Your appeal is hereby concluded…

An anti-democratic culture seems to pervade some of Labour’s traditional institutions and its official structures. Numerous stories of suspended members, officials and even whole Constituency Labour Parties bear witness to this parlous situation.

Here we report on a bizarre instance from the Cooperative Party – a close member of the labour movement family, the only other political party you can be a member of as well as of the Labour Party itself.

In brief

Shortly after being suspended from the Labour Party in December (that saga is still ongoing), JVL’s Media Officer Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi was informed that the Cooperative Party was refusing to accept her as a member because of an interview she had done with NovaraMedia.

In an attempt to deploy rational arguments to explain why her comments were not in breach of Coop Party rules as alleged, she submitted the appeal below to its General Secretary Joe Fortune.  Membership Manager Shane Brogan has now replied:

“Having reviewed the case and your submission, the Disputes Committee ruled that the General Secretary’s decision was correct… Your appeal is hereby concluded and the decision to decline your membership application has been upheld.”

No reasons were given, no indication what persuasive arguments were put before the committee, no response to her request that someone – anyone! – might have the common human decency and politeness to explain their reasoning.

Wimborne-Idrissi invites readers, making allowances for the clunky transcript presented as evidence of her wrongdoing, “If anyone can see anything in the words complained of to justify this state of affairs, please do let me know. I am always keen to learn from my mistakes.”

The story

Dear Joe Fortune,

I wish to appeal your decision to exclude me from membership of the Cooperative Party based on your judgement that comments I made in an interview with Michael Walker of Novara Media in December are in breach of the Co-operative Party’s Policy on Anti-Semitism and Rule 16 which states:

“No member of the Party shall engage in a course of conduct prejudicial, or in any act grossly detrimental, to the Party.

“Such conduct shall also be deemed to include harassment, abuse or discrimination against groups and/or individuals based on age, disability, gender reassignment, marital or civil partnership status, race, pregnancy and maternity, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation.

“Such an action may render them ineligible to be or to remain a member of the Co-operative Party. Any dispute as to whether a member or applicant is or has been in breach of this provision shall be determined by the NEC.”

I contest the suggestion that any of the statements cited are in breach of the above rules. I am 68 years old, a lifelong trade unionist, socialist, internationalist and campaigner for equality, justice and human rights. I am the granddaughter of four Jewish immigrants to England from the persecuted shtetls of Poland, Russia, Germany and Ukraine. I am insulted by the suggestion that my words or conduct could be prejudicial or grossly detrimental to the Cooperative Party; or involve harassment, abuse or discrimination against any group or individual. I am happy to discuss the evidence on which you have based your judgement in each case. I set out my view below.

  1. “It’s either fast-tracked to expulsion, which is possible under the current system, the one that has been heavily criticised by the EHRC. The only good thing it said, actually, was a realisation that the system is completely unfair and unjust and lacking in natural justice. It could be fast-tracked to expulsion or it could be a long drawn out suspension because while we are suspended we can play no role in the party.” …

This is a comment on the likely handling of dozens of recent suspensions from Labour Party membership, including my own. I noted in the interview that the current Labour Party disciplinary system faces heavy criticism in the EHRC report released on October 29, 2020. This was a published report, available for anyone to read and comment upon. I have read the report in some detail and my considered view is that it is an unimpressive piece of work which is however correct in highlighting the unfairness of the party’s complaints procedures.

In discussing whether I and others are likely to face speedy or long drawn out processes, I am curious as to how this can be construed as prejudicial or grossly detrimental to the Cooperative Party; or to involve harassment, abuse or discrimination against any group or individual. I would be more than happy to discuss with you the evidence on which you based your judgement.

  1. “We [JVL] were only founded in 2017 by Jews who had joined the Party enthusiastically when Corbyn came in as Leader at the end of 2015. Because we could see how Jewish fears and concerns, genuine, honestly held fears and concerns, were being cynically manipulated.”

This is a statement acknowledging that Jewish people have considerable fears and concerns based on centuries of persecution. It also points to the fact that such fears and concerns have been, in my view, manipulated for political ends.

