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  • Mike Cushman says:

    Mandela joins Avram Burg on the naughty step

  • Tony Booth says:

    I don’t think he would have been stopped from speaking out because of fears of factional censure and suspension.

  • DJ says:

    It’s all about the struggle against settler colonialism and apartheid! There is nothing antisemitic about fighting for Palestinian justice. The establishment and the Israeli Lobby have been very busy trying to convince us to the contrary. I’m sure Nelson Mandela would have supported the BDS movement and any other acts of Palestinian solidarity taking place today.

  • Roshan Pedder says:

    Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi too! He opposed the idea of a Zionist state as early as 1938. But the bully boys Starmer and Evans will learn nothing from these great men whose boots they are not fit to wipe.

  • Jaye says:

    Roshan, Mandela’s life is hard to fault but you also mentionGandhi and his oppostion to a Jewish State in 1938 when Germany was already persecuting Jews, and the Shoah was on its way. Apart from the fact that a Jewish State at that time would have saved millions of Jews who had nowhere to go, there is no honour in Gandhi’s position since he also wrote to Hitler at the time calling him a friend and called for non-violence against the Nazis. After the War he expressed the view that Jews should have offered themselves for slaughter to arouse sympathy among Germans. Non-violence ad absurdum.

  • Claude says:

    That is really not a very good image of Madiba.

    It certainly correct that Mandela supported the Palestinian movement, but he was not so clearly anti Israel or anti Zionist. He maintained close relationships with many in the SA Jewish community including some who were very active in SAZF. I believe he supported the right of Israel to exist.
    It would be interesting to hear what Andrew Feinstein has to say on this.
    Mandela certainly had the ability to form warm and understanding relationships with people like Betsie Verwoerd, going all the way for tea in Oranje. Maybe she made exceptionally good Koeksisters.
    I just cannot imagine Jeremy Corbyn going out of his way to meet and talk to people like me ( the vast majority of Diaspora Jewish Community ) who have a warm and supportive view of Israel. I might have made him a beetroot and spinach shakshuka.
    Too late now I don’t think we care anymore.
    But I will always have fond memories of Madiba and the kindness he showed to my family.

  • Joe Ferreira ( Cape Town ) says:

    Mandela was a saint, a healer and more importantly a humanist.
    He believed in a two state solution and that Israel’s settler movement had to be opposed as it is a violation of international law. In his view this opposition was best achieved through peaceful means such as supporting the BDS movement.
    Claude mentioned Corbyn’s name in his comment comparing the differences between the former and Mandela.
    All I would say is that comparing Mandela with Corbyn would be analogous to comparing Manchester United FC with Yeovil Town FC.

    In my uneducated and humble opinion supporting BDS is not antisemitic.

  • Claude says:

    Thank you Joe
    I don’t think anything you have written would suggest that you are uneducated. I agree, those who support BDS, or being an anti Zionist or a non Zionist are not necessarily anti Semitic .
    But all too often those who take these positions, ignore blatant anti semitism, are indifferent to it or simply just don’t see it.

    Maybe you remember the demonstrations in 2010 opposing Israeli actions in Gaza. A small demo was held in CT along Wale Street. Placards held high “Hitler was right”. What a sickening site, but Bishop Tutu ( a frequent critic of Israel ) was outraged at such displays and expressed his anger very strongly.
    I was there ( not in the demonstration ), I had parked in Berg Street and had to wait while the small Demo passed by. Those placards were revolting.
    A much larger demonstration took place in Kensington High Street, London. The same placards. Corbyn was silent. ( I think he was a patron of PSC at the time and gave a speech at the Demonstration ) Maybe he just did not see or notice the placards! present, but maybe he was not an official participant, just passing by!

    Corbyn once said “ I think to bring about a peace process, you have to talk to people with whom you may profoundly disagree”. Something Mandela was courageous enough to do on many occasions.
    I don’t think Corbyn ever met openly with Ulster Unionists, did he ever meet with Israeli political leaders ?
    Mandela had many very good reasons to not want meet with so many like Mevrou Verwoerd. I believe he even visited the Taal monument in Paarl.

    I just cannot imagine Corbyn visiting Israel, meeting ordinary Israeli citizens, listening, observing and trying to understand. Even meeting British Jews who are sympathetic and warm towards Israel ( the vast majority of Diaspora Jewry ) seems to have nauseated him.
    So now he has had the UK Labour Party sjambok removed.
    Enjoy the summer in the Cape, even Covid cannot remove the beauty of its scenery and good nature of its people. I expect you were not referring to Yeoville in Jo’burg which had the best delis in town. Pastel de nata on Saturday and Tagelach on Sunday under a hot thundery sky!

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