• For their 82nd birthday Frank and Ralph Land jumped out of a plane for charity
  • For their 90th birthday they challenged the British Jewish establishment for justice for Palestinians
Ralph and Frank Land at their 90th birthday party

Ralph and Frank Land at their 90th birthday party

Frank and Ralph Land arrived in Britain from Berlin in April 1939 aged 10 as refugees from Hitler’s Germany, travelling with their parents. Both have had distinguished careers.

For their 82nd birthday they performed a joint parachute jump and raised £14 000 for various charities including pancreatic cancer research.

They have marked their 90th birthday on 24 October by issuing the following statement:

“We deplore the attempts to silence critics of Israel by false and malicious accusations of antisemitism. We know what antisemitism looks and feels like from our Jewish childhood in 1930s Berlin.

The relentless attacks on Jeremy Corbyn for his support for Palestinian rights are a disgrace and bring no credit on the Jewish organisations, mass media and Labour MPs who mount them.

As long-time members of the Labour Party we welcomed the election of Jeremy as leader and look forward to a Labour Government committed to social justice and combatting inequality and injustice in Britain and across the globe. This includes both ending austerity at home and working towards recognising the rights of Palestinians and the ending the establishment of illegal settlements in the occupied areas.

We call on all members of the Labour Party and especially all Labour MPs to work in unity towards these goals”


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Notes for editors:

  1. Ralph Land CBE was awarded his honour for his work in promoting British exports, particularly to post-communist Eastern Europe and Russia.

Ralph has been active in many charities.

  • He was president of the Rotary Club of London 2009-10 (at the age of 81), designing a long-term charity Strategy for them, helping to arrange speakers at their weekly lunches. He is the current holder of the Neville Shulman Charity Cup for Rotarians and the holder of a Paul Harris award.
  • He has been since 1992 a trustee of HealthProm, a UK-registered charity which seeks to raise the standards of health-care in the countries of the Former Soviet Union
  • He was or is a Trustee of the Hamlet Trust, BESO, the BBC World Service Trust, the LEO Foundation, and has been an advisor to the Princess Margarita of Romania Foundation, founded and chaired the British Consultancy Charitable Trust 2006-11
  1. Professor Frank Land is internationally renowned as a leading Information Systems researcher. His early career involved working on J Lyon’s LEO: the first business computer. He founded he Information System Department at the London School of Economics and was appointed as Britain’s first Professor of Information Systems in 1982.
  • In 2003 Frank was awarded the Association for Information Systems’ LEO Award, for lifetime exceptional achievement. The highest honour in the Information Systems field.
  • Frank has been awarded an honorary doctorate in science and the International Federation of Information Processing (IFIP) award for distinguished service. He has served as technical advisor to House of Commons Select Committees examining IT in the UK.
  1. Ralph and Frank are both full members of JVL – Jewish Voice for Labour