You may disagree with that judgement, which I share with a great many others, Jewish and otherwise, inside the Labour Party and in wider society. But once again, there is no justification for concluding that the statement is in any way prejudicial or grossly detrimental to the Cooperative Party; or that it involves harassment, abuse or discrimination against any group or individual.

  1. “I mean really as a result of our experience of being perhaps the boldest defenders of Jeremy and his allies for the last couple of years, we could see straight away this was not about anti-Semitism and I think what’s happened most recently with the ratcheting up of the silencing this is no longer about, there’s no pretence really, that it’s about dealing with anti-Semitism because what we’re doing is we’re silencing critics of the Leadership over a whole range of issues.”

In this statement I am commenting on the fact that we are now faced in the Labour Party with the banning by the general secretary of discussion of a whole range of political subjects. This has been quite explicit. He has listed them, producing increasingly detailed lists of subjects embarrassing to the party leadership which are removed from agendas, silencing large numbers of party members from voicing their unhappiness with the leadership. In my interview I express my view that “dealing with antisemitism” is being used as a pretext for silencing the party membership. As a Jewish member who is herself a victim of the silencing, I believe I am well qualified to comment. The treatment of Jews who share my political perspective, far from tackling antisemitism, feels to me like itself a form of antisemitism. I have every justification for saying that the attacks on Jeremy Corbyn and the silencing of his supporters are not about antisemitism.

You may disagree with that view, but – as in points 1 & 2 above – I have seen no evidence that it is in any way prejudicial or grossly detrimental to the Cooperative Party; nor does it involve harassment, abuse or discrimination against any group or individual.

  1. … “The silencing we’ve seen it happening, we knew what was going on, we tried to alert people to it, but the sensitivities about the way the anti-Semitism issue was constantly wheeled out as a justification for not hearing certain people. It’s become like you know the character in Harry Potter, he who shall not be named, Voldemort, sorry I said it. There are people like Jackie Walker, like Chris Williamson, like Marc Wadsworth, a whole number of others who have been consigned to outer darkness with the shadow of antiSemitism hanging over them, although they are not anti-Semites and have done nothing that justifies that claim in our view.

This is a factual statement regarding the elimination of a number of individuals from the record of recent Labour Party history in a manner reminiscent of the airbrushing of dissidents from Stalin era Soviet photographs. The people I mention have been appallingly maligned, the evidence against them concocted, lies about them repeated many times by journalists and other commentators making no effort to corroborate the allegations. I know these people and I know the facts. In the interests of truth and justice, I would be more than happy to share the information, which is available to anyone who takes the trouble to investigate. In Jackie Walker’s case, for example, she is a Black Jewish anti-racist socialist whose story has been told in a film which is free to view online.

As with the other statements you have cited, I do not accept that anything here can be interpreted as prejudicial or grossly detrimental to the Cooperative Party; nor does it involve harassment, abuse or discrimination against any group or individual.

  1. “This is now used a means of silencing a whole swathe of the political left and that pretext that making Jews feel uncomfortable, for which we must read making a section of Jews with a particular political agenda uncomfortable, is now a reason for giving up the right to the freedom of speech and democracy in the Labour Party.”

This statement refers almost verbatim to directives issued by the general secretary of the Labour Party, David Evans, in which he said on December 3:

I am aware that other motions (including expressions of solidarity, and matters relating to the internal processes of the PLP) are providing a flashpoint for the expression of views that undermine the Labour Party’s ability to provide a safe and welcoming space for all members, in particular our Jewish members. Therefore, all motions which touch on these issues will also be ruled out of order.

And then on December 9:

our responsibility to double down on anything that may cause members to continue to feel unwelcome and unsafe must take precedence over our rights at this time.

With these directives Evans has stated clearly that the presumed sensitivities of some Jewish people override the rights of all other party member. No consideration is given to making the party a safe and welcoming space for me and hundreds of others like me whose sensitivities are entirely disregarded.

