labour Party as a reason for my suspension).”

We stand committed to the principles of natural justice, due process, transparency and proportionality, – so lacking in the entire handling of Ken’s case – as with so many others.

The prime objective of those on the right wing in the Labour Party and in the Israel lobby who have sought his head is, of course, to bring about the downfall of Corbyn. Each suspension, expulsion or resignation of Corbyn supporters, far from quelling the accusations of antisemitism, only serves to weaken his position.