Del Singh Memorial Award

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On Wednesday 21 February 2018, Hampstead & Kilburn CLP voted for the motion below (originally from Kilburn (Brent) branch) in support of the Del Singh family.  30 for; 26 against; & 10 abstentions.

This Branch/CLP notes that Del Singh (Dhamender Singh Phangurha) was an active campaigner for the Labour Party since he was a teenager. He was killed in Afghanistan while working as an aid worker. At the time of his death in 2014, he was an MEP candidate for the Labour Party. A founding member of Labour Friends of Palestine, Del dedicated his life to fighting for human rights across the world and sought justice for those whose voice could not be heard.

In his memory, the Labour Party set up the Del Singh Memorial Award. In 2017 it was given to Louise Ellman MP and the JLM.  Del’s sister, Dish Kaur-Umfleet, speaking on behalf of the family said it was given to “those that have tirelessly defended the human rights abuses of the Israeli occupation, which Del spoke so passionately against. Those that have defended the illegal blockade of Gaza and the consecutive wars against the trapped population which Del categorically believed to be nothing short of collective punishment and war crimes.”

Therefore this Branch/CLP supports the call of Del Singh’s family for “the 2017 award to be revoked, a full response and an apology from the General Secretary and the Leader of the Labour Party as to why and how this happened.”

We further support the family’s request that in future there should be consultation with them to ensure that the prize is never again awarded to anyone who contradicts what Del Singh worked for all his life.