I regard this as a dangerous position to take which stereotypes Jewish party members, using them as a justification for depriving other members of their rights. Saying so is not in any way prejudicial or grossly detrimental to the Cooperative Party; nor does it involve harassment, abuse or discrimination against any group or individual.

  1. … “I don’t know what you think but when Angela Rayner said that she will suspend thousands and thousands if necessary – what do you think is meant by that necessary? Necessary for what? And it is not necessary for dealing with genuine anti-Semitism to expel thousands of members of this political party. That is clearly absurd.”

In this statement I am questioning an utterance by the deputy leader of the Labour Party suggesting that there should be mass expulsions from the party. I am speculating on the reason for making such an extraordinary assertion, and expressing my view that expelling thousands of members could not possibly be necessary for the purpose of dealing with antisemitism. I believe it is absurd to suggest that “thousands and thousands” of Labour Party members are such died-in-the-wool antisemites that they deserve to be expelled en masse. I am expressing a perfectly reasonable point of view that most reasonable people would find quite moderate and acceptable.

I do not believe there are any grounds for suggesting that my statement is in any way prejudicial or grossly detrimental to the Cooperative Party; nor does it involve harassment, abuse or discrimination against any group or individual.

  1. “Is it necessary to appease the Board of Deputies of British Jews, well the Board of Deputies of British Jews may well be pleased with what is going on, but I don’t think they are the people that the current leadership of the Party are trying to please. I think they are trying to please those who do not wish to see socialism high on the political agenda in Britain and I think that was always the agenda.”

In this statement I ask the question why Angela Rayner thinks it might be necessary to expel thousands of Labour Party members. I say that the Board of Deputies of British Jews cannot be blamed for her making such a statement. Even though the BoD may be pleased about it, I do not think it is primarily the BoD who the party leadership is trying to satisfy. I am doing the opposite of blaming Jewish organisations for the attacks on socialists in the Labour Party. I am explaining that the main reason for the attacks is in order to demonstrate that the party leadership is cracking down on socialists and is therefore no threat to the established order in society.

This is what I believe to be the case. You may disagree with me but there is nothing in this statement that is prejudicial or grossly detrimental to the Cooperative Party; nor does it involve harassment, abuse or discrimination against any group or individual.

That concludes my appeal which I trust will have set your mind at rest that nothing in any of my statements can be construed as breaching the Co-operative Party’s Policy on Anti-Semitism and Rule 16.

I look forward to taking up full membership of the Cooperative Party very soon.

Best wishes,

Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi







Comments (57)

  • Simon Dewsbury says:

    Subject access request needed for the documents about Naomi, including the Disputes Committee records? They might make interesting reading.

  • Brigid Harbour. says:

    I am so angry and so saddened by the treatment Naomi has received. A woman of such integrity, intelligence and calm fluency should be seen as an asset to any party. We know why she is not. The LP is destroying itself. We need a new party. An actual socialist one with policies, principles and vision.

  • nick says:

    Well done their cynicism know s no bounds keep up the good fight

  • Philip Dunn says:

    This is not justice. To convict without explanation is not justice. This looks more like a witch hunt by a kangaroo court. If this sort of conduct continues, there will be a need for a new party. An open democratic socialist party.

  • James Dickins says:


    For Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi’s brilliant Twitter interview – with 1.3 million views – on why she was suspended from the Labour Party, see:

    Keir Starmer seems to be doing everything he can to alienate Labour’s members and supporters – including, I suspect, the 1.3 million people who watched Wimborne-Idrissi’s Twitter interview. It is hardly surprising that a recent YouGov poll put Labour 13 percentage points behind the Tories:

  • David elkins says:

    If being intellegent, articulate and passionate as Naomi is as well as being factual . There is nothing worse than a brick wall set to block everything you say and do.

  • Mark Andresen says:

    If you gate-keep for the right-wing AS smearers, as the Co-Op Party have decided to do, you yourself should be expelled. This is why I support Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi.

  • Rene Gimpel says:

    I have just resigned from the Co-operative Party, after many years’ membership, citing their mistreatment of Naomi

  • goldbach says:

    A more recent poll asked who would make the best PM.
    Johnson 50%
    Starmer 27%
    Don’t know/don’t care/etc. 23%
    With the coming assault on workers rights, on the right to demonstrate and on standard of living for the majority of the population, it is a bad strategy for Labour to be trying to appeal to quinoa-eating, Guardian-reading, illiberal “intellectuals”. The seats up for grabs in May are ones from elections where Labour performed badly, so anything other than significant gains will ring alarm bells if they aren’t already ringing. meanwhile the Labour leadership seems to have forgotten that they are supposed to fight the Tories and not their own supporters. What they need is a set of beliefs, not a lot of focus groups. The party has become nothing more than a marketing organisation, and not a very good one at that.
    Sad to see that the Cooperative Party is singing from the same hymn sheet.

  • Vicky Grandon says:

    I have enormous respect for the work that Naomi does, and great appreciation of her integrity, courage, and Socialism. I will not renew my Cooperative Party membership as a small token of my solidarity. What a shameful uncooperative action! An injury to one is an injury to all.

  • Linda says:

    Standing firm and upholding what is right and principled against powers massed against you is one of the most horrific experiences you and any of us will ever have. May you be held in the Light.

  • Ellie Palmer says:

    Sadly, It is now clear that instead of establishing an effective opposition, the Starmer led PLP has set out to destroy the last traces of social democracy in the Labour Party. Time to leave ?

  • Jack T says:

    Naomi, it boils down to “you are banned because we say you’re banned, just like in the Labour Party, we don’t allow Socialism or democracy here, go away”. Judging by those ‘Labour’ MP’s who are in the Co-op party, I don’t think you’ll get much support from the members either.

  • Ikhlaq Hussain says:

    It seems to me the Labour Party as well Cooperative party are fearful of intellect of this person.
    Fighting for fairness is the right thing to do.

  • Steve Cooke says:

    Given Naomi is still claiming here that Chris Williamson is not antisemitic, it seems that the Cooperative Party have made the correct decision in rejecting her application for membership.

  • Hanna Khamis says:

    This is appalling. The Cooperative Party’s action can be described in two words: antidemocratic antisemitism.

  • John McLaughlin says:

    The sooner the Labour party gets rid of starmer and his ilk, the better it will be for socialist ideals as starmer and his ilk, are not socialists nor ever have been.

  • Jim says:

    It appears that the industrial expulsion of proponents of socialism and the left particularly, has been carefully planned and mapped out, to embrace both the Labour and Co-operative Party`s. In affiliated groups, such as the Socialist Health Association, pro-zionists have taken over the association and are hoping the recent elections to Central Council by members will cement their hold on the organisation.
    Silencing and gagging of dissenting voices – ie. socialists, anti-racists and anti-zionists is no coincidence. It appears less obvious in the Trades Unions, whose structures are less open to micro-management by small cells of anti-democratic pro-zionists.
    Whilst focusing on the Labour Party, we also need to consider alternative strategies to undermining the racists and anti-democratic forces.
    The result of an unholy alliance of the zionists with the Labour right and fellow travellers, including those on the right of the Conservative Party, means that anti-semitism and racism is on the rise. How to hold it in check and drive it back has to be the next question.
    I dont have the answers, but we have to break free from the wholly Labour-Focused approach.

  • Jenny Kastner says:

    This is heartbreaking.

  • Peter Kirker says:

    What Brigid Harbour said. And said so well.

  • Stuart Kaufman says:

    Today 15th March 2021 a law passed in our undemocratic Parliament to make protests lawful only with the consent of the Home Secretary. While we are cavilling over our differences Fascism is being installed

  • Jan Brooker says:

    There comes a point where, no matter what information one presents, what counter-arguments one puts forward ~ the decisions are foregone.
    They [Co-op, here and Labour Parties] do not, and are not willing to answer ANY points made, as I, and many others have found out.
    Only yesterday I convinced someone that taking a lot of time and effoprt to rebut allegations would serve no purpose ~ because the process is unjust and undemocratic. The person was going to hire a Solicitor to pursue her appeal ~ in which case, I said, she would be wasting both time AND money.
    I sent her my appeal documents so she could see how the process plays out. 20 pages, a one paragrah response [taht I only saw with a follow-up SAR.
    My 10-page, point by point incomplete SAR follow-up documentwas answered with a one-line LP response. I gave up; she decided to give up. How can we Stay & Fight in such circumstances?

  • Ken Webb says:

    The antisemitic flag waving by the Labour Party is wearing very thin. It was wafer thin prior to the New Leadership Party coming into existence, it is now too thin to roll a spliff with.
    I fail to see how anyone of true Jewish Faith can condone the actions being taken by our current leader and his employees.
    I have been frequently been condemned for supporting ‘a minority’ of Jews within the party, But that is what Labour identifies with, or at least used to. Now that the party has been squashed into a narrow alley, the purpose of the party is restricted by the alley walls. Time to widen the alley into a road forward for all of us.

  • Pete Winstanley says:

    An absolute disgrace and a travesty of justice. Solidarity, Naomi.

  • Angie Hudson says:

    Such an inspirational woman. Solidarity Naomi

  • John C says:

    The defence rests. The voice of reason has spoken, with patience and precision, but of course there was never any case to answer and these words are I am afraid wasted if they are addressed to the Cooperative Party. What is the Cooperative Party? A nursery for councillors, to award themselves voting rights as delegates to the CLP GC? a containment vessel?

  • Mary Davies says:

    Solidarity with Naomi x

  • John David Jones says:

    Well, we know one thing for sure: It’ll be an absolute waste even of momentary thought if you imagine for one tiny bit of time, that once you’ve been thrown out of the Labour Party you’ll be able to join the Co-op Party – and some have suggested that as an alternative..! And it seems certain you’ll have blown your Co-op “divvy”..! Seriously and somewhat sadly, I have to entirely agree with Brigid and Philip…

  • David Aldred says:

    The whole world is in turmoil, and yet instead of seeking to maintain some balance, some bulwark against the madness, the “old and wise” wish to join with the maelstrom.

  • jim gault says:

    It has slowly dawned on me over the past two years or so that the accusations of antisemitism have been levelled at people who are far from antisemitic. I couldn’t believe this was really happening and kept trying to find some evidence to support these accusations. So far I have seen none. What I have seen is that being accused of antisemitism is enough to be found guilty, no evidence is required. I find this sinister and wonder who is really behind this trend.

  • Margaret West says:

    This is absurd. You are Jewish and have been excluded with
    no reason given so what would most people think? They
    would surely conclude that the real reason you were excluded was
    because of antisemitism in the Co-operative Party!

    More seriously – do they really think that the Jewish Community
    speaks with one voice and shares exactly the same opinion(s) – when it
    is obvious that Communities have their differences?

    The split in the Christian Community of the UK has been in existence for hundreds of years though fortunately divisions have been healed in mainland Britain. In spite of this they continued in Northern Ireland leading to political conflict, death and destruction ending in 1998 with the (Belfast) peace agreement. This agreement is looking fragile at the moment on account of the “deal” the Government made with the EU after Brexit.

    This partially healed division in the NI Christian community is both plain to see and a cause of great anxiety so why the myopia in respect of the Jewish Community?

    This behaviour is not even doing Labour any good among the public – the Conservatives having widened their lead over Labour so why continue it?

  • Linda P says:

    The Labour Party has gone from a beacon of light and hope to an undemocratic dictatorship in four months, Truly Scarey.

  • Teresa Steele says:

    I can’t find the words, there is is simply no justice on any level nationally and internationally. Who’s running things? How can we stop them?

  • David Townsend says:

    It seems that neither the Labour Party nor the Cooperative Party is in any way democratic or solialist.

  • This country needs to face up to its “wobbly goy” problem, a mass of people in positions of authority who are acting out of fear and taking the path of least resistance. What have we come to?

