JVL: allegations of being involved in or condoning antisemitism

Allegations about JVL and individuals, often incorrectly said to be members, abound in both mainstream media and on Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere. Overwhelmingly they are false and often they are pure fantasy. Nonetheless, we take all allegations seriously and instigate urgent, appropriate action where necessary whenever we discover evidence of apparent antisemitism or where such matters are drawn to our attention. Frequently instead of our being informed, rumours are merely published electronically in order to creat a toxic atmosphere around our name.

As a matter of policy we do not discuss membership issues. We have an explicit statement of principles which all members agree to adhere to. We have a stringent but fair policy of investigation, suspension and exclusion if members appear to have contravened these principles; we have used this as necessary. We are also guided by a declaration on Antisemitic Misconduct drawn up by JVL together with Free Speech on Israel.

Posted on 30 October 2018