SKWAWKbox reveals the full Parliamentary labour Party briefing following the leadership’s meeting with the Board of Deputies, Jewish Leadership Council and the Community Security Trust

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Exclusive to SKWAWKBOX: full PLP briefing document on BoD/JLC meeting

26 April 2018

A briefing document has gone out from the Labour leadership to all of the party’s MPs, outlining the discussion points, agreed actions and follow-ups of Jeremy Corbyn’s meeting with the Board of Deputies (BoD), Jewish Leadership Council (JLC) and Community Security Trust (CST).

The SKWAWKBOX has obtained a copy of this briefing – and it sheds a somewhat different light on the meeting and the media spin put on it. Below are some of the key points, including reasons the BoD/JLC/CST were not granted some of what they proclaimed themselves disappointed about:


The leadership discussed the organisations’ demand for fixed timetables for dealing with accusations of antisemitism but, as the briefing notes, guarantees were general and rightly so:

The General Secretary outlined her proposals to streamline the disputes panel process. She gave a guarantee to expedite the high-profile cases. As with all legal proceedings, a cast iron guarantee cannot be given on a date of conclusion due to the possibility of litigation by any party, but the expectation is that existing cases would be heard by the July NEC Disputes Committee meeting.

Expedite the longstanding cases involving Ken Livingstone and Jackie Walker

It was agreed to expedite these cases as a priority. Steps have already been taken to begin this process. Barristers have been put in place to facilitate this process, and an advert has gone out for a General Counsel to ensure cases can be processed more effectively.

It’s hard to avoid the sense, listening to the statements by the groups and their parliamentary supporters, that only one outcome in cases of antisemitism allegations will be acceptable.

This is particularly so in the cases of Livingstone and Walker – and, given the pronouncements and behaviour of some back-bench MPs yesterday, that of Marc Wadsworth – but they remain allegations at the moment. The Labour Party is the party of justice and due process and, of course, cases must be allowed to come to their legal and just conclusions.

The rest of the report deals with discussion on:

Sharing Platforms
IHRA definition
Leadership from the top
Follow-up steps

To read the Skwawwkbox report click here. And here is a PDF of  the PLP briefing.