When a stone confronts a rifle

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We reproduce this statement, issued by the International Jewish Collective for Justice in Palestine, of which JVL is a member.

When a person holding a stone confronts soldiers who are armed with rifles, ask yourself why they are willing to do that.

On May 8, 80,000 Palestinians came to stand in front of rifles and pray at the Al Aqsa Mosque.  They overwhelmed the rifles with their numbers and spirit. We stand with them.

We deplore Israel’s violation of sacred space during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. We are horrified by the mob violence and the paramilitary police who enable it. This is not a ‘clash’ between two opinions, this is occupation and apartheid at work. 

We reject Israel’s campaign to dispossess the Palestinians, including current efforts to evict families from Sheikh Jarrah. The New York Times notes, “A spokesman for the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Rupert Colville, said Friday that the evictions ‘would violate Israel’s obligations under international law’ prohibiting the forced transfer of residents from occupied territory…. [Aryeh] King, the deputy mayor, said ‘of course’ [the evictions] are part of a wider strategy of installing ‘layers of Jews’ throughout East Jerusalem.” 

We say, stop the evictions, and get the Israeli settlers out of occupied East Jerusalem. This is ethnic cleansing.

Israel’s refusal to vaccinate the Palestinians whose land it occupies in Gaza and the West Bank has been condemned by UN Rapporteurs as “discriminatory and unlawful.” Covid is rampant and we plead with our governments to provide the lifesaving assistance that Israel is withholding. 

We call for an end to Israel’s impunity. These are crimes. We must begin to respond to them as crimes. 

We hold the Palestinian protestors in our thoughts.

 — International Jewish Collective for Justice in Palestine

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  • Paul Smith says:

    The Flag March into Palestinian Jerusalem is to go ahead as I write this. The parallel with the Mosley march into London’s East End in 1936 and Orange marches in Nothern Ireland need to be repeated time and again.

  • DJ says:

    Palestinian dispossession, illegal Jewish settlements and racialised violence in East Jerusalem. This is the reality of Israeli settler colonialism.

  • Paul Smith says:

    And still not a word from Starmer or any of the Friends of Palestine in the Shadow Cabinet.

  • Jack T says:

    “This is not a ‘clash’ between two opinions, this is occupation and apartheid at work.”
    And this is why the BBC, our national broadcaster, is a disgrace for describing the results of the occupation as a ‘clash’. In its description of the background to the Palestinians’ objection to the occupation they say it began with trouble between Jews and Arabs and then an influx of European Jews exacerbated it, not a mention of Zionists or Zionism or indeed colonisation.

  • Mary Edwards says:

    Thank you for standing up for justice.

  • James Simpson says:

    All very well, but when Hamas launches rockets against Israeli people, does it have the support of its own populace? I can’t see that the Hamas rocket campaign has achieved anything good for itself, let alone for the Palestinian people suffering under Zionist occupation and apartheid. It gives the Israeli a nice excuse to crack down further. Just how accountable, democratic and transparent is Hamas? Has there been an opinion poll taken as to the thoughts of Palestinians about the rocket campaigns?

  • Sabine Ebert-Forbes says:

    This needs to go out to every country worldwide. I cannot put into words my feeling of anger and disgust at this inhumane disgusting behaviour of the mob. It reminds me of newsreels filmed in my country of birth in the 1930s and 1940s.
    It is time for the international community to start dealing with this.

  • steve mitchell says:

    James Simpson writes a veiled excuse for the atrocities. These atrocities have been taking place long before Hamas was heard of. Right from the very creation of the Israeli State

  • Jack T says:

    James Simpson. Hamas is the legitimate Palestinian resistance. Whilst not wishing to justify killing of innocent people, it shows Israelis that there is a price to pay for the occupation. Did we give our forces permission when we illegally invaded Iraq and killed innocent Iraqis? Israel chose this ‘war’ and when you corner someone you have no right to dictate to them how they can fight back.

  • Bernard Grant says:

    The reporting of this on the BBC is astonishing, it is, as if two equally powerful countries are to blame, ie Palestinians fired rockets into Israel, Israel responds by bombing Gaza. Israel is one of the most sophisticatedly and fully armed Country in the ME, in comparison, Palestine is virtually unarmed, only having a minimal of pathetic arms.
    If they were equally armed, Israel wouldn’t be treating them the way they are.

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