Attacks on leadership damaged Labour’s election performance

Labour’s local election results, while actually pretty positive, fell short of our hopes to elect more Labour Councils to protect the services we need. 

There is never a single reason for an election outcome but it is unusual for Labour  to go into an election with a number of leading MPs and Councillors criticising and undermining the leadership. 

We very much regret that those MPs and councillors felt it necessary to repeatedly denounce the party on the basis of a real but very limited problem of antisemitism. 

This undermined the party’s ability to attack the Tory government’s miserable record which has harmed so many people, and it did affect the vote in some places.

We support the Labour Party in its commitment to implementing the Chakrabarti report.  But above all we must continue to fight against the damage that Conservative policies are doing both locally and nationally.

Contact: Media Officer Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi