Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi introduces the new film WitchHunt 2020, a short sequel to Jon Pullman’s 2019 documentary WitchHunt.

It takes stock of the political forces, described in the original film, which destroyed Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the UK Labour Party along with the hopes of so many who identified with his passion for social justice.

It highlights the similar campaign waged against the left-wing Jewish American presidential candidate Bernie Sanders who, like Corbyn, stood firm for the rights of the Palestinian people.

Finally, it invokes the broader international struggle against racist and chauvinist forces seeking to delegitimise the Black Lives Matter movement.

WitchHunt2020: Watch the film here

Timely film throws light on demonisation of movement for Palestinian rights

Just at the moment when Israel’s land annexation plans threaten the very existence of a Palestinian political entity, a new short film highlights the way antisemitism allegations are being deployed to undermine the global movement for justice for the people of Palestine.

WitchHunt 2020 is a sequel to Jon Pullman’s documentary WitchHunt which caused a storm when it was released in early 2019. At that time UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn was enduring the fourth year of one of the most savage and sustained media demonisations in modern political history, contributing to his eventual downfall in the wake of electoral defeat in December.

Weaving together strands from an eloquent film essay by anthropologist David Graeber, with moments from the earlier documentary and more recent footage, Pullman has created a savage indictment of right-wing pro-Israel forces that aligned to destroy Corbyn – and then turned their attention to progressive Jewish American presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders.

In under seven minutes, WitchHunt2020 describes the shattering of the hopes of those inspired by Corbyn’s passion for social justice and builds on connections made in the original film, linking the historical struggle against racial oppression with the dangers posed by re-emergent ethno-nationalism, of which Israel under Benjamin Netanyahu is just one example.

The film could not be more timely. It is a spur to resistance against dangerously divisive right wing forces currently seeking to delegitimise the Black Lives Matter movement in the US, UK and elsewhere, and a reminder of the relentless attacks on the political left such as those experienced by UK politicians Rebecca Long-Bailey and Diane Abbott, actor Maxine Peake, many rank and file members of the Labour Party, and by pro-Palestinian campaigners worldwide.

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  • chris baker says:

    Very interesting and so sad that the right wing sensationalist hysterical media and politics carry on this way! Not open to any rational debate.

  • Mary Davies says:

    A vicious, dishonest propaganda machine exposed.

  • Michael Morgan says:

    A brilliant piece of film making and a testament to the decency of Jeremy Corbyn

  • This needs to be seen by all labour politicians, especially Margaret Hodge and Kier Starmer, and then their comments made public.

  • Stephen Tiller says:

    Brian Holland… They know about it already. Hodge orchestrated it. 😉

  • I am fed up saying this but Corbyn was his worse enemy when all this was going on ,I watched the lobby on utube at least three years so Corbyn must have ,so why did he never bring this up during pm questions when the tories were baying at him across the aisle is beyond me.

  • Martin Read says:

    The country desperately needed Left-Labour to make serious inroads regarding the frightening media coup. Now, it seems, that things are sinking to depths, the likes of which we have never before encountered. Horribly ironic, although I doubt Hodge will have properly considered the fuller implications, when democracy is compromised to this extent very few people will ultimately ‘benefit,’ only the most despicable, perhaps Murdoch and his ilk?

    Like David Bradley I also often marvelled at Corbyn’s apparent refusal to call out the traitors for what they were. Still daily the woeful media gets away with presenting people like Rachael Riley (against Michael Rosen, Jackie Walker, Jeremy Corbyn) as some sort of wronged individual, yet never have I managed to unearth any example of genuine anti-Semitism levelled at her. In fact the victimisation seems very much the other way round!

  • ian duncan kemp says:

    I agree the decency of Corbyn left him exposed to the right of LP like Hodge etel and the nasty right wing media… Even so called lefties like LBCs James O’Brian joined the the right wing pack. very sad. A toney Benn would have tolerated this vindictive campaign. He would have confronted it head on and exposed it for what it is . It was extremely depressing

  • Terence McGinity says:

    Thanks, JVL. Such an important film.Yes, we do need to share it with as many as we can.

  • Stephen Mitchell says:

    When the history of our times comes to be written the Labour Manifesto 2019 will be seen as the blueprint for the future of the UK and other countries. It will be implemented within 10 years. There is no alternative , The measures set out in that document are exactly what our broken country needs. History will see Corbyn in a different light. A visionary.

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