  • Elizabeth says:

    Thank you Naomi for your very detailed and thoughtful analysis of the current confusion regarding Labour and “antisemitism”. I’m not Jewish and not a bigot. I loathe all forms of racism but that counts for nothing when I’m accused of antisemitism for supporting Jeremy Corbyn and JVL. I left Labour, sadly, because of Starmer’s stance and behaviour. The slur of “antisemitism” is the gift that will never stop giving to those who use it as a political weapon. I’m so sorry it has been used against you, Naomi. I’m also very worried that no amount of rational argument will defeat their wilful irrationality. Good luck. If you win we all win.

  • Rory Allen says:

    Naomi, there is a name for the response you have encountered: Groupthink. The effects of this were well summarised three centuries ago: “When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign, that the dunces are all in confederacy against him.”

  • Jane Terris says:

    I thought better of the Co-operative Party. Today I will cancel my membership in solidarity with Naomi and any others in the same position.

  • Abe Hayeem says:

    This nothing less than a Stalinist rout of the socialist left of the Labour Party by an even more Blairite apparatus at its head, using Orwellian tactics, and the convenient antisemitism weaponry, bolstered by the entrenchment of the pledges to the B.o.D and the JLM to suspend or expel anti -Zionists, the left, and supporters of Corbyn, using the now completely derided IHRA definition, by it’s own author and eminent legal experts, QCs, and academics. The current Labour leadership is clearly not fit for purpose, hence its plunging in the polls against one of the worst and most extreme and useless Tory governments in modern history.

  • Ian Kemp says:

    Brilliant. I wonder if Starmer has the guts to admit he is wrong. Probably not. He is proving to be a weak leader without any moral support.

  • Philip Smith says:

    Disgraceful and disappointing. Starmer’s leadership has been anything but unifying. I only wish that he, and the executive, could be held to public account for what has clearly been a witch hunt. He has submitted abjectly to the Board of Deputies and that other zionist body, the CAS. They will never support the Labour Party -even if it does dance to their tune.

  • Mike Brogan says:

    Anyone on the left is obviously being blacklisted by the Labour party, using spurious allegations of AS which are so obvious as to be laughable, if it wasn’t so sinister, in effect you have become in the eyes of the LP and affiliated Partys a “non-person” very Stalinist !!

  • Sandra Devine says:

    I have nothing but admiration for Naomi. What is happening within the Labour and Co-operative party and beyond is so very wrong. My greatest fear is for the innocent Jewish Communities who are are becoming more and more vulnerable as Labour continues the witch hunt against people of integrity. Surely Zionism must be the greatest form of anti-semitism.

  • Jonathan Hamilton Russell says:

    Full support to you Naomi your letter is well argued the response is nothing but a bureaucratic brick wall and is disgraceful. The Labour Party has lost its way.

  • Faraz Khan says:

    the RW faceless kafkaesque mandarins of these ostensibly ‘socialist’ political parties – in my opinion – are definitely mentally ill . Anyone or any political group- condoning apartheid murder – setting up kangaroo courts , are INSANE … you can not argue with madmen,?

  • Allan Howard says:

    And the three most recent polls have Labour 7, 6 and 7 points respectively behind the Tories James, so why do you cite the yougov poll? And as far as I’m aware the MSM have given very little coverage to the suspensions and suppression of free speech etc that’s been happening in recent months, and especially since Jeremy was reinstated and then almost immediately had the whip withdrawn, so it’s most unlikely that THAT can be
    a factor if the vast majority of the general public are not aware of what’s been happening.

    And given that the MSM have been a party to the A/S smear campaign against Jeremy and the left membership during his tenure as leader and since, one would hardly expect them to now side with the left against the oppressive and dictatorial machinations of Starmer and Evans and the Blairites of recent months, and be supporting them as such.

  • Allan Howard says:

    Just came across this latest post from MediaLens in my inbox:

    The Impossible Peter Oborne

    In his searingly honest new book, ‘The Assault on Truth’, Oborne directs his fire at a very specific, crucial target:

    ‘I have never encountered a senior British politician who lies and fabricates so regularly, so shamelessly and so systematically as Boris Johnson. Or gets away with his deceit with such ease.’

