JVL Introduction

Last night there was a long interview with Jeremy Corbyn, organised by Jewish News. Excerpts have appeared in every other newspaper. We may later on make a series of extracts from it ourselves, but for now we merely want to draw your attention to it. In our view, under enormous pressure, Corbyn did very well – despite the silly judgmental headline on the front cover of the paper this week.

The whole interview, plus a transcript, is available – click on the headline link below.

Exclusive Jewish News interview with Jeremy Corbyn: ‘I’m not an anti-Semite in any form’

In the wake of the Jewish community’s unprecedented ‘Enough Is Enough’ protest against Labour anti-Semitism, Jewish News sat down with the party leader to discuss all the key issues of concern that drove more than 1,500 people to demonstrate outside Parliament this week.

By Justin Cohen, Jewish News
28 March 2018, 9:01 pm

Jewish News front cover