    With every example fortified by meticulous footnotes and references, Oborne nails Johnson’s lies again and again:

    ‘Johnson went on the Andrew Marr show to claim the Labour leader had “said he would disband MI5”. Marr did not demur, but to be sure I looked at the Labour manifesto. It contained no mention of MI5 but did pledge to “ensure closer counter terrorism co-ordination between the police and the security services, combining neighbourhood expertise with international intelligence”.’ (p.22)


    ‘Boris Johnson said that Corbyn “would whack corporation tax up to the highest in Europe”. Not true. Labour had said it would raise the main rate of corporation tax to 26 per cent. This would not be anything like the highest in Europe. At the time of Johnson’s claim, the rate of corporation tax in France was 31 per cent, and in Belgium the rate was 29 per cent.’

    ‘A great deal of political journalism has become the putrid public face of a corrupt government. There is only one good reason to be a journalist: to tell the truth. We should not go into our trade to become passive mouthpieces of politicians and instruments of their power. Too much of the media and political class have merged. The unnatural amalgamation has converted truth into falsehood, while lies have become truth.’

  • bob cannell says:

    What is the Coop Party for? Promoting cooperation and cooperatives as an alternative to capitalism and state control. Or a backdoor to becoming a councillor and/or MP? by using coop party pathways instead of the more competitive Labour party way?
    Clearly plenty of Labourist apparatchism however. Sister parties in lockstep.

  • Prue Lilley says:

    Are there any members who still believe in this shit show of a Labour Party? Naomi is a lady with more integrity in her little finger, than all those who wrongly judge her.

  • Edd says:

    @Steve Cook
    Chris Williamson took the labour party to court, and the judge ruled that they had acted unlawfully in suspending him, so why are you still attempting to smear his name?

  • Tony says:

    An exceptionally though-provoking comment we’ve received. Real class… – JVL web

    Good riddance.

    Labour has to cleanse the stables of the JVL horseshit.

    Acting as human shields for gross antisemites, by pretending to be Jews, when you haven’t prayed in decades.

    Fuck you, you pathetic Hamassholes. Israel will still exist when you’re long gone.

    Such wasted lives.

  • goldbach says:

    I would be grateful if Steve Cook could tell me what Mr Williamson said/did that showed him to be antisemitic. I have, to date, seen nothing to indicate that what Steve Cook says is correct. Please show me the evidence and, if it is compelling, I will acknowledge the fact.

  • Alan McGowan says:

    An utterly bizarre and depressing story. But I am heartened to see you carry on calmly presenting rational argument based on simple unequivocal evidence. Although I have little hope that rationality will prevail against the current ‘Reign of Terror’ in the party. We must continue to hope it will eventually pass and truth will out.

  • Jayne Alker says:

    The Labour party and coop party of today sickening me more than ever before in my lifetime. Even pounding the streets for Blair through gritted teeth wasn’t as bad as the past 6 years. They’ve quite literally thrown Jewish people under the bus for political games. Goebbels would be proud.
    40 years a member but no more. They won’t even get my vote now.
    Solidarity Naomi. I’m ashamed I stayed in an organisation that treats people so appallingly for so long.
    I’ll be voting Mr Buckethead until a socialist party is forned

  • SB says:

    This is saddening and deeply sinister.

    That the likes of non-Jewish Zionists in the Labour party like Starmer, Evans, Akehurst, Streeting, Phillips, Mann and others are part of a ruling clique that can effectively marginalise, suspend and persecute Jewish members who disagree with them is truly sickening and seems, time, to be a form of antisemitism itself.

    It is really testing my patience and leading me to seriously question whether I ought to remain a member.

  • Ann Miller says:

    Solidarity, Naomi. Your courage and lucidity are remarkable.

  • Maya Chatterjee says:

    I fully support Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi in her attempt to be reinstated as a member of both the Co-operative Party and the Labour Party. I agree that she, and all members who are suspended, should be given clearly comprehensible reasons for any suspension.

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